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    Why is the Popularity of Cheating Increasing Fast Nowadays?

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    Why is the popularity of cheating increasing fast nowadays’students value grades more than learning and knowledge. Cheating is consider not only stealing someone’swork but also a cheater will not know his/her ability and passion, after gettingthe certificate with no experience and real knowledge. And this is what causes the community lack of academic study. This essay will discussthe aims of academic study, how to achieve them and what would be the results if its wasn’t achieved.

    The aims of academic study can be easily achieved if students know what theyare, how they can achieve them and what problems there are if they weren’t achieved. There are diverse aims. For starters, people have a degree personally passionate about so they can work at a job that suits their interest. Every college or school should provide a workable day, which can help students remember what they’ve learned. A better salary is really important for every hard worker. Also in order for self- development students must know their strength and weaknesses. Vanish cheating. Those are some of the aims to get a better academic study.

    There are many solutions to achieve the aims. First, the government should provide a full scholarship because money rough on some people, also the government can motivate students by applying in to the best university if they get a good degree in schools. Second, as everybody knows to be educated is mandatory in every family and it sure is, with no degree people will not have jobs, which leads poverty, parents should teach their children how to love studying not by demanding them to be something they don’t love in respect of having a good degree and a perfect job that they wont get bored. Third technology improvement since technology has become essential in our generation for instance it helps on extra giving courses online. Last provide work while studying to learn to be reliable, give them bigger responsibilities this might help them discover their weaknesses and strengths. Those are some of the achievement.

    On the other hand if the aims weren’t achieve the academic community will be facing a lot of consequences. There won’t be any development on the academic study, it might stay the some or probably get worse. Unsuccessful future, for example it will affect the income and outcome of the county. Jobs and salary will be really limited. Uneducated non-handworkers people and poverty will increase. Lack of experience because people didn’t go college, school and work. Those the problems people will be dealing with if the aims weren’t achieve.

    Knowing the aims of academic studies and how can you achieve it and how to overcome the problems if you don’t achieve it. However degree and experience and knowledge are really important. Students and Parents should try as hard as they can to achieve them. Avoid the consequences of not achieving them. Also realizing how better academic study can change people’s life in every angle.

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