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Essays About Traveling

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Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee around by Salvador Dali Essay

Salvador Dali went to the art school Academia De San Fernando in Spain, and rather than taking it seriously, he dressed oddly and preferred to daydream during classes. He was expelled. The rise of Franco in Spain led to Dalais expulsion from the Surrealist movement, but that did not prevent him from painting. He later…

Comparison of the Poems Dover Beach and Snake Essay

The poems Dover Beach and Snake consider the same actions coming from the poet. Although these actions are differently conveyed the poems still have similarities but in the other hand many differences. In Dover Beach, throughout the poem it can be realized that Matthew Arnold creates a very drastic depressing tone, which he combines with…

Christopher’s Trip to the Dentist Essay

On Saturday Father took me to the dentist. I do not like the Dentist. My Dentist is called Mr Patel and he is a very short man who wears a white coat and always wears those rubber gloves that smell of hospitals and he is foreign. Father said the appointment would be very quick as…



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A Trip to the Moon Essay

One of my favorite earliest filmmakers would have to be Georges Melies. The first time I saw A Trip to the Moon I was completely awe-struck. The way Melies, within that film, practically created the genre of science-fiction is utterly brilliant. Arguably considered the father of science-fiction, Melies forever changed the cinema timeline with his…

The journey of the colonizer from the siege to the flight Essay

Based before the revolt of 1857, both the books the siege of krishnapur and the flight of pigeons, singnify the short period through which the colonised captured a few lands of the colonizer in India and moved towards harsh treatments imposed in the same manner as the colonizer did. The British start their journey into…

Peggy Carr’s Flight of the Firstborn: Analysis Essay

The mother in the book “My Sister’s Keeper”, Jodi Piccolo, said “Goldfish get big enough only for the bowl you put them in. Bonsai trees twist in miniature. I would have given anything to keep her little. They outgrow us so much faster than we outgrow them. ” In this quote the mother is speaking…

UCLA Bus Trip Essay

William Zorach conceived a sculpture entitled “Victory” that shows an indebtedness to the late classical fourth century B. C. idealized images of Venus, combined with a figural attitude of flight that is perhaps derived from the twisting torso of the conceptions of flight in the winged Victory of Samothrace. The figure exhibits a lustrous surface…

Dover Beach Essay

“Dover Beach” by Mathew Arnold is a rational poem. Arnold uses an assortment of literary methods such as, visual and aural imagery, rhythm, figure of speech paradox, symbolism, and metric schemes. Each mechanism is used in an exclusive way, supporting the marvelous theme behind the poem. Arnold articulates the idea behind the poem with the…

My Journey Essay

Enter into a darkness Where coldness meets with your feet, You walk forward, still the fog consumes your dull senses. Pitch black surrounds you, But now the sound of a thousand harmonies enters your ears, While the fickle hairs on your back rise to the freezing atmosphere. You see a light. Dimly but surely, a…

Fine white sand clung on to my damp feet as I ambled along the beach Essay

Fine white sand clung on to my damp feet as I ambled along the beach. It was a lovely afternoon and the sun was shining brightly above the horizon, with the sea soaking up some of its radiant rays, reflecting the others, and shimmering vibrantly under the sky. I could see dark outlines of birds…

The adventures of Asmondena Essay

Sonia lay on the filthy floor of the prison in Tauorga Libya. Her head was hurting like Hell from the blow She had received from the soldier after She had been stopped at the check point . She remembered that She had been dressed as a Libyan woman wearing a veil being half Libyan Herself….

Long Day’s Journey into Night – 1987 Essay

A “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” is a tale of a day spent in the life of the Tyrone family at their summer home. The play begins at 8:30 in the morning, just after breakfast when Tyrone, the father lights up a cigar. We quickly learn that Mary, the mother, has returned to the family…

A Banjo Player’s Journey Essay

I grew up in a family full of musicians. My grandpa plays the guitar and mandolin, and has jam sessions once a week with his friends. My mom plays fiddle, and my dad plays guitar. Even though I’ve been surrounded by instruments my entire life, I wasn’t really interested in taking up music, until I…

A Good Vacation Gone Bad Essay

“Steven Helfer, you will not be attending this flight” were the worst words I could hear at the start of summer 2013. It was suppose to be the best summer vacation yet and everyone in my entire family was stoked. We planned months a head for it and eagerly waited for the date until we…

A Life-Changing Mission Trip Essay

One story, depending on the storyteller, could change your life forever. Little did I know that it would take a little girl’s story to change mine. Waking up at six o’clock on a summer morning with an alarm yelling in my ear was not part of what I planned to do for my summer. I…

A Life-Changing Trip Essay

No one can know what will happen in next second. It may be good or bad. Sometimes, if you persist a little while, you can defeat your conflict or get what you want. Here is such an exciting and breathtaking experience that has impressed me so much. I went on a trip to the Nanling…

A Road Trip to North Dakota Essay

My journey to North Dakota was very awesome and interesting but full of good memory and experience. The journey started on a faithful Saturday morning April 4, 2015, I was very happy to start the journey. I always like road trip because I can see a lot of things like trees, different type of animal…

A Student’s Fast Trip to Oblivion Essay

I am so full of regret. In fact, if there is one way to describe how I feel at this moment, it’s “living in hell. ” I have had sleepless nights for several days, and yet I still haven’t finished my work for our TV production. From rehearsals, to preparations and editing canned materials, it…

A Trip to New York City Essay

My favorite vacation of all time was to New York also known as the best place on Earth. I loved being in Times Square and seeing all the neon lights flashing. The peaceful atmosphere of the Twin Towers Memorial and how it contrasts from the high speed life that surrounds it. The walks that who…

A Trip to the Bay of Panama Essay

On a Sunday morning, the Castillo family was surprised by the news that their family members from Mexico, the Sales, were coming to visit for the first time. Immediately after receiving the news, the family began to plan the agenda for the upcoming days. They began to brainstorm were to take the Sales family in…

My East Coast Vacation Essay

The fall semester had just ended, on a common Saturday, Father, Mother, Sabir and I were at Millennium park interacting with nature; a traditional way of spending the weekend in my family. My dad and I were playing soccer against Mom and Sabir. My father made us a surprise; he whispered into my ear, “We…

My Trip to Africa Essay

As summer came closer and school was closing, I was planning my summer vacation until my mother had to ruin it by telling us we were going to Africa. I was terrified and, my brothers wouldn’t stop talking cause they were to excited. As the days where getting closer I been thinking about all the…

My Trip to Bana Hills Essay

Last summer, my boyfriend and I decided to go vacation after a hard working time. We had always spent our summer holiday for camping or hired a luxury resort to stay. This time, we had to make a different choice. We decided to choose Bana Hills for our vacation. We had a marvelous holiday. In…

My Trip to Dahab Essay

In the last summer I went with my family to spend a day in Dahab city, which is a city in Sinai desert in Egypt. It was only a one day trip, but I will never forget what we did in that day. It was interesting from the first minute till the last minute, because…

My Trip to El Salvador Essay

One of my favorite things to do in life is travel. It’s an incredible way to learn about other cultures, meet new people, and broaden your horizons. One of the cultures that I was able to experience in a recent trip was the Salvadorian culture, my husband’s homeland. I didn’t know quite what to expect….

My Trip to the Guinea Republic Essay

In December, 2010, I visited Guinea Republic in West Africa. My destination was Conakry, Guinea’s capital city. The vacation was intended to give me ample opportunity to relax and see the world that lay on the western flank of Africa. I wanted to experience a different environment and relate with people who were different from…

A Journey of Thousand Miles Starts with Single Step Essay

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” I have recently learned how true this statement is and started to realize that it applies to just about everything in my life, From college, to getting over the loss of a good friend, to starting new relationships. Ever since I was a little…

Personal Narrative – A Trip to Paris Essay

From a young age, I’ve been drawn to vintage and antique furniture, clothes and household items. Not only they do have their own unique energy, but they also carry spirit and history of the past. There is something mysterious and magical about vintage and antique elements. When I got the opportunity to travel to Paris…

Personal Story – My Disastrous Trip to the Dentist Essay

It was a normal Tuesday morning, when I woke up to get ready for school. The first thing I thought about was my dental appointment that afternoon. It was my first orthodontist appointment to get the right fittings for my braces. I went to school and worried all day about my appointment. I didn’t know…

Study Trip for English Class Essay

Study tour, a travel experience with specific learning goals, is a platform to allow students to approach their area of study in a hands-on and experiential manner, combining theory with real-life experience and cultural perspective. It emphasizes learning from experience and offer both group and self-directed activities that enable learners to explore new places, cultures,…

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