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    Transformation of Simon Armitage poem Untitled Essay

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    I am very bothered when I think of the bad things that I have done, especially when I was thirteen and at Moorly High School. It was one particular science lesson after registration. It all started off on a busy and hectic morning when I was preparing myself to go to school. Oh I gotta get ma bag, where’s ma bag? Need it for skool, socks where’s ma socks? I hate mornings. Bloomin useless. “Simon come on love, you will be late for school. ” God I wish she’d give me a rest. Always on my back, gor drivin me round the twist. Where’s ma socks cant find em, useless.

    Hurry Simon the bus is here, your going to miss it darling. ” I’m not a flamin kid anymore. I am thirteen and she still treats me like a baby, I’m grown up now when will she gimme a chance? Cos I can catch the bus by ma sen these days! I wish she’d jus leave me alone. “Ok bye love, have a nice day at school, stay out of trouble and watch your dinner money. I’ll be home when you get in. Bye. ” Watever, like leave me alone! Man she jus dunt kno wen to giv up and I kno how to look after my dinner money. I hav learnt summit in my time at skool! Looking back now I can see how arrogant and horrible I was towards my mother.

    I really didn’t appreciate at the time the amount she cared and did for me. She was just looking out for my best interests and trying to give me the best start in life that she possibly could. All I could do was insult her with very degrading and nasty unappreciative comments that she just did not deserve. I can see this now and how it has reflected in my life because I know for a fact I would not be in the same position today if my mum acted in any other way earlier in my life. It’s bloomin freezing out ere, ma face is numb and my hands feel as cold as icicles I wish that stupid bus wud hurry up.

    Anymore of this and I wont be here much longer. “Alright Simon didn’t see you there. How long hav you been waiting? ” Peace and quite please! I hav jus woke up my eyes are shining, ears are buzzin I’m flamin freezin and I don’t want a loser like Colin speaking to me. Why isn’t this stupid bus cumin? I’m gunna go berserk. “Are you ok Simon lad? You look terrible. ” I look terrible? Really? It’s probably because I am freezin and I hav jus woken up. Any way its not as if you are the best lookin geezer in the World so shut it! Oh Thank God. Finally the bus is here. Its about time.

    At a 10 past bloomin 8, its ten minutes late. I am cold, tired, I wish I wa still in bed, comfortable, warm and snug. Wow better put my arm out or the stupid bus won’t stop, silly idiot cant he see me? “45p lad? Have you brought your half fare pass? Cos I’m gunna have to charge you full fare if you aint brought it. 90p then. In future lad bring ure pass cos you is gettin grown up and need a pass. ” I don’t believe this, wat a looser! Can my day get any worse? What have I done to deserve this? First my Mum’s been bugging me, then this fat ugly plod on the bus asking for my half fare pass!

    Someone help! Lets jus hope the resta ma day is buzzin after this. I hope Jessica is in today cos that will certainly cheer me up. “Hi Simon, you’re looking awfully fine this morning, your hair is looking really nice, what have you done today that is different? Have you used a different gel or summat cos it looks really nice. You smell great too! ” Huh you don’t have to tell me that ladies, I already know! I just wish Jessica thought the same about me, she is so nice it’s the best thing about skool, certainly betta than maths, English and geography .

    I would go out with her so bad. I can see it now-her by my side it wud be ace. That would be a perfect day. Heh, if only, keep dreaming boy. Yes, Jessica Armitage, my first true love. The hours I must have spent thinking of her and dreaming that we were together. I might have got some good grades in my exams if I had paid more attention to revising and doing my work. It seems silly now though but I really couldn’t stop thinking about her and I would have done anything to be with her. It’s the only real reason I went to school to see that gorgeous body and beautifully crafted face.

    She was some girl; only problem was that just about every other boy in the school had a liking for her too. Comical really! About time. Finally at school I thought we would never get here, the driver was going as slow as a snail. Don’t they teach them how to put their foot down these days? It took twenty minutes to do a five minute bus ride. He must hav been goin about 20mph and that’s even without fat Harry on the bus! Sometimes I would rather walk; it would probably be faster and I wouldn’t hav to spend 90p to get here! Such a bad mornin I really hope the afternoon beats this.

    Crikey, better hurry up, the bell has gone. Need to get to tutor group, what a joy! “Rodger Hilton? ” “Yes Sir” “Jane Johnson” “Yes Sir” “Simon Armitage? Where’s Simon? Has anyone seen him? ” How stupid are teachers? Does he need some glasses? Why can’t he see me? I’m right in the middle of the class sat with Tom Redwood behind Jason and Carla and in front of Paul and Rodger. It’s so simple. I wish teachers could be scrapped for robots. There well stupid, they cant call em selves humans, they are like aliens or summat. “Oh there you are. Speak up in future please Simon”

    Mr Smith, my form tutor was a strange and peculiar man. He never seemed to get any respect from the pupils. I had him for Geography and he had no control of the lessons. We never did any work as he was too bothered about getting everyone quiet. At the time that was good because I didn’t too much like working but now it just seemed like a complete waste of time. I’m surprised that he never got sacked, he was hopeless, smelt horrible and his breath smelt like something most commonly associated with a toilet. He was one of those teachers that all pupils have nightmares about.

    Oh no, Science with Mrs Carlton. I really hate the subject and I jus cant stand the teacher she is so nasty, evil and she always picks on me its reight harsh. I’ve skived a couple of times to avoid it but I can’t today cos we av got an experiment. The only good thing about this lesson is that Jessica is in it too so I get to see her for a full hour. Woow, I’m late, better hurry up. “Simon you are five minutes late! You knew that we had an important experiment today. Now take your coat off, put your lab jacket and goggles on and start the experiment with Lee. Come on, hurry up Simon.

    Great I’ve wanted to do this lesson for ages. We get to use the Bunsen burners and some chemicals, great fun. The only bad thing is that I av to work with Lee. He is such a loser and Jessica will not be impressed cos I’m working with him and he will cramp my style. She is working with Laura and they are opposite to us so jus play it cool and don’t do anything dumb. “Come on Simon let’s get the stuff set up so we can start and get some cool results. I really want to show Mrs Carlton that my prediction was right; she might give me a green slip then. That will make forty for the year.

    My Mum will be so impressed. ” He’s so clever and annoying as he is always the first to have his hand up in class and always gets his homework in on time. I don’t know how he does it. He is a complete Mummy’s boy. I bet she still baths him too. ” OK Simon I will set it all up. Just come over in two minutes to can turn on the Bunsen and we can then get started. ” See wat I mean, he is far too keen for my liking. He should be cool like me and play it easy. Then you might get a girl like Jessica. Who cares bout work when you hav good lookin birds like her to chase around.

    Woo, there she is looking awfully fine. I was too lazy and laid back at school. I should have done more work instead of trying to stare up all the girls. I would have got some respectable exam results if I had put some more work in and gone to University to make a real go of my life. At the time I was more interested in drinking cans of White Lightening cider at the bus stop at the top of Rowley Lane with Tom and Dave rather than doing my Maths homework on multiple equations and long divisions. I suppose that’s how it is when you’re that age though. “Hey Simon it’s all set up and ready to go.

    Let’s start the experiment. ” I wonder how I could really impress her and make her like me? I jus wish I had the answer. How do lads like Jack and Tim get to spend so much time with her? Its not as if they are cool like me, they don’t even wear designer clothes they r right binners. “Simon are you coming? ” I really want her. Wat shall I do? Think, think! There must be something, I’m so worked up about her and I jus need to let her kno, how though? C’mon Simon think please brain, I don’t ask you to do much jus think, please jus this one time, I beg!

    I was very desperate I didn’t really know what I felt. I think it was the combination of a few frustrating things. Firstly Lee was really annoying. He kept bothering me trying to make me do that experiment. Plus I had liked her for so long and really wanted to go out and it was getting to me. It was just a rush of blood I panicked. Ok I think I hav an idea. Wat if I made married her, that way she would be mine forever and would neva forget me, that would be a tru sign of love and affection. Now where shall I get a ring from that will never come off?

    This is so cool jus think me and Jessica finally together. If I use really hot burnin scissors and place the handle on her finger then that wud be show my life long love for her. I was crazy, I have no explanation for this, it was a ludicrous and mad idea that was very selfish and disrespectful of me. My hands are getting well tired from holding these scissors over this blazin Bunsen, I need em to be scortchin then we will be united and she will be my life long partner, this is wat I hav been dreamin of! I think they are hot enuff now. Where is she?

    Cant see her? Oh few she’s there over by the bin sharpening her pencil all alone. How romantic this is perfect both of us will be together without anyone botherin us. Right lets walk up to her and giv her the ring. “Arghhh! My finger, its hot someone please help! Help! ” Those are the last words I remember before been pushed up to the headmaster’s office by Mrs Carlton and a load of witnesses who were all fired to tell on my nasty doings in the class of 73′. Soon after this I got expelled after Jessica’s parents insisted that I was not fit to be at school.

    That science lesson was the last I saw of her but I still see pictures of her every time I think about my eventful school days. Every time I take my little boy into school I get the smell of branded skin ringing through my nose like the pollution blown out from an industrial tower. I can still imagine flashbacks of the lilac flames in the Bunsen Burner and the pain suffered because of a young innocent boy who was in love. Marked, the Doctors said, for eternity. I never got to say sorry, but at thirteen, it was my way of asking you to marry me.

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