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    A Mother’s Influence Essay (819 words)

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    From the moment someone is born, they are influenced by their surroundings. Perhaps the most substantial of these influences are the people they come into contact with; teachers, friends, strangers, co-workers and most importantly, family. My mother drew me to the medical field and my love and fascination of childbirth has led me to focus on becoming a labor and delivery nurse. When I was four my mom became a licensed practical nurse. I remember attending her graduation and knew that she gave people medicine and helped them.

    My mom inspired my father to also become a nurse, and shortly after her graduation he began his studies. I could never imagine at that age that I would follow their footsteps in my adult years. After my dad graduated, both of my parents worked in a children’s nursing home in Wabash. They worked doubles every weekend so my brother and I would usually stay with our grandparents. Sometimes my mom would let me stay home and ride to work with her. I would go in for shift change and ride back home with my dad.

    It was during this time that I met and befriended many of the patients. My parents taught me what the different machines and devices were used for. At seven I knew what a trach and g-tube were for. This was not general knowledge for someone as young as I was, but learning about all of the devices fascinated me and I was eager to learn more. After several years both of my parents switched from working in a facility to home health care. This meant they would go to a client’s house to care for them. Often times the kids would come to our house and stay for the weekend.

    This allowed me to observe and and sometimes help with the everyday medical needs of the kids. In doing this, I learned a lot about life and the struggles these families faced in caring for a special needs child. Being enveloped in the treatment and care of the patients gave me the knowledge needed in the care of my own children when they become sick or get hurt. Because of my upbringing, I knew I wanted to be a nurse at a young age. There are so many career options in nursing and I want to help people. Helping others is something I enjoy and it makes me feel good.

    Like my parents, I initially wanted to help special needs patients, but after the less than perfect birth of my first child I decided that my calling was to be a labor and delivery nurse. Childbirth is something that fascinates me. It is amazing and beautiful to witness and it would be an extremely fulfilling career to assist parents in the birth of their child on a daily basis. I have already learned so much about labor and delivery through my own research and experiences. I am a self proclaimed labor and delivery junkie so to say.

    Aside from having a good doctor, there is nothing better than having an exceptional nurse who knows exactly what you are experiencing and feeling. There is always that one nurse who goes above and beyond, who is unforgettable and leaves a lasting impression. I understand how a new mother feels, I can be that nurse. I have worked in the healthcare field for 10 years, but have only recently begun pursuing my dream of becoming a nurse. Life happened and I never took the time to focus on myself or to find my true calling and who I really was.

    My mom has told me how hard it will be, especially since I have three kids, but I think back to my formative years and how she, and eventually my dad, were able to do it. Likewise, my grandma was a teacher for over 30 years before she returned to school to become a nurse at the age of 65. They have all shown me that nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication. I believe my early introduction to the medical field will give me an advantage in my studies, and I thank my mom for being the one to introduce all of us to the medical field.

    I think back and wish I would have began my studies at a younger age before I had children and household responsibilities, but I believe everything happens for a reason. I am more mature and focused than I was when I had my first child. I am looking forward to this chapter in my life and seeing where this journey will take me. I know this is going to be a long road with struggles, bumps and roadblocks, but I’m ready to tackle it head on and prove what I am capable of. I can only hope that I influence my own children in the same way that my mother influenced me.

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