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    The Naked Sun Essay (4350 words)

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    RESUME OF CHAPTERS 2-18(FUCKIN VALUABLE!!)When the ship stopped Elijah remained on his seat. Then he looked away and saw Daneel Olivaw, he is a robot that look like a man. After Elijah Bailey went in an air-tube, a robot was in charge of the trip of Elijah, his serial number is RX-2475. When the trip in the air-tube ended, Bailey received information about Solaria and he learned that the population on the planet is 20000 people and 200000000 robots in a territory of 30000000 square miles.

    He then felt the need to see outside the ground-car. He asked the robot if that car was convertible and the robot said yes but the robot didnt want to open the ground-car window and he started to say the rules of the robot which are that a robot may not injure a human being or allow a human being to be harmed and a robot must obey to the orders given by human beings except if they are in conflict with the first law and a robot must protect himself as long as this law does not conflict with the first or the second law. Then Bailey opened the ground-car window and Bailey lost all sensations. When Elijah Bailey woke up, the robot Daneel told him that he suffered harm. Both were 6 minutes away from their destination.

    Then Bailey wanted to go outside but the robot told him that it will be unnecessary to work outside. They arrived and he saw the home and taught that they are too many rooms in the house. Bailey asked how many people will be in the house, and Daneel said the there will be him, Daneel, and some robots. And Bailey learned that this house was built for him and that this house will be destroyed when he will go back to earth. Later, Elaijah met Hannis Gruer to talk.

    Hannis explained to Elijah some details about the crime that happened on the planet Solaria. The profession of the human that was murdered was fetologist and his wife name was Gladia. When the meeting ended Hannis rose and left then Bailey noticed that Hannis was never here, he was a trimensional image of the real Hannis. Then Bailey wanted to eat and he learned from Daneel that there was 50 robots on the house. After dinner Bailey went in his bed and thought that the bedroom was too large. He also thought about Hannis and his security job.

    He slept. Elijah Bailey woke up because of a robot. Bailey shaved. After he shaved he asked Daneel a question. The question was why there is only 20000 people on Solaria?, and Dannel answered that it was there way of life. And the robot said that cities didnt existed on Solaria.

    Eliah took a breakfast. After the breakfast, Elijah wanted to work so he needed to use the machine that shows a 3D image of anyone on the planet. A robot entered the room where the machine was installed but Elijah wanted to work alone and he also thought that he can use the machine by himself. Daneel told Elijah that it was better that a robot will use that machine because the robot was an expert and it would be mean to not let the machine do the work.

    Elijah decided to let the robot do the work. The robot was working well. Bailey was fascinated by the light and the projection of the machine. Then Gladia Delmarre was speaking. Gladia said that it would be useful to have more that one contact-patch in a house. Daneel said to Mrs.

    Delmarre that it would be better to put clothes when they will talk later. Gladia told Bailey that when he saw her it was only viewing. Bailey told her that he was surprised. He thought about Jessie his wife.

    And Gladia started to talk about the differences of viewing and seeing. Bailey did not understand that concept when she was talking but he understood it later on. So, they continued to talk and Bailey told his name to Gladia and they began to talk seriously. Gladia was married for 10 years and she was 33 years old.

    Gladia told Bailey that see saw rarely his husband. Bailey asked Gladia if she had children but Gladia felt very uncomfortable. Gladia felt sorry that her husband died. Mrs. Delmarres husband was a very conscientious man, he always came at the same time, he was not worried. Gladia asked if she could get a drink, Bailey said ok and a robot gave her a glass of a warm drink.

    Then Gladia asked a question that she qualify rude, the question was if Daneel and Elijah were viewing or seeing each other. Bailey said that they were physically together. Gladia was surprised. They went back to the events, and Gladia told Elijah that she heard a shout from her husband before he died.

    Gladia also told Bailey that she ran and after the robots of Gladias house cleaned the murder scene. Mrs. Delmarre said that she heard no footsteps and no voice. At the end of the conversation she said that anyone could have murdered her husband and she said that she think she knows who did it and the said I (Gladia Delmarre). Daneel said that if the murderer was Gladia it was an obvious conclusion because she was the only person who did see her husband.

    They forgot that they were still talking to the lady. After thinking, Bailey asked Gladia if she did it and she said No angrily. Daneel said to Bailey that he had received information about the murder but he did not show the information to Bailey because it would be better if Elijah will come with his own conclusions. Then Daneel said to Bailey that during the conversation with Gladia, she was trying to seduce Bailey the whole time because she knew lots of thing about earth and the humans from earth including the ability to attract people with the physical appearance. But Bailey remained calm and reserved on those comments.

    Then Bailey started to think about another possibility which is that a robot could have witnessed Gladiahusband murder. When the murder happened, Gladia was unconscious and she was with the dead body. Bailed decided to talk with Gruer. So, he called him with the viewing machine. Elijah told Gruer that Gladia was innocent of that murder.

    This murder did not have evidences because, the robots destroyed it all. Gruer filled a Glass of water. The robot that was there at the scene of the crime was disturbed in his robot brain and he was scrapped after. Gruer told Bailey that the killed husband had enemies and the earth was in danger. The Gruer drank his water and put down the glass with difficulty and pain.

    Daneel screamed to Gruers robots to rescue their master. A minute later, a dozen robots entered the room where Gruer was. Bailey told Daneel that it was a poison that was in his glass of water. Bailey taught that someone could have put the poison in the water.

    Then Elijah started to talk to a robot that was working in Gruers house and that robot was not functioning well, it had difficulties to talk normally. That robot said to Bailey that he gave Hannis Gruer a glass of normal water that came form the reservoir tap, it was cold water. Then the doctor came to examine the situation. The doctor didnt know what kind of poison it was and he didnt want to learn the types of poisons because it will take days. Baley wanted the doctor to check if the reservoir tap was poisoned but the doctor did not know how.

    Elijah was angry at the doctor. Then, Bailey wanted to see Gladia to talk to here. So he asked the robot to make contact with here. So, Gladia said Hello. Gladia was about to start to eat. She asked Bailey to join here and Bailey accepted.

    Bailey went in the dinning room to make the dinner more realistic. Elijah was eating a brown soup. Gladia found the doctor poor because she thinks that it is a nasty job. Gladia do not like to hear the word: children. At the end, Elijah asked for her opinion about the poisoning of Hannis Gruer and she said that she dont want to hear about it. Bailey asked Gladia if she also taught that its the same person that killed her husband and poisoned Gruer and she said that she is innocent of that case, Bailey asked her why and she said that its impossible that she could have killed those persons.

    Bailey did not agree with that opinion. Then Gladia was angry at Bailey and she broke the contact. Daneel asked Bailey if she could be the murderer and Bailey said that its not very probable. Later Bailey said to Daneel that he had two jobs for him. Those jobs were: to get in touch with Dr.

    Thool and also to find out Gladias condition at the time of the murder of her husband. Bailey also said that he needed data for the investigation. And Bailey wanted to see a movie and asked Daneel if he could, but Daneel said to Bailey that he must ask the appropriate robot. Bailey went in the special room and asked a robot to show him a movie, Bailey choose one and tried to view it but he didnt really succeed. Elijah fell asleep and dreamed about his wife and the earth and the rays of sun that were on earth which is not possible.

    Bailey woke up dizzy and took a breakfast without tasting it. Daneel told Bailey that the new person that will replace Gruer will be Corwin Attlebish. Elijah wanted to talk now with him although he as supposed to talk to him 30 minutes later. Corwin was someone very mean and Bailey didnt like that man. Corwin said that Gladia killed her husband and Gruer poisoning was accidental. Bailey did not agree with that and did not agree with anything else that said Corwin.

    Corwin also wanted to send back Elijah on earth because he was useless on this case. At the end of the conversation, Bailey asked Corwin the authorization to meet people in real of in viewing, Corwin said that he will think about it. The conversation ended. Daneel told Bailey that he had to protect him at any cost. This means that he will not allow Bailey to go outside or to meet people even if Corwin will give his approval.

    Elijah wanted to go outside to do his job, Daneel was standing in front of him to block him. Daneel didnt want to fight because he was superior in strength, Bailey wanted to blast Daneel with his gun but Daneel made the gun unusable because he knew that Elijah would use it someday. Elijah put the gun down. Bailey told Daneel that he (Daneel) was made to imitate a spacer.

    Then Bailey lift a disposal unit. Bailey told Daneel to show him the metal inside him and Daneel opened his shirt and pressed on a spot on his chest and Bailey saw the metal. Bailey told him to freeze right there. Bailey asked Daneel to bring other normal robots in the room and 3 robots came.

    Bailey asked them if they saw Daneel and they said yes, then he said that Daneel was a robot like them and he should not obey them as if it was a human. The robots agreed. They also agreed at the fact that Elijah Bailey was the only human in this house. At the end of that conversation, Bailey made them promise that they will tell no one about Daneel being a robot. (That scene is the scene shown on the cover page of the book) Daneel closed his shirt. Bailey had now the freedom of going outside the mansion, he walk in the direction of the door and opened it, he saw a robot coming in his direction bringing him a small peace of paper that authorized Elijah of seeing people.

    Bailey was happy. Bailey took a plane to see a sociologist. Bailey liked the light that was coming from the window. Bailey arrived at destination and robots were waiting for him. Bailey met the sociologist, they walk and arrived in a big room where Bailey asked for an alcoholic drink. When they talk, he sociologist felt very uncomfortable with Bailey because his wife died 10 years ago.

    The sociologist name is Quemot. They talk a bit. Quemot told Bailey that the society on Solaria was based on the earth society but ameliorated. Bailey was impressed about Quemot comment. Quemot said after that is was based on the passed way of life. Elijah Bailey asked Quemot to tell him information about the Solaria way of life.

    Quemot said that he will inform Bailey. Quemot turned his chair completely away. Quemot said to Bailey that the planet Solaria settled 300 years ago and the first settlers were Nexonians. Nexon have 2 millions of population. Quemot started explaining information to Bailey.

    Bailey said to Quemot that he is not supposed to make everything for him easy because Elijah went to college. Then Bailey started to talk about sociology and Quemot didnt understand anything because he was the only sociologist on the planet, he was as incompetent as the doctor. Then Quemot ran out of the room saying My apologies. A robot came and said to Bailey if he wanted to drink. Then a projection of Quemot appeared. Quemot left because he taught that it was disgusting to breath the same air as someone else.

    Quemot said that it was an experience to talk to someone for real. Quemot also talked about the planet Sparta and her rebellion. He talked about politics, history and planets. Then they both talked about the Delmarre family.

    Quemot said that there was a non-lethal weapon all over Solaria that everyone knows. Its called a positronic robot. Bailey was surprised about the answer of Quemot which was the positronic robot. In fact, the positronic robot was an economic weapon. Quemot talked about political, territory and population related information and Bailey was listening. The person that was murdered played chess with Quemot most of the time, he was a friend of him.

    Then they ended the conversation with each other. Bailey asked Quemot if he could use his viewing machine and Quemot said yes. So, Elijah asked a robot to bring him a smoked meat sandwich and a glass of milk. He also asked the robot to make the communication with the office where Mr.

    Delmarre worked before he was killed. So the robot made the conversation with the office. The person that was on the viewing screen was the assistant of Mr. Delmarre. Her face was oval.

    Her name is Klorissa Cantoro. Bailey told her his name and that he was here to investigate on Mr. Delmarre murder. Elijah asked her if he could visit the farm where she and Mr.

    Delmarre worked. She said yes if only the stayed far from each other. Bailey went to her farm. Klorissa did not liked her job and she said that Mr.

    Delmarre didnt like his job either but he didnt show it. The farm that they were visiting was not an animal farm but a baby farm. The fetus were removed from the mothers by human and put in small containers that held some fluid with nutriments. The robot were taking care of them. At the end of their conversation.

    Klorissa asked Bailey if he wanted to see the children that were raised by the robots. Bailey said yes and the both went to see the children. Klorissa and Elijah were still about 20 feet away. Klorissa laughed because of the supposition that Bailey made which was that she killed Mr. Delmarre.

    She laughed so much that her face turned almost purple. Bailey said it is possible because she got used to being so close to children. Bailey also said that a good raison that she killed her husband is that she could have the total control of the baby farm. She did not agree with both arguments. Then she asked Bailey if he knew why she had a ring on her finger.

    Bailey said no and he wanted to know why. Klorissa said to Bailey that she was the third person on the planet that had an almost perfect genetic stability. Then Klorissa said to Bailey that its not very possible that robots can give affection. Klorissa was shocked. They talked about children and raising children and robots. Klorissa said to Elijah that a guy called Leebig had the job of taking care of robots.

    Klorissa didnt know anything about that man. They went outside to see the kids playing. Then they talked about the relationship between the kids an there parents. Bailey was impressed about that. Klorissa said that she is married.

    Bailey was walking and he decided to stay between three trees. Then Klorissa said to him to watch out because an arrow was coming at him. Bailey bend down and the arrow missed him. He was scared.

    The person that shoot the arrow was a kid, his name was Bik. He did that because a robot told him that earth men were full of germs. The robot that told him that had a unusual memory problem. Then Bailey noticed that the arrow that missed him was poisoned.

    Klorissa was sure that it was impossible that the arrow of Bik was poisoned. Then, Bailey asked Klorissa if she knew where the parents of Bik were, she said that she could the records. Bailey had an idea which was to test if the arrow was really poisoned. Bailey called Gladia with the viewing machine. He told her that he will come to visit her home, Gladia didnt really wanted to let him come to her mansion but she still accepted. She started to talk about Leebig.

    Leebig never wanted to get married because he stopped seeing people at 5 years old. They ended the conversation. Bailey now wanted to talk to Leebig with the viewing machine. Bailey was eating a sandwich. So Elijah talked to Leebig.

    Leebig was a lean man with anger. Leebig was arrogant at Bailey when they talked. Leebig didnt want to talk to Bailey because he had work to do. Leebig said to Bailey that he was a dirty animal. Bailey informed Leebig about his relation to Delmarre as friends. They talked about robots.

    Bailey told Jothan Leebig that robots can commit murders in certain situations. Leebig was surprised that Bailey said such a thing. Elijah Bailey found that the 3 laws have a problem and Bailey will give an example of that problem to Leebig. But first, Bailey wanted to tell him directly (seeing) but Leebig was completely in disapproval with that.

    So, they agreed to view. So Bailey told a robot to inform Klorissa that he will be using her seeing machine until further notice and he dont want to be disturbed. Bailey went to the bathroom and came back. Bailey said the first law to Leebig and he told him the little ground car adventure he had when he came to Solaria and he found a error in the first law. Then, Bailey said the second law. Elijah found out that if two robots do two certain different actions at different time it could be something really bad because the other robot wont know that the other robot did.

    A robot may put poison in water and another one may give it to a human and the robots wont be held responsible. Leebig was again surprised by this deduction. Leebig said to Bailey that no man on Solaria would give such orders. Elijah said that it already happened. Elijah asked if Leebig was the only roboticist on Solaria and he said that there is about twenty (20) on that planet but Leebig was the best he said.

    Leebig said that the robot that assisted to the murder was complete lost because when a robot do not respect a law his positronic brain will stop working normally that was surprising to Elijah. Then, they both talked about Gladia and her social life with Leebig. He was walking-viewing her sometimes and he talk to her about robot and robot systems and Leebig knew that Gladia was having trouble with her husband; which Bailey didnt knew. That, made Bailey seriously think that Gladia was the murderer. Bailey asked Leebig if he knew why they were fighting.

    But Leebig said the he is better to ask her directly. They ended the conversation. Bailey talked to himself and went to visit Gladias mansion in person. They both stood at the extremities of a long room. Gladia looked pale and she had brown-blond hair and gray-blue eyes. She was covered entirely with clothes expect for her face.

    Bailey taught that they were too close. Gladia and Bailey talked about the earth and movies for a few seconds. Then Bailey asked if he could get closer to Mrs. Delmarre and he got her approval.

    Bailey came closer and closer until he was six (6) feet away from her. Gladia wanted to show him a room that let you do art work. Those artworks are called field coloring. Gladia showed him how it works and Elijah Bailey was amazed at those effects. Those effects are created by moving fingers on a little touch pad and that creates 3d colored figures and glowing lights in the room in real time.

    Bailey tried to some art but he didnt succeeded. Robots were forbidden in that room. They decided to go outside to talk and walk and to see the naked sun. Bailey was feeling a bit cold.

    Gladia told Bailey that she didnt learned anything from all the conversations she had with Dr. Leebig. The sun was low in the sky and he was red. Gladia took a flower from the ground. That made Bailey associate that with the murder of Mr. Delmarre.

    They both talked about Elijah s wife and the quarrels between Gladia her husband. Gladia cried. Bailey asked Gladia if she killed her husband and she said that she didnt remember. She stopped crying.

    They both heard an other sound. Bailey recognize Daneel and Bailey was surprised. He was surprised because he was on a bed for a reason that he didnt know. Daneel explained why to him and the reason was that he lost conscienceless when he saw the plain red sun coming down the sky.

    Bailey was in the room of Mrs. Delmarre. Daneel said to Bailey that Mrs. Delmarre was trying to view him with the machine. Then they talked about robots of the planet. Elijah asked what Daneel was doing here and the robot answered that he was doing research of his own.

    Daneel said that he viewed Klorissa before. Bailey dressed. Then Daneel said that he arrested Mrs. Delmarre because he taught that she were the assassin.

    After saying that, Elijah Bailey and Daneel talked about the accusation without proof of Mrs. Delmarre. Daneel was very sure that she was murdered but Bailey was completely sure of the contrary. After that long conversation, Daneel said to Bailey that he also arrested Dr. Thool because he taught that he was in the murder process.

    Then Bailey was a bit angry at Daneel because he arrested two people without proof but Elijah didnt have a other explanation. At the end of that part of the conversation, Elijah went outside the mansion to see the darkness of the night and a idea popped up of Baileys head. Daneel said Tomorrow because it was too late to start a plan. Bailey wanted to do a meeting of all the spacers he met to discuss about the murder.

    Daneel knew it. Bailey talked alone for a while and felled asleep. Bailey woke up the next day and showered and dressed. He was prepared physically for the meeting. The meeting was about to start and Gladia Delmarre arrived then Attlebish, then Leebig, then Quemot, Klorissa and finally Dr.

    Thool. They all appeared expect Gruer that was in the hospital. Most of the guests of that reunion seemed in bad health or low moral. During that reunion they talked a lot about the possibilities if who the murderer was and, after several minutes of thinking and listening to the guests, Bailey went down with one and only person that was capable of doing the murder using a dangerous weapon: the positronic robot. And the murder that Bailey found the most logical is Dr. Leebig.

    Dr. Leebig was completely against this fact. And no one seemed to argue with this Baileys conclusion. Leebig was screaming at Bailey in disagreement. But Bailey stayed neutral and continued to enumerate irrefutable facts proving his culpability in this case.

    Attlebish said firmly to Leebig to listen to Elijah. Those facts were very true and Leebig was staring at Bailey in stupefaction. Bailey talked about spaceships that had the intelligence and the capability of thinking that could be use to make war. Then Attlebish arrested Leebig. A robot came to see Elijah because he had a notice for him.

    That notice was the R. Daneel was heading in the direction of Dr. Leebig the murderer and that he will see him. When Leebig heard that he was so scared that he literally confessed about everything that he done. Then he killed himself.

    For Leebig, seeing was a torture. Daneel arrived in Leebig s mansion and confirmed that that human was dead. Then, when the meeting was over, Gladia asked Elijah Bailey if she could touch him and Bailey said yes. So she put her hand on his face and said to him Good Bye. After that, Bailey started a long conversation with his boss; Minnim.

    That conversation was about earth, sociology, and social relations between humans. Bailey went back to earth to see his family and thats it!

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