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    The Three Types of Robots Impacting the Development of Society: Scientific Robots, Housekeeping Robots, and Robot Workers

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    There is a trend today that many different types of robots were made to help human beings live better in various realms in let century They are capable of making decisions and acting autonomously in real and unpredictable environments to accomplish determined tasks. Although it costs a lot, with the great development of science and vast requirements from people it is still worth having robots as a pan of modern life today, there are three types of robots that majorly promote the development of society. Scientific robots help scientists in research. As designed as vary patterns to adjust to different research circumstances and finish tasks efficiently, robots become an essential role, especially in dangerous environments where human beings may get hurt from it. For example, In Switzerland, researchers built a bright yellow salamander robot a few years ago that can swim and walk to investigate vertebrates’ transition from water to land.

    People cannot investigate as robots do, so with the robot’s own unique characteristics this attempt finally promotes the research and the study of simulating evolution have been achieved Housekeeping robots contribute a great amount of home stuff done which save much of time and made high-quality of life for people. As recent news shows, Tokyo University has unveiled its latest house-keeping robots which are able to do tasks ranging from washing dishes to doing the laundry, Also, this kind of service robot is designed especially for people who want more privacy and are interested in the high-tech device instead of hiring nanny, Robot workers bring up the great economic benefits in business. No doubt having robots is a best way to obtain business secrets; because of they are emotionless, robots always keep important business privacy and then take place of human workers. “As IBM’s Watson proved on Jeopardy, robots are becoming smarter than people.

    They also make fewer mistakes and they don’t get bored, By 2013 there will be 12 million industrial robots working worldwide — that’s one robot for every 5,000 people“. On the other hand, robots now can promote the development of business, One weak aspect of robots is that expensive cost, It is true that the high-tech devices always spend a lot than usual; however, second-hand robots cost less and are now becoming well suited for the use by small businesses which can benefit from automation. Surveys show that used robots typically cost half as much as new robots. Used robot arms cost between $25,000 and $40,000, and systems with application components cost between $50,000 and $75,000. Since people always consider the workspace requirements and payload limits, there is still wise to own robots, I believe that with the process of global modernization, more and more companies and individuals tend to choose the right robot model and will benefit from it. No doubt having robots is a valued investment.

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    The Three Types of Robots Impacting the Development of Society: Scientific Robots, Housekeeping Robots, and Robot Workers. (2023, Mar 18). Retrieved from

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