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    Abortion – A Heartless Murder or A Method of Birth Control 

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    The most head spinning question that could exist in this world is should abortion be legal or illegal, is it the moral action to take or is it immoral? Abortion is a massive debate between politicians who are Republicans and Democrats. This bring us to today’s most controversial question “is abortion a heartless murder or a method of birth control? Abortion should never be a method of birth control because it is dealing with a living human life. It is extremely heartless and immoral to end a life just for the carelessness of others. A life should not be in the hands of a human for many factors. There a many solution for someone who does not want to raise their baby and also methods to prevent pregnancies. These solutions are Putting the child up for adoption or become a surrogate for couples who want a family but cannot due to medical reasons, take birth control, vasectomies, be cautious when going out, and abstinence or outer course. Abortion isn’t humane and dangerous to the baby and the woman who is going to carry the baby.

    Adoption or Become a Surrogate for Couples

    Adoption homes are a great way of reducing the abortion rates around the country because its considered humane and morally correct rather than ending a life. Women who cannot parent a child because they are not ready or are not financially secure to sustain a proper living should take their child to a foster home or a facility that will put your children up for adoption. Putting a child up for adoption is the best option and shows great consideration for the child. There are 18,000 domestic infant adoptions that occur in year, which means there is going to a place for the child. There are different types of adoption options that a woman must elect for their child to be placed up for it. The three kinds of adoption relationships: open, semi-open, and closed, open adoption is the option of continuing an ongoing relationship with the adoptive family and the baby, exchanging information on each other. On the other hand, a close relationship refers to not having any contact or exchanging of information with the adoptive family or the baby. Semi close falls has the benefit of both which include some contact and also have a private life. It usually use to be close adoption, however since it is more beneficial for the kid to grow up knowing who their birth mother are.

    Planned Parenthood reported that from 2015 to 2016, they performed 321,384 abortions and only 3,889 adoption referrals. That equals just 1 adoption for every 149 abortions, we clearly see that women prefer to abort rather than keep the babies until adoptions. Women across the country have this mindset that abortion is the better route because it is “less” costly, it is fast and no one will ever know they were pregnant, and they would not ruin their physical looks by having a baby. What they do not know that adoption is completely free rather than Abortion costs range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on your provider and your stage of pregnancy. Adoption is strictly confidential no one will ever know that because there are adoption specialist who help maintain your pregnancy as private as possible. When a woman decides to go through with this process, she is helping a family who cannot have a baby due to medical or other reasons. Those who put their child up for adoption can be also considered Surrogates. There are many benefits to giving a child to a family who will truly take care and love him/her, the child will experience a great childhood and it help women go through the difficult time of their life, without worrying about the well-being of the child because they will be in great hands.

    Birth Controls

    There are eighteen forms of birth controls that almost one hundred percent effective. The most popular birth control is the pill, the pill must be taken on a regular schedule continuously. It has many benefits which provide women with regulated their menstrual cycle and prevent pregnancies that most likely end up in abortions. The most effective type of birth control for females are the birth control implant, IUD, birth control shots/ pills, birth control vaginal ring, and a birth control patch. These methods are all 90-100 percent effective according to a study by the National Health Service (NHS) and Planned Parenthood. The Nation Health Service reported that the contraceptive implant, Intrauterine system (IUS), and Intrauterine device (IUD) are all Long-active reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods and so not have use or take these methods regularly. There are 61 million U.S. women of reproductive age fifteen to forty-four. About 43 million of them (70%) are at risk of unintended pregnancy. It is important for young teens to learn about birth control at an early age, by the age of twelve their body are changing and developing. Not learning about these contraception methods early on in their lives will cause unwanted pregnancies hat most likely lead to abortions. Guttmacher Institute reported Couples who do not use any method of contraception have approximately an 85% chance of experiencing a pregnancy over the course of a year. The proportion of women at risk of unintended pregnancy who are not using a method is highest among those aged fifteen to nineteen (18%).

    Permanent Birth Control

    Many couples are in a committed relationship that do not want to have a family or child, there are permeant solutions to that issue. In many cases there are partners who only want to fend for each other and not have responsibility of a child, however they still be want to have sexual intercourse. Many mistakes can happen and can lead to unwanted pregnancies. Instead of not doing anything to prevent this issue, couples should undergo the safe procedure of getting a tubal ligation, and for the male’s vasectomies. Females would go through a sterilization procedure known as tubal ligation, this will result in severing and tying the fallopian tubes. The procedure would permanently prevent pregnancy, which means that women do not have worry about birth control methods. Vasectomies are for the males, vasectomy is surgical division or resection of all or part of the vas deferens usually to induce sterility. This procedure can be reversable in case they change their mind and want to start a family. Cleveland Clinic did a study and explained that failure only occurred only happens approximately once in every 1,000 cases. Vasectomies are far less complicated and less painful than females getting a tubal ligation and can be reversed. It is easier for vasectomy to be reverse in the first ten years they have a higher successful rate. The Center of Male reproduction Medicine (CMRM) reported that Dr. Werthman’s personal results to this date are an over 98% patency rate (sperm restored to the ejaculate), if sperm were present in the vasal fluid after surgery, it means that the patients are fertile again.

    Cautious When Going Out

    When going out many negative factors go with it as well, and we all should all be prepared for it. College is where most parties happen, parties have alcohol which is the main factor that results in rape. Once people are intoxicated it is difficult to use 100 percent of your brain like you would like too. However, drugs and alcohol result in rape and leads to pregnancies. There are people who drug others by slipping drugs into others drinks or intoxicating the victims to have their way with them. Although the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) states that the national rape-related pregnancy rate is 5.0%, which results in an estimated 32,101 pregnancies from rape each year. It is a very sensitive matter and difficult to report for the reason of rape victims do not want to come out and speak about their experiences. National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVR) surveyed student on campus and came up with the conclusion that Nearly two thirds of college students experience sexual harassment, 20% – 25% of college women and 15% of college men are victims of forced sex during their time in college, and More than 90% of sexual assault victims on college campuses do not report the assault.

    Abstinence or Outer Course

    One of the best and one hundred percent proof to avoid abortion and unwanted pregnancies is stay away from sexual intercourse. There is a difference from being abstinent and having outer course. The main difference is abstinence is straying away from all types of sexual interaction, on the other end of the spectrum, we have outer course. Outer course interaction is staying away from vaginal penetration but still engaging in other sexual acts such as oral and anal intercourse. There is other action that fall into the outer course category for example, kissing, massage, masturbating, dry humping (grinding), and talking about your fantasies. These methods are served to be one hundred percent effective and used as birth control because there is not anything inserting in the vaginal organ and prevents Sperm cells getting into the egg.

    Abortion is no laughing matter or a method of birth control because it deals with a human life. Birth control methods are objects that prevent pregnancies, not taking away a life of a living organism that is just here because of a lack of prevention from their carrier. There are various alternatives that does not make abortion an option. Putting the child up for adoption or become a surrogate for couples who want a family but cannot due to medical reasons, take birth control, vasectomies, be cautious when going out, and abstinence or outer course. There should not be any excuse to end a child’s life when there are advances in todays medicine and birth controls, there are various organizations that help women who are not fit to become a mother but do not want an abortion.

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