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    Why Sex Education Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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    Most America teenagers are sexually active and think nothing could everhappen to them. But, many of them are misinformed about the risks that are involved insex. Teens also don’t always know the best ways to protect themselves and theirpartners from becoming pregnant or getting STD’s. Alan Harris said, the more educated someone is the more likely they areto make responsible and informed choice for their behaviors. Sex educationgiven by teachers at school is the most relabel way to give kids the rightinformation about sex.

    In schools sex education information is give byprofessional and has be proven by many reports all over the country and world. The first formal attempts at sex education was introduced by a Dr. Arnold a schoolmaster at a public school. Dr. Arnold used the Bible to make theschoolboys fell guilt and scared of sex and masturbation. The nineteenth-century scare tactics books of Dr.

    Arnold were nothing like the sex book used bythe sex educations teachers of today(Greaves. pg. 171). Schools that have sex education taught by a sex education professionsand that use reports and survey from all over the country and world are the mostconvening sources of information. They have had the most influence on mydecisions about sex as well as many other teens. Parents and other teens cangive out wrong information about sex that can give a false scene of security,which can lead to a unwanted pregnancy or STD.

    Sex education must be taught inschools so, student get the right information. Most parents fell that the best place for sex education is in the home. The parents can teach their children family and religious values. Teacher MaryL.

    Tatum says, Schools do a better job influence children and have more time totry to influence children better that anyone except, perhaps, the parents. Itis important that parents give sex information but, school need to reinforcewhat the parents teach to make sure that the information is correct. Most people who are against teaching sex education in schools have theopinion that, Sex education encourage students to become sexually active atyounger ages. But, The World Health Organization has reviewed 35scientifically controlled studies in the U. S.

    and abroad, and found that noprogram increased the invitation of sexual intercourse over the control group. Not all parents know how to talk to their children and if they do thechildren do not always understand or listen to what the parents have to say. Some mothers wait to ask embarrassed daughter just before their wedding,You do know what to do, don’t you? or, Do you want to ask me any questions?(Kelly . 101) Parents of the bride usually assume that the husband will knowwhat to do about sex.

    According to APPCNC (Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Coalition of NorthCarolina) research, parents who talk to their children about sex tend toencourages they children to delay first time sexual intercourse. The childrenwill also become sexually active at a older age and are more likely to preventunwanted pregnancies and STD’s. But, passed attitudes of parents is, once achild is taught about sex they fully understand all that is needed to beunderstood and there is never a need to talked about sex again. (Berne. pg.

    2)Some children do what ever the parents tell the not to do. In this case itwould be bad to have the parents talk to the child and will get their sexeducation for another source, their peers. Peers exchange information in lockerrooms, play grounds, and parties. Dorothy W.

    Baruch found that, ChildishImagining usually changes sexual ideas a lot more that getting facts. This ishow many teens get most of their information about sex. The most important thing when teaching sex education is have accurateinformation that is taught to them so, they can make their own decision withcorrect information when the have to make that choice. The best to get thisinformation is at school for a teacher or other trained professional. The North Carolina Coalition on Adolescent Pregnancy found that, ninetypercent of the people surveyed agree that, sex education should be taught in thepublic schools. Even parents agree, as show in Douglas Kirby studies, aboutthree fourths of U.

    S. adult population supports making information andcontraceptive available through school-based health centers.School-based Programs to Reduce Sexual Risk Behavior: Review ofEffectiveness, states that, If effective programs are implemented in our .

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