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    The Classification of Bad Co-Workers: the Lazy, the Complainer, the Bossy, and the Overshare

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    Classifying Co-workers

    Almost everyone will experience coworkers at some point in a job. Some coworkers can be enjoyable to work with, while others are not so. I have not had a job, but I volunteered at a school library and while there I experience both good and bad with co-workers. However, I learned how to handle some situations. As I volunteer I leamed how to deal with all types of coworkers. I figure that ifI was aware of the type of coworkers I had, I could gain a better understanding of what to do to keep the work environment an enjoyable place. Coworkers can be broken into four classifications according to bad co-workers. The classification of coworkers classified by bad coworkers are the lazy, the complainer, the bossy and the overshare.

    The first classification of coworkers according to bad coworkers is the lazy one. This coworker would prefer to sit around and get paid rather than do any work. He or she is not interested in completing any tasks by himself. For instance, when I volunteer at Wilson Wims Elementary School, there was this kid named Johnathan also volunteering. We were assigned to do different work. I was responsible for organizing books from first to third grade and Johnathan was responsible for organizing books from fourth to fifth grade. After a week of working at the library I tołld Johnathan to do the work together to finish faster and be able to live early. That was not the reason why I came up with the idea but somehow encourages him to work; that was better for me because most of the time he did a bad job that later I have to go back and fix. Even though we were working together he did not do much work neither he left extra work for me. Also, Lazy coworkers are not the most reliable person in a job. One example is when I was assigned as a leader for a group project in my Spanish class. The project consisted of finding the different traditions that Spain have. We were given two days of class to finish the project. We did half of the work the first day of class and the second day I got sick, so couldn’t go to school. I texted one of the people in my group and told him what was the rest of the work. That was the worse decision I made because he turned in the project without finishing part that I told him to complete and everyone in the group got a letter C for the project. The only good thing about lazy coworkers is that they are obedient when you give them a small and specific task. My young brother does not like to help around the house, but when I told him to help me put the plates that I rinse in the dishwasher he would get off the couch to do it. The lazy coworker can be very difficult to work with; however, he or she is not impossible to deal with.

    The second classification of coworkers according to bad coworkers is the complainer one. You know he or she is at work because as soon as she comes through the door you will hear the complaints. Any small task is suddenly a big responsibility for them, they complain so much that people give up and give their task to someone else or do it themselves. One day when I was volunteering at Wilson Wims library I was assign to work with this girl named Rachel because my partner did not come that day. From the first second she began to work she started saying. I do not even know why I am doing this, this is not even my job. It was hard to concentrate in the job with her saying only negative things. She was giving me a big head, so I decided to tell her that it was okay if she wanted to leave and I would do the job by myself. Also, even if you want to rely on them for some task, you cannot because they do not want to take any responsibility. One example is when we were assign to recreate a model of the DNA in biology class. We were given tree days to turn in the assignment. I told everyone to meet at my house after school to work in the project. I was able to coordinate with the group and made everyone work. We finish the project a day the assignment was due. I told one of the people in the group to take the project with her because her mom drove her to school every day and I have to take the bus. She told that she was not taking the project because she was not the leader of the group. Complaining workers are the most annoying people to work with. Most of the time people avoid them because they can easily make you angry. Whether is just taking the trash out or stand somewhere and look pretty, complainer coworkers always have something negative to say about it.

    The Third classification of coworkers according to bad coworkers is the bossy one. This type of coworker is the Mr. know-it-all. They act like if they are your boss without ever having the authority and many times forget to do their job. For example, when I volunteer at the Wilson Wims Elementary School this girl named Akira was telling me every mistake I made that she actually never completes any of her tasks. She was so focused on me that she lost track of what she was doing. Even though they can be irritating people, they are really responsible. One good example is when one day I was sick and could not go to the library I asked Akira to help me with the books I have to organize that day in the library. She did everything the right way and the manager of the library did not notice that she did my job. A bossy coworker thinks highly of himself and the people around them are ignorant. An example is when I kid came to the library to pick up books, he asked me where was the section of the fiction books. This gay named Pablo that has been volunteering at the library for a long time; looked at me laughing and did not let me answer to the boy instead he answer the kid question. Bossy coworkers always tell you how to do your job without letting you figure it out yourself and to be honest, you just want to punch them in the face.

    The last classification of coworkers according to bad coworkers is the overshare one. This type of coworker is that one person that when you go to your job you ask how are you doing and he or she starts a depth full details conversation that most of us would not even admit to a therapist. Although the overshared coworker is not worrying about sharing his private life with the office; he or she always stays on task and probably helps others when needed. For instance, one of the days that I volunteer at the Wilson Wims Elementary School, the leady who is actually working for the school library decided to help me with the books. She said hello and look at me with an exciting face. I reply to her I am good and continued with my work. There were only a two minutes of silence after my answer and she started talking about her children. She also told me how many times last week she was at school because her younger daughter got in trouble. While telling me her story she was doing her job just fine. On the other hand, I was having a hard time placing the books in the right order. Even though the overshare coworker can be overwhelming they are the most reliable of all the coworkers. You can ask them to do something for you and they will happily do it without expecting anything in exchange or thinking they did a better job than you did. One example is when one day my coworker Veronica was done with her task and she stood around talking to me about her boyfriend. I did not might if she talked to me, but I feel that her topic was not the best. Since she was doing nothing, but just talked to me I asked her if she could to go to the back of the library to get me the rest of the non-fiction books. She went to the back of the library and make sure to take care of the books while she carried them. This kind of coworker is always happy; they come to work with a new exciting story to tell. Many times the other workers wish it was not long and specific. Regardless of that they are happy to be at work and to complete any task that is assigned to them. To be around overshared coworkers can be overpowering especially those days that you do not want anyone to talk to you or it can be fun if you are feeling bored.

    Overall, the Lazy, complainer, bossy, and overshare coworkers may always not be the best one to work with and many times you do not have control over who works next to you. However, if you take the time to know their work and personality, then you can understand how to function around them and keep a satisfying work environment.

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    The Classification of Bad Co-Workers: the Lazy, the Complainer, the Bossy, and the Overshare. (2023, Mar 24). Retrieved from

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