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The Indivisible Elements of Meta Physics Essay

: No matter where and what we are doing , there is always a darkside for all objects and Knowledge known to us that keep haunting us in our nightmares and day dreams as Unanswered Questions. As a common tendency we all never like to be reminded from those Unknown Unanswered questions,but for some the answers to these puzzles or enigma becomes the motivation and intention to live and breath. In this world of Educated illiterates, Who can dare to go against the worldly pleassures and goodness that”s inside the common living ? Following the guidelines and the experience of our ancestors to earn a living and also to earn a dignified place in a society is the easiest one can do provided he is gifted with a flawless Mind and Body. We all have allowed knowledge into us in the process of learning but how many of us have really questioned and critisized them ?

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For those who beleive that every question doesn”t just has an answer but also has a question hidden in the mist of the answeres to it, all known and accepted facts can be questioned criticized and transformed from knowledge to Nothing.

In simple terms we are all addicted to use the magic of Nature and energy from Cosmos to feed our mortal flesh that holds a immortal restless soul . No act of any living being can be classified as a wrong one for the fact that each one of us uniquely represent the atom of our universe that is gifted with a finite amount of energy trapped in its finite contour of flesh. Most of us learn to live and some learn to criticize and others learn to Invent , and all this classifies our human society into three classes — Followers, Criticizers and Inventors.

All are here to defy one another”s acts and existance. Out of all the knowledge the humans have ever mastered , one subject passes through all veins of all humans that the Followeres are aware and Critisizers Philosophers have mastered it and the Inventors have fought against and is called as ” Metaphysics “. : “Metaphysics is not born to die or rather to make a Kill , but is born as a immortal awareness to remind all life forms with consciousness in our Universe of the Mother of all Miracles , Creations and Energy transformations.

Here in a dimensionless domain the subject never intends to glow and show its shine in the darkness of criticism for it was born before all of everything and nothing we have seen so far in the name of Relegion,Science etc . It”s presence can be felt through portraits,scripts,music,and in all Solitary life froms experiencing pain,pleassure and near death experiences.

It never is an art to master the skills of keeping your flesh in controll of your devine mind or a pathway to achieve GOD , but is the truth about all time consuming and energy transforming activities powered for an unknown cause by an unknown force of Nature” : When we all talk about like as great optimists about Everything , we tend to miss out one important unanswered question that we all are aware of but fear to know and that is ” How Much Means Literally EVERYTHING ?????? “.

Each one of us no matter how good or bad we are to ourselves or to others , keep working in the darkness of night and in the brightness of day using God gifted and Self gifted skills, transforming energies around us to just discover and know for ourselves the fact that what more could be added to what the Human history have ever been familier with, in the name of Relegion , Science , Art and Philosophy ! Everything just never means all that knowledge one can use to get away from the evil effects of Nature on our Body and souls .

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It always means more than the knowledge and understanding any superhumans have ever mastered. It New contours of Everything induces a sense of restlessness to our body and soul that activates a energy trapped in the living life form to finally feel the possibilities of Discovering the new boundaries of ” Everything ” , but so unfortunate that the results of this realization makes us all say ” Everything is possible ” and in effect all of us get addicted to work more more and more till all secrets of this cosmos has been revealed. The sense of Nothing and Emptyness moves all of us to know more and more of Everything that goes down into past as Nothing ” , in simplest terms means that ” It is Nothing that makes us all reach and redefine the boundaries of Everything ” ” All Known facts are called as Knowledge ” and ” All Unknown facts are called as Enemies of Knowledge ” It is only ” Everything ” that holds and positively relates all Known and Unknown facts of this Universe which can be collectively called as ” Metaphysics “. 4] : All Humans have experienced and witnessed Success, survival , Intelligence, problem solving skills, ability to understand and exploit nature and also the art of showing supremacy in different forms among his own species and among all other species of life. So all this means that we humans are gifted with an extra Genes that enables us to know , understand and then react to protect ourselves from any sign of danger or threat to our human species.

All of these human behaviours that is tolerated by nature can also be accepted by us as an act of using the born talents and skills that we all possess from birth as instincts. But then all is not as simple as it looks like for a fact that we all never share equal abilities of all good human talents known to us. A display of Human intellect was witnessed by many but , only very few gifted people experienced it .

Metaphysics is known to all people who believe that ” All transformation that occured around us due to the intellect of some great people are none but the Messengers of GOD ” and for those who belived that ” All that was invented was purely an act of Human intellect ” know nothing about Metaphysics. Metaphysics belives that ” No energy can undergo a transformation for No cause ” . Every invention is a coincidence of his Knowledge,efforts,time instance and a need for change in Nature and in us.

All activities,creations ,miracles that occurs in nature can be explained and formulated by us through our knowledge and intelligence , but some of all those that we have understood can never be created. Science can explain and reveal certain facts of nature , but it never means that we have defeated Nature . For science , Nature and Universe will stay as an Immortal enemy . Considering a simple example of Dr Newton who was a well known scientist , who invented the presence of Gravity in Nature . Was it a fall of an apple that motivated Newton to understand more about what was happening in Nature or was it his intelligence ?

All those who have seen an apple dropping down from the tree never realized and invented Gravity , so this means that It was either Newton”s Intelligence that unlocked the secret of nature or it can also be that , Nature wanted him as the messenger of God to speak about the truth and pass the secret message to the world in a disguised form . If it really was an act of Newton”s intelligence he should have found the presence and value of gravity the day he had seen any other object fall due to gravity.

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Though Newton had witnessed the fall of several objects in his daily life he could not ever feel and realize that Gravity was playing a key role. And from this it all means that , Invention is just an act of Coincidence. All Scientists , Mathematicians , Philosophers are the Messengers of GOD. He always wanted none of us to realize the secret that the Humans were never involved in their own acts. : No language , No mathematics , No science can ever describe and explain and create the beauty of Nature and our unknown Universe.

They can all explain and understand Nature but it never means that we will be the future creators of this Universe. We are all driven by a strong cause to live and transform energies around us. We have all progressed from animals to humans and in this long journey we have exploited all the living life forms around us. Nature was the womb God created for us to be born and brought up. In the mirror of consciousness we are all misguided by our own thoughts and perception of our actions. We unlike animals not just feed our flesh but also try to feed our souls by success , pride and superiorities .

We were all gifted by intelligence to find the recipe to comfort , safety and joy. The fact is that , only a little is known by us about our universe and this never means that the rest can also be known in the same way . All that little the nature allowed us to know about our Universe was to find himself the basic ingredients to live until Death. And the remainder of what all is yet to be understood really never matters or can change the way can live in future. Because when all about this universe is understood we will have no intentions to live on this earth and time would look frozen in the ice of Knowledge.

Lets accept the fact that we are all driven by our own subconsciosness to live and fight against all unknowns and Enigma of Cosmos. ” Mysteries and Unanswered questions will stay in visibility as long as the humans can think and use his eye of Intellect. Satiating our Flesh and Souls creates a conflict to each other that leads us to travell back and forth which in effect can bring no progress to our thoughts. No one can ever come out or win against this dilemma for the simple reason that Flesh and Soul can never stay and find meaning when they are apart. This is the great secret of our Universal laws that we call it as METAPHYSICS “.

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The Indivisible Elements of Meta Physics Essay
[1] [ Birth of Metaphysics ] : No matter where and what we are doing , there is always a darkside for all objects and Knowledge known to us that keep haunting us in our nightmares and day dreams as Unanswered Questions. As a common tendency we all never like to be reminded from those Unknown Unanswered questions,but for some the answers to these puzzles or enigma becomes the motivation and intention to live and breath. In this world of Educated illiterates, Who can dare to go against the worldly
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The Indivisible Elements of Meta Physics Essay
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