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What is Abortion? Persuasive Essay

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    April 29, 2004Abortion is called a choice. If this is true, women should know what they are choosing. According to Webster, an abortion is a procedure, either surgical or medical, to end a pregnancy by removing the fetus or placenta from the uterus. Abortion is one of the most controversial and important subjects of this generation. One in four of our generation is not living because they were killed before they were born.

    Since abortion was legalized in 1973, approximately 1,500,000 babies have been aborted each year. One out of every six women in this country have had abortions. A lot of times, they were not told about the procedure or the risks involved. Many of them were most likely not told about the development of the unborn baby inside of them. Pregnancy from rape is extremely rare. A study of one thousand rape victims who were treated after the rape reported no pregnancies.

    There are no known studies of incest cases. Medically, we know pregnancy in these cases would be rare. As reasons for legalizing abortion rape and incest are nothing more than emotional screens used by those profiting from abortion. However, we have to approach the victim of rape or incest with compassion.

    The woman has been subjected to an ugly trauma, and she needs love, support and help. But she has been the victim of one violent act. Should we now ask her to be a party to a second violent act that of abortion? Many would return the violence of killing an innocent baby for the violence of rape. But, before making this decision, remember that most of the trauma has already occurred.

    She has been raped. That trauma will live with her all her life. However, what about the child with a disease who will die a slow death or live his life as a burden to his family? Do you believe that the new ethic should be that we kill the suffering or burdensome’some of these cases are tragic some are also inspirational. We cannot assume the responsibility for killing an unborn child simply because the child has not yet been seen in public. The childs place of residence does not change what abortion does kill a human being.

    There are two floors in a hospital; one aborts 5-month-old fetuses, and the other struggles to save preemies. Is it just me, or is there something wrong here? There are parents struggling to save their babies, and there are parents not giving a second thought about ending their babys life. Sometimes I wonder if women even know how abortions are preformed. There are many different ways doctors perform an abortion. One of the many ways is with forceps; the doctor turns the baby around in the womb to be positioned feet first.

    The babys legs are pulled out into the birth canal. The baby is still alive at this point. The abortionist delivers the babys entire body, except for the head, which remains inside the birth canal. The babys hands and feet move.

    The abortionist stabs the scissors into the base of the babys skull. The scissors are spread to enlarge the opening. The suction catheter I then inserted and the brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The head slides out easily. When this type of procedure first became known to the public, it was only done a few hundred times a year. This gruesome method of killing partially born babies is now done many thousand times a year.

    These babies are inches from being born. Many could be born and placed in loving arms of childless couples for adoption. But instead, they are killed. Some people call it abortion. No matter what you call it, you cannot alter the reality, four more inches out of the womb and this act would be called murder. Just imagine the pain that an 8-month-old unborn baby, able to live outside the mothers womb, must feel during this procedure.

    When you cut through the words, you much face the horrible reality. Babies are being scalded, poisoned, cut, and torn apart. They are no different than a newborn, just younger. Many could live if they were outside the womb. They all go through the terrible pain before they die. Is this a womans choice or is it Child Abuse and/or Murder with a different name.

    Which is better to remember, I gave my baby life. And because I loved him, I gave him into the arms of a loving couple or to remember, I selfishly ended my babys life?

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