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    What Mean Term Freedom of Speech

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    Freedom of speech is part of the 1st amendment, which is also part of the bill of rights. Freedom of Speech states, “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.” This means that the government may not fine, jail or impose personal freedom on people just based of what they say or write. There are certain exceptions to this though.

    Freedom of Speech helps empower us citizens while also limiting the government is many ways. One way is that citizens are responsible for participating in their governments decisions. In order for citizens to participate, they must be informed about what the government is doing. This is part of the free press where we are able to report fully of the government’s activities. Another part of this is the opportunity to keep the government accountable. I feel like Free Speech should be extended in every aspect as long as it doesn’t result in causing physical harm.

    We can be completely offended by someone as that is a different issue. Using offensive language or speech towards someone is only as offensive as they think it is. Someone might be so offended that they might refuse to work with that person that offended them. Another might not be offended at laugh or ignore what offended that other person. For something like this, there is no way to place a limit on speech. I don’t think this means extended it because how do you extend something that is already as extended as it can be? Now, part of our text states that you cannot shout “FIRE!” in a movie theater if there is no fire as this can cause violence and turmoil. This is a part of speech that is restricted. If I say something that causes violence, it should not even be said. There is no rhyme or reason. If the government tells someone that they can’t voice their opinion, the only result is how that person is going to make their opinion known. I don’t necessarily agree with Black Lives Matter when they want to shut down a highway and cause havoc for innocent bystanders, but I do understand that they have an opinion and they want to be heard. That is a choice they make without even caring how it affects others.

    Openly expressing hate can stir up violence. When there is death, bomb threats and persistent online abuse that leads someone to suicide, this hard to defend in the name of free speech. We are all entitled to do and say as we please as long as we are not cutting down the freedom of others in doing so. This doesn’t seem bad right? I personally feel like this is where it’s hard to determine where a line should be drawn. I have dealt with many years of mental abuse and that sticks with me every day. I don’t allow it to define me or continue to invade my life any more like I used to, but I still go through therapy to cope with it. Words said or written especially with hate can cause a lot of harm to someone.

    The internet is a place where you can see how speech has gone wrong. For example, Facebook. Facebook is a huge social media output that it gives many great opportunities for ensuing debates and discussions. You see the news reporting on all these mass shootings and people are just arguing back and forth with what they believe to be right and before you know it, you are being called this or that. I understand you ay not ever meet these people in your lifetime or ever speak to them again after a debate on social media but that has now impacted everyone who has read that feed. With any discussion for change, you don’t need to look any further than the comments under any article or news story. Some media outlets have limited comments or have put an end to comments for such reasons as above. I think this is a great way to restrict the hate and badgering towards another. Especially on the internet.

    Free speech doesn’t mean that you are free from consequences. Whe you use your right to freedom of speech you are agreeing that that is your responsibility. Your speech can be negative or positive and either which way you are held accountable for that. I you truly believe somethings is true, you have every right to make that known.

    When we restrict freedom of speech, discredit ourselves by denying ourselves the chance to improve our viewpoints through being challenged and seeing the views of others. So, do I think the Freedom of speech should be extended? I think the part of free speech that should be extended is to us Americans, us citizens, that are not part of the government or a celebrity, that we get the same consequences if someone were to slander us. Its causes just as much hard and spreads rumors just as easily. I think the restricted part of speech is restricted in the areas it is restricted for the obvious reason.

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