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    “The Raven” and “Batman” Are Films Based on Comic Books That Illustrate the Characteristics of Superheroes

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    “The Crow” (1994) and “Batman” (1989) are two exciting and interesting movies. However, “Batman” (1989) is a better movie than “The Crow” (1994). They are both comics-based movies that are also an illustration of superhero characteristics. The two movies have attracted massive excitement and success, especially because they are equally loved by the target audience. Notably, the storyline of “The Crow” is based on a man who comes back to life as an avenger after he was brutally murdered together with his fiancée. The two were murdered by a group of thugs who were terrorizing their decaying local city where they used to live. It is a mystical illustration of how a crow appears on the grave of the man to raise him from the dead.

    On the other hand, the storyline of “Batman” is based on a mysterious terrorization of the Gotham City by a group of men who are dressed like bat-man and possess supernatural powers. These bat-men appear mysteriously and often disappear back into their shadows. The strength of the film comes from the way these bat-men are fought by the locals of Gotham City with the aim of restoring sanity in the city.

    “Batman” is a beautiful illustration of the comic book, and it becomes easier for the audience to articulate several other things that could seemingly be imagined as impossible. Despite the film showcasing the evil and scary nature of the superheroes, it also set in a way that makes it easier for the audience to see some funny sides of the actors. It is an illustration of dark and violent psychological recesses that helps in painting the characters in a way that is not disturbing, even to the young children who could be watching it (Lyons, 2016). More so, the film is driven by the necessity of being a successful superhero film in a population that did not have the benefits of the internet. It became easier to created a magnificent and insane creation, and it combines several other aspects such as production design, costuming, mood, photography, and vision. For instance, the funny part of the film is covered by the morbid darkness therein, and it helps in creating a standout performance.

    On the other hand, “The Crow” is inferior to “Batman” because of the way it exaggerates the tragic accident that led to the death of the protagonist and his wife. The lead actor also died during the shooting, and it is an illustration that the filmmakers had not put measures in place to make the film work. It would also later be affected by a hurricane that destroyed its set, and it is a darkly tainted film even before one can view it (Fiori, 2017). Such factors show how the shooting of the film was poorly planned, and it is a reason it did not attract the needed attention at the time. Ever since, the film has been affected by numerous legal factors, and it remains to be seen whether a better version of the film will be released later in the year.

    Conclusively, “Batman” is a superior film to “The Crow” because of the way the actions are prepared to have a direct influence on the psychological perspective of the audience. The set designs, for instance, are utterly beautiful, and the way the illicit characters are presented in brightly colored suits is a way of hiding the dark side of the film. It is an amazing production that has intriguing characters as well as an inventive art direction.

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