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    Essay about I Am A Student Growth Mindset Essay

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    Many people are two types of mindset, one is growth mindset and fixed mindset. Well I have a fixed mindset person and the fixed mindset person feels that they can’t pass the class they going to start collapsing and going to make the class setback. As we are students, we need to face our anxiety and not let people put us down and try to work our way up to a growth mindset. A student that is a m growth mindset has potential of a class that has fear of failing and makes them become a growth mindset student. Although I think I can become a growth mindset before I graduated from Porterville College because I will face any struggle and prove to those who doubt me that I wouldn’t become a student growth mindset.

    When you enter middle school it starts what type of student wanted to be an I chose the wrong route became a fixed mindset? I was never interested in school because of English class. When I took English in middle school, I had no idea what I was doing for one bit, so I told myself that school was not for me. My English teacher put me down, saying I would fail the class and took the grade of D I was happy with that grade. Middle school was one of worst experience go to school out of all my years in school, I had a teacher in middle school that was very motivation for me because by the end year he told me that I was really smart in math. Throughout the year he showed me a lot of dedication to get me better as a student, I was able to comprehend what he was lecturing.I never had a teacher that taught numerous way because he made sure very student understood what chapter was being talked about and as right now he is still my number one teacher.

    When I was entering high school it was going to be a challenge for myself. Had to keep. .y junior year English teacher was a good writing teacher. He made my writing cultivate a lot because I was getting good grades on my essay and before leaving high school one of my achievements were to know all the different types of essays. I meet that goal because I put so much dedication in the class I wanted to learn more about writing.

    Although students either want to be a fixed or growth mindset students. Anybody has the knowledge to become a growth mindset student. Being a growth mindset takes a challenge of the class, but they have fear of failing the class. I was fixed mindset student when I was going to school as a Kindergarten to twelve grade because I didn’t care about school, I had no fear of failing a class. When I entered college I wanted to change my mindset to growth, to become a student that wants to face challenges that will put time in the course.

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