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    Are Robots Taking Control of Human Tasks?

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    Important questions to consider while conducting a job analysis would be is the job a current essential need, number of employees to do the job, and the cost. In order to meet the needs of the agency the job needs to demand up-to-date programs as well as ready-trained employees holding the position. As technology, fast forwards jobs need to stay as current as the technology. In this day, age, and selected jobs have become obsolete and are no longer useful to the corporation, may be out dates. Robots are now taking control of what were once human tasks. By 2013 there will be 12 million industrial robots working worldwide — that’s one robot for every 5,000 people, Robots are currently analyzing documents, filling prescriptions, and handling other tasks that were once exclusively done by humans (Business Insider 2014).  Once it has been determine that the job is still in demand and manned with a human task force, it may then be determined how many trained individuals are required.

    During a job analysis, consider if the position requires more than one employee to complete the objective. If more than one person were required, cross-training and job rotation would be a benefit to those who may be willing to train and learn different parts of the job, while also trained their specific career field. In order to have a steady turn around and goal setting all employees are cross-trained so that back fill is not an issuer Initiatingjob rotation, within the scope of the job description may also benefit employees and employers. Backfilling jobs, and covering vacations and sick leave will help the company to thrive and keep the employees working towards progressive goals with litde or no delay in production, causing no wasted time. Keeping the job active, alive by new ideas and input will certainly keep the job productive and with the cost of keeping the project running.

    According to “Job Rotation from the Employees’ Point of View,” Respondents indicated the degree to which they were satisfied with the following seven factors: the job itself, supervisor, organization, pay, promotion, job security, and career opportunities at their current job. While analyzing the job, considering the possibility ofjob rotation may add longevity to the position. A sub-analysis may be needed to consider the cost and the effectiveness for keeping the job alive for the agency or large company. Analyzing the jobs workspace, training materials, and supplies, will all need to be considered. One very important factor season, some jobs are only one season. Referencing an important fact “Seasonality” (some jobs change over time). For instance Christmas time many truck drivers are needed to deliver trees to department stores and farms.

    In order to be ready for the season, drivers need to be trained and hired beforehand Most states only allow truck drivers to drive the work truck fourteen hours a day, and in order for good pay, some drivers drive together in one truckt Another fact to consider is job sharing. In conclusion, there are many ways a person or group could analyze a job lots of thought should go into the need, how the employee for the job , if the position allows for addition different types of training and most important is it a cost effective position that is going to benefit the employee, good and the employer. The needs of the workers are just as important tot eh needs of the organization. People who are willing and able to work will benefit from a logical job analysis, it only causes concern and confusion if a job is slowly being closed without the benefit of a good solid analysis.

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