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    The Use of Animals in Biomedical Research Essay

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    Who could imagine that using animal in biomedical research helped many patients to get proper treatment for their disease? Animals have been used repeatedly throughout the history of biomedical research. In addition, there is scientist’s who performed experiments on living animals such as, Aristotle and Erasistratus Likewise, Galen a Greek physician. This means that the animals have been used since ancient times not only from these days. Conducted animal experiments were to advance the understanding of anatomy, physiology, pathology, and pharmacology.

    Furthermore, Researchers study animals to learn more about how living organisms work and how diseases affect the body. In addition, investigators belief that animals get many diseases similar to ones that affects people. However, the most common animals that they used in the experiments are mice, rabbit, pigs, and hamster’s because they shared the same organelle and tissue as human. Many people suggest that, instead of using animal researcher should use computers to reduce the number of animal that needed for test. But this idea cannot be applied because living organisms are far more complex than any computer model we have today. To study the mechanism of disease, test new therapies, and discover toxins are three several reasons why investigators use animals in biomedical research.

    The first reason for using animals in biomedical research is to study the mechanism of diseases. Despite animals genomics similarities to humans, most pattern typically do not conclude the same genetic disease as human, that’s why scientists try to change a little bit in the genes because not all animals suffer from the same disease as human. For a reason they manipulated the genes to be able to diagnoses the illness and its symptoms easily. However, study the mechanism of disease must pass through several steps. The first step is to determine the syndrome of the ailment by taking a sample of the virus and injected into animal’s which included in the experiment. In addition to that, types of animals play important roles in biomedical research and the most common animals are mice and rabbits because they are biologically similar to human. Thereafter, investigator will determine the suitable treatment for this condition and tested it on animals. Then, they will approve the drug if it has achieved the required results. A lot of scientists were against the use of animals in experiment fields because they think that animals have rights as human, whereas in laboratories “the animal experiments have participated much to understanding of mechanism of disease”(worp et al., 2010). In response, without using animals in biomedical research scientists will not be able to help patients and save their lives.

    Test new therapies are another necessary reason of utilizing animal in medical specialty analysis. Scientists use animals for drug testing to make sure that the product analysis is safe before marketing it and let patients use it. Drug development takes very long term to get smart results. Thus, to check new therapies investigator sometimes begins with a style process to know the target of the drug and learn additional concerning the composition of the drug. After that, scientists inject animals with dose of the medication to check whether it appear to be effective or have a potential aspect effects. However, if the benefits of the treatment are greater than the risk, the drug will be proceeding to human trial. Pike (2013) mentioned that through animal analysis Mortality rates area unit declining thanks to advances in the identification and treatment. This shows how animals are useful in test new therapies and determine good treatment for human disease. Overall, Scientists Managed to check the fundamental mechanisms of many diseases such as, heart disease,, cancer, AIDS and bacterial infection. As an example of drug test, investigator punished a treatment for bacterial infection that may be a common sickness and affects lots of people. Antibiotics identified to be a treatment for this disease after they test the drug by using mice and other rodents. In addition, animals that use for drug should be stay within the laboratories for a time before starting the experiment because the scientist might take a look at the animals and choose the acceptable one that they’re going to use throughout the experiment. Although our sense of compassion toward animals, lots of disease can’t be tested on humans and animals are needed to supply a real knowledge for scientists.

    One more last reason of using animal in biomedical experiments is discovery toxins. Pharmacology is outlined as “the study of the adverse effects of chemical, physical or biological agents on living organisms and the ecosystem”. The fields of toxicology grew in response of the necessity to know the new substance and the way it would affect on the health of individuals. Scientists began to use living animals throughout the Twenties 1920s (“Toxicity testing overview”, 2011). Furthermore, in order to evaluate the safety of a chemical or drug, various toxicity studies are carried out in animals such as mice, rats, dog sand monkeys under varying conditions of a drug administration. The first step for testing toxins is to determine substance’s toxicity through the use of toxicity test, and then the test result will be analyzed to define if there are any adverse effects at different exposure levels. Thereafter, determine the extent of human exposure to these toxic substances to Industry appropriate medication. The last step is analyzing the chemical compound and reaches to the end result. “Scientific advancements in the field of toxicology paved a better platform for evaluating these chemicals”(Anusha et al., 2013, p.264). That’s why they use animal to develop the best treatment and test the drug on animals before let people use it to avoid subjecting human lives at risk.

    In conclusion, using animal in medical analysis has been very helpful for scientist’s to define the best treatment for several diseases. From the mechanism study of ailment aspect, animals play a giant role to detect the illness and identify the characteristics of the disease. Furthermore, by knowing the precise infection, investigators can test new therapies and choose the appropriate animal that might provide them with a result that they need. However, instead of using human to test the toxins of the drug, they use animals but under a varying conditions of a drug administration. Although animals have right as human, researchers realize that their study on animals will assist both human and animal because they study animals to understand how they adapt to different environments which might help vulnerable and endangered species. Finally, the future does look bright with regards to medicine advances. It is hoped that animal testing continues to be strictly ascertained and regulated; such that biomedical analysis can yield new treatments and offer hope to those who suffer from devastating diseases

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