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    Autism in Schoolchildren Essay (648 words)

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    In general, Autism Essay is the developmental disability that prevents individualsfrom properly understanding what they see, hear, or otherwise sense. Approximately 3 to 5 out of every 10,000 school aged children have some for ofautism, and males with the disorder outnumber females with it by nearly 5 to 1. Itis estimated that 1 in every 500 display some autistic characteristics (Williams,xiv).

    Autism is called a spectrum disorder because there is no one characteristicand it is different in every person. Parents may hear labels such as: autistic-like,learning disabled with autistic tendencies, high or low functioning autism. Theselabels dont describe differences in the child as much as the differences in theprofessionals training, vocabulary, and exposure to autism (autism zone, review). Autism and related disorders are grouped under the broad heading of PervasiveDevelopment Disorder or PDD.

    Autism, PDD-NOS (pervasive developmentdisorder, not otherwise specified), Aspergers syndrome and Retts syndrome arethe four diagnoses used to describe individuals who manifest some, but not allcharacteristics of autism (Dalldorf, 1). There is no definite test for autism. Autismis usually first diagnosed in children when they are about 2 years old. A child maydisplay normal or above normal development until this age and suddenly change. It is unknown exactly what causes autism, but it is a biological problem and achilds environment has nothing to do with the disorder (Martin, 2-4). Also thereis no one treatment to help autistic people.

    There are dozens of ways that seem tohelp and for every person it is different. First there are the characteristics that are most common in autistic people tovarying degrees. Delays in the development of language or no development at all. If it does develop then there is often use of words without attachment of normalmeaning, use of unusual metaphors or speak in the formal, and talk in a monotonevoice (Martin). They usually avoid eye contact and appear to tune out the worldaround them. They can appear to be deaf one minute and overly sensitive the nextand similar reactions with all their senses.

    Some autistic people may excel in onearea or another such as music, math, drawing, or memorizing facts whetherimportant or not. That was the characteristic displayed in the movie Rainman. However, only about 20% of autistic people have average or above averageintelligence (autism zone, review). Autistic people tend to perform repetitive bodymovements such as rocking back and forth, hand flicking, or twisting.

    This iscalled stereotypic or self-stimulatory behavior. This behavior is often exhibited inmentally retarded patients, but it is even more common in autistic individuals. Autistic individuals likes routines and finds comfort in repetition, and when changeoccurs in those routines the person becomes agitated and distressed (autism zone,review). They are usually not interested in socializing and like to be alone. Theirbehavior may be very passive or they may overreact. They may throw a tantrumfor no reason at all, appear to have no common sense, and may not realize thepotential danger of things like stoves and cars (Williams 68&69).

    These are onlysome of the characteristics of autism, and a person may exhibit some of thesecharacteristics yet not be autistic. Also the degree and if some are present at allThe exact causes of autism are unknown, but there seems to be a link withheredity and genetics, though a particular gene that causes autism has not beenidentified. An article in the American Journal of Psychology says that familieswith an autistic child have a higher rate of depression and anxiety that areunaccounted for raising an autistic child and it is also displayed in aunts anduncles. Also, non-autistic relatives may display some characteristics of autism insmall quantities.

    This shows that there is a link between genes and autism (Piven557). There are biological reasons why autistic characteristics are displayed. Thestructure of the brain and the biochemical in the body of an autistic person arenotably different from a normal human being. Autistic children have symptomslike abnormal electroencephalograms, MRI scans, PET test, seizures,abnormalities on neurological examinations show structural differences in thebrain. .

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