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    7th grade SS Chapter 30 Leading Figures of the Renaissance

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    How did Renaissance ideas spread throughout the world? Why was
    Gutenberg’s invention so important?
    It spread through trade, travel, and education.
    In what ways did Michelangelo, Titian, and Dürer contribute to
    Renaissance art?
    MIchelangelo: sculpture and painter whose work was thought of as “godlike”. Pieta (mary and jesus), David, and the painting in the Sistine Chapel are famous works.
    Titian: Precious, detailed work, pictures appear to be alive and have personality. Influenced others use of color and brush strokes.
    Durer: Set a new standard for printing because of his wood cuts and engravings. Famous for proportion, idealized beauty, use of geometry, paintings of myths and self portraits.
    What was significant about the scientific discoveries of Copernicus and
    Copernicus: is the father of modern astronomy. He discovered that the earth turns on an axis but revolves around the sun. This had a major influence on a few key scientists and became the foundation of modern astronomy.
    Vesalius: His work disecting and studying cadavers changed medicine and the study of anatomy.
    Why are Isabella I and Elizabeth I considered Renaissance queens? What
    aspects of their rule embodied the spirit of the Renaissance period?
    Isabella I: She supported scholarship and art, collected fine paintings and built schools.
    Elizabeth I: She supported theater, fashion, literature, dance, and education.
    What famous works of literature were written during the Renaissance?
    Why were these works so influential? How do they reflect the ideals of
    the Renaissance?
    Famous works of literature written during the Renaissance where Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice, Don Quixote. These works were influential because they were about timeless themes like love, jealousy, power, hatred, etc. and showed an understanding of human behavior. The humanists of the Renaissance believe in the importance of individuality and the characters that these pieces write about are personal, real-like, and accessible.
    In what ways did Leonardo da Vinci exemplify the Renaissance ideal?
    He had a wide range of interests and accomplishments. These included painting, sculpting, architecture, engineering and inventions. He was one of the greatest creative minds of all time.
    Italian sculptor and painter
    Italian painter
    German artist
    Polish scientist
    Belgian scientist
    Isabella I
    Queen of Spain
    Elizabeth I
    Queen of England
    English poet and playwright
    Spanish writer
    da Vinci
    Italian renassiance person

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