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    What Is the Impact of Religion on Morals, Evolving Concepts, and Societies

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    In this project I will cover what effects religion may have on a person’s morals, how religion evolves, what did religion start as, and how it can affect society, whether that society is very religious, or not so much.

    Is Religion Good or Bad For Society?

    There are many opinions on if religion is good for a society, some say it’s not necessary, some say it can harm a society, some say it’s beneficial for a society, some say it’s necessary for a society, some say it doesn’t really have an effect, it really depends on who you ask. While there are plus sides to having a very religious society, for instance it could connect the community more, religious morals might come into play in society which could be good or bad depending on how people interpret the religion’s key morals, there could also be bad ways it affects a society, for example, people may have prejudices, whether they are subconscious or not, there’s also the opposition to the pro of how people interpret their religion, if they believe in their religion a lot, they might think of religion over better reasoning and critical thinking, which could create quite a bad scene, but that has gone both ways in history, World War II being a bad instance and Mahatma Gandhi’s movements being a good instance where he critically thought about his religion and ended up changing a lot of people’s minds about civil rights, after thinking of his religion and what it really meant.

    The bottom line of this argument is that religion can be great for a society or really bad, depending on who is following the religion and how they interpret their religion (Eriksen).

    Why Have People Created Religions?

    There are many speculations as to why people created religions, one popular theory is that people created religions to have a better reason for their morals or to boost them in a way and to have a better way of organizing their cultures after humans evolved from smaller, hunter gatherer societies into larger, more organized societies or civilizations. Using a figure to worship seemed to work out well, but there was always the question of why did people function better as a society after a figure was introduced to sort of configure them. But humans being humans decided that they wanted to sort of change up that for their own personal understanding of it, when that happens for a long enough time and people keep on interpreting religions differently, these religions eventually evolve, and perhaps make 2 new religions and this might separate a society, which is how a religion can expand and perhaps someone makes a new religion based off one that already exists, this new religion might have similar morals but not really the same. A religion like this might turn into different branches, for example, Christianity has a few branches, there’s Eastern Orthodox, Orthodox, Catholicism, just to name a few, but these religions are still Christianity and still have the same roots just different morals, this way, people might branch for off of the branch, which leads to maybe a new religion entirely,

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    What Is the Impact of Religion on Morals, Evolving Concepts, and Societies. (2022, Dec 01). Retrieved from

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