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    Understanding the Concept of Mindset Between Personal, Abilities, Potential, and Intelligence

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    Mindset is an established attitude possessed by someone towards a given aspect. It is believed that positive attitude is one of the main principles of mindset that determines the success of a person towards his or her desires. The concept of mindset lies between personal abilities, potential and intelligence. Studies show that people have either growth or fixed mindset.

    Growth mindset refers to the fact of understanding that personal ability and qualities can change with time and their attitude towards perseverance to challenges believes in success. These are the kind of people who see brain as a muscle that requires training like any other to be in a quality or desired position. They believe that though talents exist, it’s a matter of cultivating them towards the desired direction by working hard with diligence and hope (Caniëls et al., 2018).

    On the other hand fixed mindset is the thinking that lies on the prejudice that intelligence and basic skills are qualities from birth and no one can change them as they are. People with fixed mindset believe that ability is a natural gift and you either have it from birth else you can’t get it from personal engagement. Their initial attitude towards a given agenda lies behind their first cognition and internalization. They believe that if somebody isn’t natural at something he or she cannot be.

    With regard to goals achievement, the concept of mindset plays a greater role by creating a driving force that accelerates one towards success. It happens that one’s goal achievement lies in his or her mindset cognition and a positive mindset is a halfway achievement towards a given goal. It can therefore be formulated that the aspect of goal meeting is a factor of mindset and willingness towards it.

    In personal perspective, the theory behind mindset conscience is as real as it sounds in people’s research and review. Throughout my failure and achievement, it can be deduced that the aspect of mindset played a great role. For example, passing in examination and ability to handle technical courses has all been about mindset. For the academic tasks that I believed in achieving them and worked hard towards them success has always been my potion. On the other hand where I developed poor attitude towards personal obligation my effort has always been diminished and evading failure hasn’t been an option. Initially everything appears hard to achieve but the success behind it all lies in the mindset attitude.

    This has been verified by the analysis of my failure, Anything that I perceived hard and unachievable has always been hard to achieve. Apparently what appears hard and above my ability has always been achievable through determination, positive attitude and perseverance in challenges.

    It is absolute to accord that even what lies before me undone it will all be achievable through mindset alteration, self-confidence and readiness to fight the battle of challenges that lies behind any achievement. Since others have achieved it, it remains true that I am an equal to task element and all goals will be achievable by applying a strong positive attitude towards them. Grit is the courage or resolve that one displays towards his or her approach on obligations phenomena or challenge (Anderson et al. 2016).

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    Understanding the Concept of Mindset Between Personal, Abilities, Potential, and Intelligence. (2022, Dec 13). Retrieved from

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