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    Video Gamers and Violence (732 words)

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    Video games provide a way for gamers to immerse themselves in a digital world which can provide many benefits, some of these benefits help the whole world and some primarily help the gamers who use the games. Despite contrary belief, video games actually decrease violence and without video games, violence would increase in the real world. Video game violence lures the world away from real life violence by providing a satisfying way to fight without causing actual pain. Every time there was a big spike in video game sales, assaults would actually decrease after and a study found that a 10% increase in violent video games sales was associated with a 0.03% decrease in crimes. Instead of causing violence, video games actually decrease violence which is a major reason why games are good for our society today. Video games have been said to cause violence a lot lately and movies have to.

    Video games have been said to cause violent actions to be caused and many people want them to be restricted but if they are restricted then people would want another form of violent media to be restricted and that would happen to be the film industry. The film industry has been said to cause violence but lately the focus has been on video games. If video games were restricted then everyone would look at the violence in movies and would want that restricted too. In opinion surveys about television, the majority of adult respondents indicates that there is too much violence in entertainment programming. Studies all reached the same conclusion. Exposure to television and movie violence increases aggression and violence. With information like this, people will want movies restricted if video games are restricted. Sometimes violence is a necessary solution to some problems and some situations. Whether it be self defense or the military, sometimes violence is a necessary tool to conflicts. Without video games, a worldview in which violence is a necessary tool for resolving conflict and eliminating problems would not be promoted. The military recognized video games potential and have utilized them in many ways. Video games have been used by the military to train soldiers and to recruit new soldiers.

    Virtual games have had a dramatic effect on the military education and training programs over the past two decades. There is also evidence that shows that training through video games have made better soldiers. The most familiar benefit of video games that people are most aware of is the cognitive benefits that video games provide. When you engage yourself to a digital and unfamiliar world where the limits are endless, you are stimulating your brain in a unique way providing gamers with many cognitive capabilities. Video games utilize many academic skills and they promote positive things such as teamwork. Video games are useful for teaching and training people and have been very useful in the classroom and training soldiers. Something that people do not often realize about video games is that gamers have common sense. There is common sense in a gamer when he commits a crime in a video game. Gamers know that they cannot do what they do in video games in real life. The whole point in video games existing is to let gamers do what they cannot do in real life. Throughout history, people have said that things cause violence or a lack of intelligence in the youth. People said tv, comics, and music have all caused corruption in the youth and video games. If video games get restricted because of violence then the media will find something else to complain about, restrict, and blame real life violence on. If video games get restricted, then other forms of entertainment might get restricted such as movies and music. Violent movies can contain extremely gruesome images and scenes and if people restrict video games then they would restrict video games. Music has a lot of violent and inappropriate lyrics which is concerning to some.

    Many rap and hip hop music contains violent lyrics. A study found that kids who listen to rap and hip hop music are more likely to abuse alcohol and commit violent acts. Video games provide many benefits to the society we live in today. Video games help us in many ways we do not realize such as for education, training, a way of doing what we cannot in real life, and much more.

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