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    Video Games Be Considered a Sport

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    Sports have come a very long way since the start of these activities starting in Greece and Rome. In 776 B.C. the first Olympics were held, and a dawn of a new lifestyle was born. After the games as the years went on sports became more and more defined and started to become more organized. With the organization of sports, rules and guidelines were developed and the sports became more specific.

    As technology developed over the years sports such as football became more advanced, replays were introduced and that opened the doors to better calls and teams being able to challenge the calls. Committees were formed and put in place to oversee sports all at levels, committees such has AAU, NCAA, and IOC. With these committees the rules became more abundant and greater amounts of rules surfaced.

    The committees also became corrupted such as the IOC and people began to take advantage of friends in the IOC to have more pull when deciding where the Olympics’ were being held. A few factors that will continue to effect sports in the future include, Population, Industry, Technology, Health, Gender and Economy.

    Like anything associated with technology, sports will continue to become more advanced and smoother as technology continues to surface. For the future of sports, I suspect that in 2030 we will see a huge incline in the player’s participating in Esports.

    Esports is a form of competition inside of the video gaming community that is quickly starting to increase in players and revenue and also in prize money and other means of awards. In the last year a video game by the name of Fortnite was released by a company called Epic Games.

    This video game since its release has totaled over 200 million players and has been the biggest and fastest growing game in the last year. With games like these we have players like Tyler Blevins, Blevins is a pro gamer who makes over five hundred thousand dollars a month due to his YouTube channel and things like sponsorships. Epic Games has seen players like Blevins and just a year after the Fortnite release, Epic is hosting a Pro Gaming tournament for Fortnite called the Winter Royal.

    This tournament is huge for the future of sports because the tournament features a one-million-dollar prize pool being distributed to the top 100 players from the North American and European regions with the winner from each region receiving Seventy-five thousand dollars. I believe the Esports is the biggest future of sport we have when referring to technology and the increase in players will continue to increase as the year go on.

    Sporting events such as Football, baseball, soccer, and basketball I believe will all see an attendance decline in the year 2030 with growing technology watching sporting events on Tv is just the beginning. In the past couple years, we have already begun to see that with new technology comes new ways of getting your sports entertainment fix.

    With the advancement of new phones and tablets watching sports on your devices will become easier than going to the live events at the stadiums and fans will be in the comfort of their own home while still enjoying what they love.

    In Chapter 19 future trends in sport is says “It is clear that access to sport will increase in the future as more television coverage of sport is offered. Pay-per-view channels will carry selected sport programs, and channels exclusively devoted to sports such as golf and tennis are already available.

    The Internet will likely revolutionize spectatorship in the future as people will be able to follow their college teams, high school teams, and even youth sport teams like the Little League World Series from anywhere in the country.”.

    Some other influences technology will have in the furture of sports could include the equipment that is used such as microphone’s inside of helmets or sensors inside of the footballs, the way games are reported, and the structure of stadium’s and other venues.

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