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Laural Fawcett: Journey to Buddhism



Words: 625 (3 pages)

My dialogue with Laural Fawcett focused on her journey to becoming Buddhist, exploring the middle realm- from suffering that motivated her to seek spiritual development, which we studied during this semester. During this dialogue, I obtained new insights on the concept of Sanskrit, Dukkha, and the active practice of Buddha’s teachings. Laural described her journey…

Buddhism: The Dying and Death Practices



Words: 1202 (5 pages)

An important part of being a nurse is understanding many ethnic, cultural, and religious groups and their practices. Nurses should not stereotype their patients, rather they should ask what groups they associate themselves with. The nurse can then perform care that is appropriate for the ethnic, cultural, or religious group they are a part of….

Buddhism Appeal in China (1037 words)



Words: 1037 (5 pages)

In the 6th century BC, Siddhartha Gautama was disturbed by encountering for the first time, a sick man, an old man, and a corpse. He was overcome with these sights and was determined to search for a way to end human suffering. He founded the religion Buddhism which freed oneself from suffering. Through the Silk…

Buddha’s Transformation to Innovation



Words: 596 (3 pages)

In the Origin of the Buddha Image, Buddha was formerly represented as an adept or a teacher with its chief iconographic peculiarities that were rarely represented quasi-anatomically in a walking stance only until early Indian art (2). With the evolvement in iconographies, how has the Standing Buddha from the Gupta Period in Sarnath in the…

Comparison of Hinduism and Buddhism




Words: 1623 (7 pages)

Hinduism and Buddhism are two of the main religions and philosophies that we studied in class, and in the world. At the heart of these two philosophies are figures that helped define them. For Hinduism, this was Arjuna, the Pandava prince accompanied by Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. The main figure in Buddhism is Siddhartha…

Museum of the 21st Сentury Buddha



Words: 1120 (5 pages)

Western Buddhism is a form of Modern Buddhism that has emerged recently as an answer to the West’s doubts regarding traditional Buddhism due to secular concerns. It thus does away with many of the superstitions behind traditional Buddhism such as karma, rebirth, nirvana, realms of existence and the like. This form of Buddhism largely focuses…

Buddhist Funeral Essay (2505 words)


Words: 2505 (11 pages)

The Buddhist culture in India is a very mysterious and interesting culture. It began in North West India around 2,500 years ago. The teachings, Dharma, was brought by Siddhartha Gautama, also known as Buddha, himself. “Buddhism is not and has never pretended to be a “theory”, an explanation of the universe; it is a way…

Buddha Documentary Assignment (499 words)


Words: 499 (2 pages)

As a child, the life of Buddha was the prince of a tribal king. He had many luxuries and was very protected. Buddha was gifted three lotus ponds with different colors of blooms. As a teenager, the life of Buddha was luxurious. He had the finest of everything and was shielded from pain or errors…

Buddhism: Teaching and Practice


Words: 1409 (6 pages)

What is religion? There are many religions that people believe in today. When I think of the word religion I think of a group of people who believe in a god or gods that created the world and determine your faith. However, other people may interpret the definition of religion differently from each one of…

Philosophy of Buddhist Religion


Words: 2174 (9 pages)

From the start of the Buddhist religion in India, Buddhism has since spread influential ideas to countries including Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Tibet, Mongolia, and Japan (The Buddhist Society). The proliferation that has occured within the religion is accompanied by a number of different interpretations of Buddhist teachings. These altered interpretations, when combined with the…

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Does Buddhism have a god or believe in oneself?
Buddhists definitely do believe in God but they would not normally use the word ‘God’ because that word is almost always taken to mean belief in a personal God, in other words a Theistic belief in God. Theism is a belief in a personal God, who created everything and intervenes in the Universe.
What are 5 facts about Buddhism?
General Facts about Buddhism
  • There are more than 500 million Buddhists in the world
  • Buddhists don’t kill animals, and they eat a vegetarian diet
  • All living beings are being treated with equal respect
  • Mahayana is the most practiced branch of Buddhism, and it’s most common in China
  • Theravada is the second most practiced branch, and it’s most common in Southeast Asia
  • More than 7 million westerners say that they’re Buddhists
  • China has the largest population of Buddhists with at least 244 million devotees
  • However, in Thailand and Cambodia, more than 90% of their total population are Buddhists
  • Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader for Tibetan Buddhism, which is part of the Vajrayana branch
What are the 4 main beliefs of Buddhism?
The precepts include:
  • Do not kill. Buddhism frowns at killing livings things, humans and animals. Moreover, it teaches that the followers of...
  • Do not lie. This also implies not gossiping about people. Or, on the other hand, slandering people with our words.
  • Do not take drugs or alcohol. Taking alcohol or harmful drugs is forbidden in Buddhism. This is as a result of the...
What are the 5 principles of Buddhism?
  1. Refrain from taking life Not killing any living being. For Buddhists, this includes animals, so many Buddhists choose to be vegetarian.
  2. Refrain from taking what is not given Not stealing from anyone.
  3. Refrain from the misuse of the senses Not having too much sensual pleasure. For example, not looking at people in a lustful way or committing adultery.
  4. Refrain from wrong speech Not lying or gossiping about other people.
  5. Refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind
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