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    An analysis of the film Independence Day Essay

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    This film “Independence Day” is based upon the classic story “War of the worlds” by H. G Wells. Both of these stories are based around a popular science fiction theme of aliens coming down to earth and trying to destroy the planet earth, humanity always wins. “Independence Day” is a multi million pound film that depends on its special effects. I believe in some ways that the film “Independence Day” is a realistic film because in the film the aliens are far more superior than the humans are which would probably have been true.

    In the film the main space ship is very big and round like people would imagine it to make it more realistic. In the film they also made the aliens with big heads and long arms like we believe them to look like. When the aliens start to attack earth all the people in the background are rushing around moving out of their houses and panicking which is realistic because people would be scared and shocked. Some parts of the film is unrealistic like when the aliens are attacking earth and killing people some people are making jokes which is unrealistic because nobody would make jokes when the earth is being attacked and you might die.

    At the end when Will Smith flies the space ship and he knows how to work and fly the space ship without any practice, which is unrealistic because he would not know how to fly an alien space ship. When an alien space ship crashes in the film Will Smith opens up the door on the space ship and punches the alien and then smokes a cigar which is unrealistic because if you seen an alien you would not punch it then smoke a cigar. The filmmakers have made the aliens look dangerous and big by showing how big the space ship is up against a satellite in space.

    They also made the aliens look big and dangerous by showing a shadow made by the alien space ship covering up the earth. They made the humans look small up against the aliens by showing the alien space ship cover up Neil Armstrong’s footprints on the surface of the moon. The character played by Jeff Goldblum is the only person that knows that the aliens are dangerous but no one will listen to him, this makes the audience more excited and will make the audience keep watching because they want to see him prove everybody wrong.

    Some of the main characters are realistic and some of them are unrealistic. Will Smith is not very realistic because he doesn’t act like aliens are attacking the earth because he is always making jokes when in real life you wouldn’t because you would be frightened. I think the character played by Jeff Goldblum is realistic because he adds a serious reasoning to what is happening in the film. Jeff Goldblums father was sometimes realistic and sometimes unrealistic because at the start he was a bit stupid but as the film goes on he starts to seem more intelligent than he looked.

    His attitude at the start of the film to his son was very negative because he didn’t really believe his son was very intelligent because he was only a cable television fitter. Then towards the end of the film his father starts to see is son is intelligent and I think he is proud of him because he stops arguing with him and stops mocking him. I thought the special effects in the film were very good because they looked very realistic and there were lots of them in the film, which made it exciting.

    I thought the music used in the film was very good because it made the aliens feel more dangerous and I thought the music was used at all the right moments, which created an atmosphere in the film. The music also tells you when it is a romantic scene or an action scene, like at the end of the film when the American army and aliens are fighting each other there is an American hero type music when the Americans blow up the alien space ship which shows it is coming to the end of the film. I think the film “Independence Day” is designed for an American audience because most of the actors are American.

    It is also designed for an American audience because it is the Americans fighting against the aliens and it is the Americans that beat them in the end, which would appeal to the Americans because they would like to think they have the best army in the world. The whole film is based in America and it is the American president leading the attack on the aliens which would appeal to an American audience because they would like to think they have a very brave president that would stand up for his country and wouldn’t back down from a fight.

    “Independence Day” is a typical American action movie because it is always the Americans that are getting attacked and it is always the Americans that defeat the enemy in the end. The film also has the typical American character that is always making jokes and always saves the day at the end. I thought the ending of the film was good but not very exciting. I thought the ending of the film didn’t last long enough it ended to quick, but overall I thought the ending of the film was good enough to keep an audience interested.

    I enjoyed the film “Independence Day” because it had lots of special effects and I thought it had a good storyline that kept me interested in the film. Even though the film is sometimes unrealistic it makes the film more exciting than if it was realistic because if it were realistic it would be boring and dull. I also enjoyed the film because it has lots of action scenes and didn’t have any boring scenes.

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