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    Autism Causes and Effects Essay

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    Autism Essay can occur in as many as 22 of every 10,000 births (COSAC 3). It knows no racial, ethnic, or social boundaries.

    The causes of the disorder are unknown; therefore no cure can be determined. It is a subject of debate and controversy among establish pediatrans. Autism is poorly understood and extremely misrepresented. Autism is a behavior disease that controls the mind; it manifests itself at an early age. It impairs communication and social skills.

    It encompasses a broad spectrum of disorders that range from mild to severe, (AUTISMINFO. com). To quote Dr. Temple Grandin, Autistics live in their ‘own world. Highly functioning autistics live in two worlds; ‘their world and the ‘outside world. Many autistics describe their world as thinking in pictures.

    Autism is not a progressive disorder. Although it manifests itself at an early age, it doesnt worsen as a child ages (WebofCare. com). However, autism isnt a condition a child will grow out of. Autism doesnt occur because of inadequate parenting. The causes of autism are unknown, therefore prevention isnt possible (Autism: Basic Information 9).

    Dr. Leo Kanzer, a child psychologist at John Hopkins Medical School, first diagnosed autism in 1943. Dr. Kanner noted the behavior of 11 children between 1938 and 1944. He observed characteristics of isolation, withdrawal from human contact, and social and communication abilities.

    Most early theories of the causes of autism focused on the family environment. However, through studies of emotional tension within the family indicated extreme stress of caring for children with autism was likely what brought on the emotional difficulties. These difficulties are not the source but a result of the disorder. In the 1960s there were great leaps in the understanding of the causes of autism. Research demonstrated that the condition is the result of neurological and biochemical abnormalities in the brain. Symptoms and characteristics were identified, serving to distinguish autism from other conditions.

    This separation is helpful in moving towards better treatment and understanding of the condition. Because autism is a full spectrum disorder, a child with autism may exhibit a range of symptoms from mild to severe. There is no one treatment that is consistently effective. It is likely that children will benefit from a program of treatments tailored to his or her specific needs and capabilities.

    Autistics are often hyper (over) or hypo (under) sensitive to the five senses (AUTISMINFO. com). For example, a typical individual has no problem walking down the street. However, autistic individuals may be oblivious to the sounds of sirens or screeching brakes.

    On the other hand; the autistic may be bothered by vivid colors on flowers. It can be such an intense experience that the individual cant concentrate on putting one foot in front of the other. Autistics also can have insensitivity to pain. Many parents often find unexplained cuts or bruises on their autistic children (COSAC). Some autistics have no apparent fear of real dangers. They have been found to walk in front of cars or fall out of windows (UPDATE 2).

    Because of impaired mental ability, outsiders have trouble with social interactions. Autistic children have difficulties mixing with regular children. There can also be an absence of eye contact. When directly in front of the child, they may look in every other direction except the individual in front of them (OutReach 4). Autistics also have trouble fitting in because of an apathetic interest in what other children are doing.

    They tend to be passive or dont want to be touched. On the other hand; autistics can also have an interest in what others are doing. They can become overly aggressive or have a crying tantrum for no apparent reason (COSAC). Many autistics are considered obsessive compulsive (COSAC).

    They tend to line up or stack objects despite the fact that their uneven motors skills can prevent strait lines or columns. They have also been known to become inappropriately attached to material objects (Hyde 134) such as eating utensils. Children with autism typically have deficits in verbal and non-verbal communication (COSAC). Autistic children are often echolalic which means they respond to repeating the words spoken to them. This repetition is involuntary.

    They dont have the mental capabilities for verbal communication.Needs are often indicated by gestures instead of a verbal request ( autism is rare, many professionals .

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