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1920s DBQ

“Roaring” Twenties
the decade of the 1920’s which got this nickname because of the times presperity and excitement
Warren G. Harding
president who called for a return to normalcy following WWI
a national policy of avoiding involvement in world affairs

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Dawes Plan
A plan to revive the German economy, the United States loans Germany money which then can pay reparations to England and France, who can then pay back their loans from the U.S.
Washington Conference
(1921) Conference of major powers to reduce naval armaments among Great Britain, Japan, France, Italy, and the United States.
Kellogg-Briand Pact
an agreement between 15 nations outlawing war; eventually 48 other nations joined the pact; had no way of enforcing peace
Calvin Coolridge
presidential canditate in 1920 election. Ran agaisnt warran harding. Nominated due to his handling of the Boston police Strike
Herbert Hoover
president of the U.S from 1923-1933 leader of the US in the beginning of the great depression. He didn’t want the gov involved in the peoples lives and thought that the people should express their individual rights.
a political philosophy based on tradition and social stability, favoring obedience to political authority and organized religion
Supply Side Economics
economic theory that lower taxes will boost the economy as businesses and individuals invest their money, thereby creating higher tax revenue
the doctrine that government should not interfere in commercial affairs
a law forbidding the sale of alcoholic beverages
Young women of the 1920s that behaved and dressed in a radical fashion
Conservative beliefs in the Bible and that it should be literally believed and applied
Scopes Trial
1925, the trial that pitted the teaching of Darwin’s theory of evolution against teaching Bible creationism
Wright brothers
inventors of the first in flight airplane
Charles Lindbergh
American pilot who made the first non-stop flight across the Atlantic Ocean.
a policy of favoring native-born americans over immigrants
National Origins Act
This 1924 act established a quota system to regulate the influx of immigrants to America. The system restricted the “new” immigrants from southern and eastern Europe and Asia. It reduced the annual total of immigrants.
Marcus Garvey
African American leader durin the 1920s who founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and advocated mass migration of African Americans back to Africa. Was deported to Jamaica in 1927.
a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes
Mass production
Process of making large quantities of a product quickly and cheaply
Moving Assembly line
henry ford introduced this in his automobile plants in 1914; raise wages, cut hours, cut prices
the belief that native-born Americans are superior to foreigners
Ku Klux Klan–Against Blacks, Jews, Catholics. Used terror to control them
women who abandoned dress and conduct codes of the past; these rebellious girls became the symbol of the Roaring Twenties; shocked their elders with short skits, slang, new dances, heavy makeup, and drinking or smoking in public
Harlem Renaissance
a flowering of African American culture in the 1920s; instilled interest in African American culture and pride in being an African American.
Margin Buying
Purchasing stocks with borrowed money with the intent of making a profit and repaying the loan when the stock prices rise

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1920s DBQ
"Roaring" Twenties the decade of the 1920's which got this nickname because of the times presperity and excitement Warren G. Harding president who called for a return to
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1920s DBQ
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