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    Video Game And Violent Video Games

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    Along with the rapid development of the internet in recent years, game and violence game have become companions of young people. We could not deny the fact that video game already has strong attraction for many people. Especially in today’s society, when work pressure is growing, gaming is an effective solution to relieve tension, dispel feeling of fatigue, anxiety. Playing the normal video game, which it not include any violence scenes, plus regulatory reasonable playing time can help players relaxed and balanced in terms of psychological after hours of studying, and working hard. But a lot of current game players do not like the game that bring the gently feeling, they want to experience a new kind of game, which make up a stronger feeling, and be able to do thing that they would not be able to do in the real world. This is one major reason that make people who enjoy to play violence video game have increase, and difficult to abandon this kind of game. A lot of people think that when you often playing violent video game, you will easy be haunted by the feeling of the spectacle going on in the game, and this will lead to the violation of real life. There is also an argument that violent video game did not affect the players because it is just a game, and it not real. The players should be able to tell what is real and what is virtual. In my opinion, playing violent video game did not affect to people behavior. Instead of that, playing violent video game is a benefit to people life because it can help you relax, and be able to do things that you won’t allowed to do in the real life world.

    A lot of parent think that violent video game will affect their kid behavior, so they forbid their children to play this kind of game. In recent day, there are a lot of teenager shooting case, and this make everyone blame video game. Parent think that these kid is affected by the violent

    game, which is allow the player to shoot and killing people. They always think that when their children is playing violent video game, it will affect their children in real life because when the players is too addicted to the game, it will lead to virtual confuse, then all the acts that seemed innocuous in the game will taming the player’s mind, and control the players’ behavior. They scare that their children will have violence behavior and bully the people around them. But in my opinion, children’s behavior is not depend what video game they are playing, it is depend on the behavior of the people around them, such as their parents or the people who they are living with. When the kid is still little, they will watch and copy how the adult act and talk because they are learning. So, when a children still little, the adult has to shows their kid that violent is bad, and they will not allowed to act violent. As long as people understand that violent is wrong, they will not be affected by any of the violent video game, even they have played it every day. For example, my brother is only third teen years old this year, and he have played a lot of game that is listed as violent such as The Last of Us and Grant Theft Auto. He very enjoy the game and even playing it every day after his homework. But, he have not sign of violent, and these game did not seem like affected him. He know that game is just a game, and he did not allowed to act like his game’s character in real life. He enjoy playing this kind of game because he is free to do everything he want to and experience things that he won’t be able to do in his real life. He did not seem to confuse about real world and virtual world. Another example to support this is Japan, a paradise of comic book and video game. The comic books in the past and probably the gaming going on now has focused on sex and crime. Supposedly, the male population has not translated this into everyday life. Japan is also knows as the country that have the lowest percent of criminal. So, violent video game did not affect player behavior in their real life.

    The players will not be effect by any violent act in the video game unless they already have some issue with their own personality. According to Harvard Health Publication, Dr. Patrick Markey of Villanova University and Dr. Charlotte Markey of Rutgers University have done an experiment on some children, and concluded that there are the combination of three personal trait that make some children and think aggressively after playing a violent video game. There three traits were high neuroticism, which make people easy to upset; disagreeableness, who fair to other people; and low levels of conscientiousness, who always acting first before thinking (1). If you are the kind of person who have these traits, then you will easier to get effected by the violent game. For example, if someone make you angry, you will think that why you could not hit them or shoot them like you did in your video game. Because you already have that thought on your mind, so when they are continue to arouse you, then you will take your chance to fight with them before you can think of how do your choices could affect you. You will did exactly like what you did in the game without knowing that this is not a game. But, with the people who did not have these traits of personality, they will think before they take their action. They always wanted to know what they are doing. So, it is not because of the violent video game that affect people, it is all because of their personality that they have make them become violent.

    Instead of making people become violence, some research shows that violent video game help to reduce the rate of criminal in the real life. According to the Times Herald, Professor Patrick M. Markey have believe that the rate of shooting will increase when the new violent video game has released. But the result have surprised him. Instead of increase the rate of

    shooting criminal in the country, the shooting criminal have been decrease. He think that the criminal is too busy to playing game, so violent video may work to reduce the rate of criminal (2). Criminal is shooting people because they are angry. They did not know what to do to make themselves feel better. They might have trouble with their family or work that force them to hurt someone. Or they just want to experience something that they have not done before. Playing violent video game is give them all of that benefit without be consider as a criminal. So, when the new violent game have released, they will rather spend time to enjoying it than actually shooting someone.

    Violent video game have been release all around the world, and nearly all the men are playing it, so you could not conclude that violence video game will cause violent. If violent video game have allowed to sell and play all around the world, then it is show that it will not cost any issue by playing it because if there are any issue, the government would not allowed it to be legal for teen to play. These kind of game already been very popular in today society. There are also some specific fans page for each game, which allowed player to connect, get to know each other and share experience of playing the game. There are a lot of governor that have played violent video game, and there may be some governor still playing, and they may be a fan of it. It is not only male playing this kind of game, some female also a big fans of it. Since everyone are playing this kind of game, we could not conclude that there is a relationship between violent video game and the criminal just because of some people who commit criminal also playing this kind of game.

    In today society, violent video game already has a strong attraction to a lot of people. Some people might think that this kind of game is bad, and they won’t allowed their children or grandchildren to playing this game. They think that violent game will make their children become violent. But, they are wrong. Their children behavior is not something that the game can change. It is depend on what people they are growing up with. Violent game will only be able to affect those people who already have their own personality issue. But for these people, they need to consider about if they should playing these kind of game. If they choose to play, then it is their choices, it not that violent video game affected on them. This kind of game are so popular, and already release to all around the world, and there is no evident to really show that there is relationship between violent game and criminal. So, I believe that violent video game is just a game, It do not have anything to do with changing players behavior or personality.

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