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    12 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Japan

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    If you have reached this post, it is probably because you are thinking of visiting the country of the Rising Sun soon, am I wrong? You may still find yourself answering questions like, What to see and what to do in Japan? Or how much does it cost to travel to Japan? And to fully enjoy the experience of such a fascinating country you have to be prepared. Therefore, in the following lines we tell you some things you should know before traveling to Japan.

    1. Japan is a safe country
    2. Japan is a “cash” country
    3. No tips
    4. Clean cleaning
    5. No to drugs
    6. Educated to satiety
    7. Cloaky with the clientele
    8. Beware of circulation
    9. Sushi for celebrations
    10. Free water and tea
    11. Forget English
    12. Enjoy every moment

    Understanding their culture and customs is the key. It happens anywhere in the world. Especially if you move from the continent. To enjoy the trip to Japan it is important to know a little about their culture and customs. Here some examples that will help you on your journey through the Japanese archipelago. Illuminated street at night in Japan. Don’t be afraid to walk through dark streets at night

    Japan is a safe country. So is. Japan is a safe country to travel . Not in vain its crime rate is among the lowest on the planet. Do not worry if you forget any of your belongings either in a bar, cafeteria or in the subway car, nobody will appropriate them. Return to the place and you will see that your camera is in the same place. Most Japanese think that objects are part of people’s souls so to avoid negative karma they banish the verb ‘steal’ from their lives. Get money in Japan at an ATM. Remember to bring cash

    Japan is a “cash” country. Something that surprised me a lot during my stay and one of the many things you should know before traveling to Japan. Even today Japanese society works with ‘cash’ , cash. I advise you to get enough money before traveling to Japan since there are few restaurants and shops that allow you to pay by credit card. Another option is to make use of the many ATMs there are to get money. Here I explain how to do it. Make sure, also, that the cards are credit and not debit, many ATMs do not accept them.

    Similarly, the currency exchange must be taken into account. I do not know why, in my case I have always lost out in the transaction and I would have liked to have a euro yen exchange comparator at that time . On the way back, it is normal for you to have some coins and bills from the Asian country, so I advise you to do the same operation but vice versa and see how you get the change yen euro.

    No tips. If you do not want to offend the Japanese, it is better to forget to tip in bars, cafes and restaurants. I know it is a widespread tradition in the West but in Japan things are different. For the natives, a ‘good service’ is charged with the account or invoice without adding anything else. If for whatever you leave you tip, don’t be surprised to see the waiter ‘chase you’ to return you to the last yen. As soon as I arrived in Japan I fell on my face with this cultural change. A funny anecdote. You will hardly find garbage in the streets of Japan

    Clean cleaning. The streets in Japan look untouched. Surprising that there are almost no bins and that is that everyone takes their garbage home to recycle properly. The Japanese usually leave home with a small bag or a wrapper where they place the waste they generate in their daily routine. Nor is eating well on the street and in many places the public ordinance prohibits smoking. There are places enabled (usually near stations or shopping centers) for smokers to give free rein to vice. Marijuana use is punishable by jail.

    No to drugs. In other countries, laws against drug use (I always talk about marijuana or cannabis) may be more permissive, in the case of the Netherlands. Not so in the case of Japan. If you get caught smoking, prepare yourself because the fine and the consequences can ruin you, not the trip, but life. For drug possession, you will most likely have a good season behind bars. It is forbidden to talk on the phone in public transport

    Educated to satiety. In Japan they will treat you with exquisite education. If while you walk someone rubs you by mistake you will receive in return a heartfelt reverence accompanied by the verbal apology or ‘sumimasen’. The Japanese are queue lovers, always in Indian queue to access any site. It is very common to see this on the subway and train platforms, there are even signs on the ground that indicate where the queue begins. Within Japanese public transport, everyone goes silent and talking on the phone is not allowed. What to visit in Tokyo for the first time, Akihabara neighborhood. Dependents will try by all means that you enter their establishment

    Cloaky with the clientele. Get used to hearing the phrase ‘irasshaimase’ everywhere . This is a greeting that the Japanese use every time a customer enters their establishment. Be it a restaurant, a cafeteria, a bar, karaoke , the super market, the grocery store, the shoe store, the pharmacy or the hospital. In shopping centers and on busy streets it is not uncommon to see megaphone dependents in hand trying to persuade the passerby to enter their establishment. In the subway stations people come and go in an orderly manner

    Beware of circulation. In Japan you drive on the left , unlike in many places including Spain. Keep this in mind when looking both ways when you cross the street. An aspect that manifests itself in the walking of pedestrians, too. In the stations the senses of those who come and go are delimited. eat cheap in Japan, different dishes. The Japanese do not spend the day eating sushi.

    Sushi for celebrations. Of the things you should know before traveling to Japan this is interesting. The Japanese do not eat sushi (寿司 す し) daily . Vegetables, rice, meat, noodles, fish are part of one of the most balanced diets in the world . To say that the Japanese spend the day eating sushi is false. It is a delicacy for specific days, for celebrations, for example. My advice to those who visit the country is to try everything. In Japan, restaurants usually specialize in a single dish. You have offer and variety to bore you. Bottle of mineral water. Water is free in Japan

    Free water and tea. In Japan, restaurants usually offer free water and tea to their guests . One more incentive to approach any establishment at lunchtime will no longer be charged for these drinks. This is one of the reasons why eating in Japan is not as expensive as it seems . Now, if you choose to order an alcoholic beverage, keep in mind that they are usually quite expensive. Bonus track: things you should know before traveling to Japan There are still more things you should know before traveling to Japan. It is important that you keep in mind, too: Hiragana syllables written on cardboards. Learning some Japanese before traveling is good advice.

    Forget English. In big cities like Tokyo or Osaka you may find posters and signs in English but in smaller towns forget them. I recommend you learn the four typical phrases before traveling and always fly with a vocabulary dictionary at hand. It can save you on more than one occasion. If you choose to make yourself understood through sign language, the Japanese will try to help you by all means . Take the test. Take out the map or mobile at some traffic light and wait. You will soon receive help from some Japanese who seeks to practice their very poor English. As if all foreigners spoke the language of Shakespeare. Kiyomizudera temple pagoda in Kyoto with flowered sakura trees. The country offers a unique experience to its visitors

    Enjoy every moment. Surely there are many more things you should know before traveling to Japan but enjoying the experience is the most important thing for me. Be enchanted by one of the most amazing countries on the planet where tradition and avant-garde coexist in total harmony. An experience that you will surely remember all your life.

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