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    Why Is Poetry Important to Our Community Essay

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    People usually write poetry for themselves, for someone in reticular, in the belief that we all share experiences in common, or to convince and inform others about something. Poetry is vital language, which relies on the writer’s feelings, history and perceptions, so every person has the background needed to write poems. Poetry describes our cultural Identity through meaning and the way It was written as well. Many poets write poems to express their feelings and their thoughts. Their ideas and thought about things are stated through the poems they write and the poem gives it more feeling to get the message across.

    Poems like the odder poem, ‘Karen’ by Camille Woodward, had changed the way many people thought about cleaners. This poem is based on the poet’s feelings and thoughts when she realizes that there Is another part to a cleaner- another ‘dimension’. Camille Woodward wrote this poem to express the feelings of frustration to people who only perceived others as only having one role. Her uses of poetic techniques, such as writing in the cleaner’s perspective, in this poem led to the realization of the multiple dimensions of others to the world.

    Poetry was important in the past and was seed to put out opinions to the public, to make others see another view of a situation. This will Influence others and pass down the Ideas Into the present and future times. Some poems are written to Inform people about something. The poets might want to inform about something new that needs to be recognized, or something old that needs to be remembered. The ballad ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ (1854), by Alfred Tennyson, was composed to inform about the British Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava in 1854. It was to inform people about the brave 600 soldiers and their Attlee.

    Tennyson was trying to tell us to ‘honor the charge they made, honor the Light Brigade, the noble SIX hundred’ and to celebrate their heroism. Their courage of charging to their own death was Inducing, Influencing our soldiers to never back down and continue to protect us. It is important to us as the poems like this could affect the life we are living in. They communities respond differently to the same poem, as they interpret the words and meanings differently. Religious people would change their view of the world. They informed about events in the past and introduced something new that would come In the future.

    Poetry Is a form or art and entertainment for the poet and the reader. The techniques used In a poem expresses a wide range of feeling that captures the readers’ heart and take them to another place. The ode Tiger’ (1795) by William Blake is full of questions, questioning its creation. The poem is interpreted, differently by each individual, to deal with issues of inspiration, poetry, mystical, knowledge, and God. This poem has no story to it, it’s Just entertaining the readers, making them think more about the creation of the Geiger’, the creator, and the rest of Its creation with the ongoing questions presented entertain the community.

    Poems were not really made or invented; it was a part of the world from the beginning of language. The rhythmic techniques of poetry send through an idea in a cantabile way to amuse us while thinking of the idea given. Poetry had been important to us from the beginning of language by being a form of art that was used by many artists and it is still used now. However, the uses and purposes of poetry had been changed as time goes on. The use of poetry is more diverse now. It’s used for persuasion, expressing thoughts and feelings, and putting out ideas and opinions.

    Poetry like ballads, can tell a story from the past. It recounts the events, in the past, in the form of a poem and it is presented to us today. Our events will also be recorded and be read in the future. The ballad called The Charge of the Light Brigade is about the past event of the Crimean war, where the 600 brave British light cavalry soldiers led by Lord Cardigan. The time frame that poems cover is very diverse, including poems about cavemen and the start of life, to the imaginative tourist world. Our cultural and national identity can be informed through poems.

    The different ways we interpret a poem identifies us as different individuals. For example, religious people would see word like hell or heaven as actual places, but non-religious people would see it as a bad or good situation. Besides beliefs, the readers could interpret poems differently because of their cultural or national knowledge. What each person learnt contributes to how they interpret something. As time passes, we develop more things and we know more. This will enhance the poetic engage we use.

    The knowledge we use in writing poetry exhibits the changes and developments of our language. The importance of poetry to our communities, both past and present, is very similar. Poetry is used to express one’s ideas, opinions, and thoughts to inform or persuade people. It was also used as a form of entertainment to the poet and the reader. It is a passage which has many meanings when seen from different views. Poetry is used to watch our language development, in writing and interpreting. It represents the development of individuals, and of the world.

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