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The Body Ritual of the Nacirema Essay


Words: 186 (1 page)

The Body Ritual of the Nacirema It is human nature to describe one’s own culture as the most advanced and most intellectual. Unfortunately, it is also common practice to look down upon the practices of another culture because they are not similar to one’s own traditions. The ability to do this can sometimes be a…

Essay about Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Essay


Words: 490 (2 pages)

Would you want to live among the Naciremas? Why or why not?After reading Horace Miner’s Body Ritual Among the Nacirema I cannot say that I would want to be part of the tribe. A huge reason would be that I could never go from my own Christian faith to the religious practices of the Nacirema….

Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Essay


Words: 224 (1 page)

Body Ritual Among the Nacirema. What is the precise geographical location of this strange tribe, the Nacirema? The Nacirema are a North American group living in the territory between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles. Little is known of their origin, though tradition states…

Horace Miner’s Body Ritual Among the Nacirema Essay


Words: 187 (1 page)

Horace Miner’s Body Ritual Among the Nacirema In Horace Miner’s article, “Body Ritual Among the Nacirema”, he talks about a tribe and describes their odd behavior. He tells about how the tribe performs these strange daily rituals and how their peculiarity is extreme, but in fact he is actually speaking of Americans as a whole…

The Words of Going Beyond


Words: 8603 (35 pages)

In the mountains, they call it Going Beyond. The way they pronounce the Words endows the sound with a hushed finality as though the meaning had nothing to do with the syllables, the lips just a bit parted, afraid to release The Words altogether. The head is bowed during the utterance, signifying both the solemnity…

Reading Analysis: Body Ritual among the Nacirema Essay



Words: 1612 (7 pages)

Reading Analysis: Body Ritual among the Nacirema Written from an about amusing point of view, Horace Miner’s dissection of the American civilization was certainly a tough pill to get down for many. It is about like looking at one’s contemplation in a amusing mirror and non believing it is the same individual. Although really witty…

Culture, Ritual and Theatrical Performance Essay



Words: 631 (3 pages)

Performance studies is sort of a discipline that works with other fields. These are anthropology, gender studies, folklore, religion even art and more. Eventually none of those disciplines can’t work on their own. Like Performance Studies need to establish its roots on those branches. It examines artistic performances and cultural performances. Traditions and rituals seem…

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What are the characteristics of religious rituals?
They include:
  • the symbolic nature of ritual ’ s messages;
  • its embeddedness in a cognitive matrix (belief system);
  • ritual drivers — rhythmic repetition and redundancy;
  • the use of specific tools, technologies, and clothing;
  • the framing of ritual performances — their set-apartness from everyday life;
  • order and formality;
What is the meaning of ritual in history?
The word "ritual" is first recorded in English in 1570, and came into use in the 1600s to mean "the prescribed order of performing religious services " or more particularly a book of these prescriptions. There are hardly any limits to the kind of actions that may be incorporated into a ritual.
What is the relationship between ritual and language?
Ritual, and particularly sacra- mental ritual, is itself a specific kind of human discourse, one par- ticularly suited to the description of religious experiences and the codification of religious thought. Ritual is a language .
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