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    The Age of Responsibility

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    There’s a lot of responsibility when it comes down to being an adult. Being an adult sounds fun when in reality being an adult is hard work. It’s not age that makes a person mature enough to be considered an adult. I believe being an adult is about experience and if the person can handle certain responsibilities. In my opinion 18 is an average age to be considered an adult. At 18 there are many challenges to face. An adult has responsibility to worry about such as jobs and bills to pay. So therefore what is the age of responsibility, when individuals demonstrate their purpose in life.

    In my opinion to be considered an adult it needs to be demonstrated or proven. According to the article “ What is the Age of Responsibility” by Alan Greenblatt the author states that “ recently, many of these lines drawn between adolescence and maturity have been called into question.

    The author means that many of the rules have been based on maturity and people are questioning the purpose. For this reason I believe that individuals should demonstrate their ready to play the role of an adult. If they can prove they are able to handle the expectations, that is considered an adult. Also if their ready they would have no problem proving it.

    Adapting to become an adult can be hard and it may take some time with a lot of responsibility. In the article “ Teenagers Texting Time Fails…” by John Hechinger the author states that teenagers are more focused on texting than their education and responsibilities. Based on that information I believe if students are not able to pass high school they are not ready to become an adult. Students should be focused on figuring out what their future is other than being on social media.

    As a result, this evidence shows that students are not ready to do adult work if they can’t focus on their education and reality. Individuals would rather be on social media all the time instead of doing homework and graduating high school. Responsibilities should be a priority before social media.

    Being an adult, there will be many challenges to adapt to. According to a article Julie Beck wrote called “When Are You Really an Adult?” she states that “ young people often went through periods of independence interspersed with periods of dependance.” For this reason I believe that young individuals will have to independent in order to be an adult.

    Adults have experience that’s what makes them not make the same mistakes and become who they are today. This example supports that even at a young age there’s always going to be obstacles when an individual is not considered an adult yet. Regardless of an age becoming an adult takes hard work and self determination.

    The age of responsibility is young. Being an adult takes effort and time. Once becoming an adult there’s responsibility to be demonstrated. An adult has challenges to overcome and handle on their own. At 18 an individual is still learning from their mistakes but it’s just a matter of time to adapt and get used to having responsibilities. Being an adult should be fun instead of tiring.

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