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    Freedom of Speech and Press (978 words)

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    Freedom of speech is very important in america. Freedom of speech is important because communication is a big part of everyday life. The level of freedom to communicate has a big impact on our everyday lives. The level of freedom to communicate has a big impact on outer society and on the strength of democracy. Freedom of speech or the first amendment is our right to communicate about whatever you see fit, but the right to privacy limits free press.

    Free press allows people to be informed about information from a wide range of sources dedicated to bring good content while not being restricted by the government. This assures people they are getting the best information possible, which helps people develop opinions and communicate their view to the government, media plays a big role in this as well.

    Media gets your message across to a wider audience. Usually through television, newspapers, radio and social networking apps.Getting information to spread on the media is more effective than the old newspaper way.

    Many news or media outlets use sponsorships and ads. Sponsorships are stronger, more outgoing commitment with sponsors and program or event provider. Advertisements are when advertisers pay to have a product presented in public. Both of these thing pay very well and many news or social entertainers may not report what they want they want in fear sponsors or producers may not support them.

    The news industry is cut throat and sometimes having an opinion that many others may not agree with can be dangerous. Many news reporters have to go thru bashing and hate while just trying to inform or spread their opinions.

    Reporters and journalists have a right to report whatever they see fit. This becomes a problem because reporters investigate incidents, gather information in attempt to reach people, place, and things. Reporting is risky when Reporters are thrown in jail, taken into custody for questioning and prevented from further reporting. This makes journalists afraid to tell the stories that need to be told. Knowing this many people appreciate it more when reporters step out of line, while the ones who stay in line get pampered.

    When reporters get in trouble, say that it was their right to report isn’t good enough. The only thing the can do is file a lawsuit after the fact.

    There are many incidents where the media/press exposed things that were helpful to the public like the radioactive activity in Nevada and the tobacco industry.

    The federal government disclosed it shipped radioactive material to Navada without state consent. The feds shipped the material spite the state saying no and it’s concern that doing so would further open it up to more nuclear waste dumping.

    In federal court, National Nuclear Security Administration General Councilor Bruce Diamond said the agency sent half a metric ton of the substance before November 2018. Sisolate said “to put the health and well being of millions of people at risk due to transportation into Nevada, without giving us the kopportunity to prepare in case their were mishaps along the way. I think it was irresponsible and reckless on the behave of the department”

    This whole operation was supported by the Trump Administration. Titus said in a release “Time and time again we have seen the Trump Administration’s officials treat Nevada as a dumping ground for nuclear waste” he thinks they think making such a reckless action will allow them to move forward and add more little by little. A similar story happened with the tobacco industry.

    The tobacco industry has a Truth campaign that exposes them almost everyday. On their website they tell facts not fiction. They make not smoking cool. I thinks it’s a good campaign that has lots of attention in the media right now. They expose things like what the industry thinks about smokers and what they call their target audience. Such as how they refer to gay people as “scum” and how in the 80’s tobacco companies paid inner neighborhoods to give out free samples to African Americans.

    Also how Sodium Hydroxide which is found in hair removal products, was found in a single cigarette. This campaign truly is making a difference and opening people’s eyes to the bigger picture.

    While Americans are in american thinking they have it bad, there’s people in other countries such as North Korea who have it worse. North Korea is one of the most strictly controlled countries in the world today. They do have press but it is tightly controlled, media is often one-sided and exaggerated. However, you can practice press if it’s in praise of the country, it’s government or leaders. In North Korea they have little to no right, as they cannot even freely the country and no respect violations of liberty. What would happen if the government could fully control thing in the us ?

    If the government could fully control the news,the first thing that might happen is the new that really happen wouldn’t get out. The second thing that might happen is the FBI might wanna protect other people might intervene and try to have it taken down or edited. If a new anchor or writer decides not to take it down, that could create problems. They could end up dead or hurt or even in jail. Since the government is in charge of everything nobody would notice. The third thing that might happen is they might change the news all together and make it only say the things that only make the people think good things about the people the government supports.

    So is the government free? I think the term free is to vague. Nothing and nobody is ever free but we have came a long way and we still have ways to go before we can use any term close to free.

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