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    The Importance of Veterans to US History and Future

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    American veterans are important to our nation’s history and future because they are a symbol of the past, the present and the future as well as being a reflection of the sacrifice they made to our country and the patriotism they portray while at war.

    Veterans are important to our nation’s history and future because they symbolize the past, the present and future of our military. If they did not serve in the past, the United States would not be the country that it is today. Veterans are extremely important because they are the backbone of our nation’s history. Today could not have been possible without the service of our military men and women. There would be no tomorrow without them. They exist to protect each citizen from possible attacks from our nation’s homeland.

    Having veterans gives the nation a sense of security, freedom and liberty. They are important to the past because they are the history of our nation. Without them, the nation would not be called the United States of America. If they were not the ones who volunteered to join the fight against the British, The United States would not exist as it is today. In this time, the veterans and those in the active service are protecting the citizens from any and all possible threats towards the United States. The future of this nation is truly in the hands of our veterans because without them, where would we be? They are at the beginning of our nation’s history and they are also the ending.

    American Veterans make the ultimate sacrifice when they serve in our nation’s military because they feel that it is their duty to serve their nation. Veterans sacrifice their lives for our nation. They leave behind their family, friends and others to serve our nation. Once they return from war, they are not the same. They are completely different men and women coming back home.

    Honoring them and remembering them would only seem right for their sacrifice. It is what the nation can give them in return for their service. Their sacrifice is what makes this nation so great and is what it is today. Veterans come home and often do not return to their former glory; instead, they are faced with the consequences of their service. They come home with mental illnesses, traumatic injuries and emotional problems that it is only right for the United States to support them in their time of need, making them important to our history.

    No matter where they are, veterans always have the brave face of patriotism. Even in the hardest times, they always have the sense of pride for their nation. It is unbelievable to see soldiers and veterans alike put on the face of bravery in the most dangerous times of their lives. It is a matter of life or death whenever they travel far from home. That is the life of a veteran; putting your life on the line for the United States. While at war, they always have their face of patriotism and no matter what, they are willing to do anything for their country because it is theirs to protect.

    American Veterans are very important to our nation because they are the past, the present and the future of our nation. They make so many sacrifices that it is only right to honor and preserve their memory and their work for the protection of our nation and they always show their patriotism during duty.

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    The Importance of Veterans to US History and Future. (2022, Dec 13). Retrieved from

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