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William Shakespeare, Sonnets, Renaissance, Reformation Test

What were the five authors we learned about?
Edmund Spenser
Philip Sidney
Sir Walter Raleigh
Christopher Marlowe
What did Edmund Spenser depend on for his salary?
His poetry. He was unlike other poets. He got paid for his poetry and that alone.
How many lines are in a sonnet?
What is iambic pentameter?
14 lines
Five groups of two syllables, each with the accent on the second syllable

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What is the spenserian sonnet form?
abab bcbc cdcd ee
Where did Edmund Spenser attend? and what college did he go to?
Merchant Taylor’s School
Cambridge University
Where did Philip Sidney attend?
Oxford and Cambridge
What did Christopher Marlowe write?
“The Passionate Shepherd to His Love”
What do most of Christopher Marlowe’s poems focus on?
larger than life hero, seeking to dominate everything around him
How did Christopher Marlowe die?
He was knifed to death in a tavern brawl
-drunken refusal to pay bill, or because his undercover activities on behalf of the government
What poem did Sir Walter Raleigh write?
“The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd”
What was Sir Walter Raleigh imprisoned for?
Secret marriage uncovered in the Tower of London
Married to one of the queen’s maids of honor
What was Sir Walter Raleigh imprisoned for the second time?
Suspected of conspiring against King James I
How was Shakespeare’s poems written?
abab cdcd efef gg
What was the structure of Shakespeare’s poems?
three quatrains, four-line stanzas
rhyming couplet the dramatically restates or redefines a theme (gg)
Why were theaters closed during Shakespeare’s time?
Outbreak of the plague
How many sonnets did Shakespeare write?
What were Shakespeare’s sonnets about?
time, death, love, and friendship
Who is the “Greatest writer in English”?
Why was Shakespeare the greatest writer in English?
he had a deep understanding of human nature
he had compassion for all types of people
he had power and beauty in his language
When and where was Shakespeare born?
Born in Stratford-on-Avon
NW of London
Market town for fertile agricultural region
Who was shakespeare’s dad?
What was he?
Dad: John
Successful glove maker and businessman
Many positions in town government
Who was shakespeare’s mom?
What was she?
Mom: Mary Arden: Daughter of John’s landlord
What did the marriage of Shakespeare’s parents do?
increased family holdings
but in later 1570s the family suffers financial problems
What school did shakespeare probably go to?
From what ages?
Stratford Grammar school
Ages 7-16
When did shakespeare marry?
Who did shakespeare marry?
What age were the both of them at the time?
November 1582
Anne Hathaway
She was 26 and pregnant and he was 18
What were Shakespeare and Anne’s children’s names?
When were the born?
Susanna B. 1583
Judith and Hamnet (twins) 1585
Which one of shakespeare’s children dies at age 11?
What does he die from?
Hamnet: died from the plague
Where did shakespeare go shortly after his twins were born?
London as playwright
Where were most of shakespeare’s plays performed?
Who built it? and when? where?
Globe theatre
Lord Chamberlain’s Men built it
build in 1599
Southwark (south of Thames River)
When does shakespeare retire?
Where does he retire to?
and what does he retire as?
A prosperous middle-class man, profits from share in successful theater company
continues to write plays
When does shakespeare die?
Where is he buried?
Died April 23, 1616
Buried in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford
What is shakespeare’s epitaph?
Blest be the man that spares these stones,
And curst be he that moves my bones
Where is there a funeral monument of shakespeare?
Poet’s Corner in Westminister Abbey (1740)
What didn’t william shakespeare thing of himself as?
a “man of letters”
What was shakespeare’s first publishing?
When was it issued?
How many people published it?
How many plays did it contain of shakespeare’s?
“First Folio”
Issued 1623
2 members of the theater company
Contained 36 or the 37 plays now attributed to shakespeare
What are two comedies that shakespeare wrote as plays?
Midsummer Night’s Dream
Taming of the Shrew
What are two histories that shakespeare wrote as a play?
Henry the 8th
henry the 5th
What are 4 tragedies that shakespeare wrote as plays?
Romeo and Juliet
How many (approximate) words did shakespeare “invent”?
3,000 words
What are four phrases that shakespeare developed that we use commonly today?
What plays were they said in?
What’s done is done (Macbeth)
One fell swoop (Macbeth)
With bated breath (Merchant of Venice)
A foregone conclusion (Othello)
When was Macbeth performed?
What is the plot?
Murder of scotland’s good king
The cruel consequences for the country
Final overthrow of the murderous usurper
What is Macbeth a mix of?
fact and legend
What did Raphael Holinshed write?
Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland
What is Holinshed’s Chronicles about?
Macbeth meeting witches
Macbeth and friends kill Duncan after he names Malcolm Prince of Cumberland
Macbeth has some claim to throne
Banquo is Macbeth’s accomplice
No Lady Macbeth
What did Shakespeare’s macbeth take basis from?
Holinshe’ds Chronicles
What genre is Macbeth?
Shakespeare knew how to represent both outward actions and inward though/conscience. What play did he represent this in?
EG. Macbeth’s soliloquy Act 1

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William Shakespeare, Sonnets, Renaissance, Reformation Test
What were the five authors we learned about? Edmund Spenser Philip Sidney Sir Walter Raleigh Shakespeare Christopher Marlowe What did Edmund Spenser depend on for his salary?
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William Shakespeare, Sonnets, Renaissance, Reformation Test
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