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Effect of War on Drugs on Black Americans

African American


War on Drugs

Words: 1016 (5 pages)

In 1865, under the Thirteenth Amendment, slavery was officially abolished in the United States. However, Black Americans have continued to experience forms of legal servitude through vagrancy laws, Jim Crow, and most recently, the War on Drugs. Beginning during Ronald Reagan’s presidency – fully embraced by his successors, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton –…

Racialize of War on Drugs and Anti-Immigration Laws



War on Drugs

Words: 2531 (11 pages)

Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow thoroughly explains the different parallels and connections between the War on Drugs, Mass Incarceration and its roots in Jim Crow (Alexander, 2010). Her argument stands that the criminal justice system in the United States is an updated racialized system of social control, with her focus being in the lives…

The Systematic Marginalization of a Race through the War on Drugs and Mass Incarceration  

Mass Incarceration

War on Drugs

Words: 1527 (7 pages)

The issue of mass incarceration due to drug-related crimes is a highly debated topic, especially in the United States of America because of the prevailing statistics. Today, the U.S. has 5% of the world’s total population, but at least 25% of this populace is incarcerated (Drug Policy Alliance, 2018). Indeed, the U.S. is the country…

The Significance of Public Health: The War on Drugs

Public Health

War on Drugs

Words: 1345 (6 pages)

When the notion of the “War on Drugs” was first instituted to rid the United States of illegal drug use, many thought it would bring an end to drugs and reduce criminal activity, but that wasn’t the case as the fight to end drug use failed to meet its goal. It impacted many people in…

The War on Drugs and its Impact on the United States



War on Drugs

Words: 1344 (6 pages)

Illegal drugs have been a very prevalent issue in the United States for decades, with almost no clear solution to stop the spreading and use of them. With the epidemic of opium currently ravaging the U.S, it all stemmed from a colossal failure in the 1980s: The War on Drugs. While the intent of the…

War on Drugs as Drug Prevention in America


War on Drugs

Words: 1656 (7 pages)

The research conducted, was a general view of gathering information on the significance of what drugs consumption and possession has on the general society. Sharing the overall history and importance of drug prevention in America and what are laws and regulations in place in containing drugs in the streets. In addition, sharing what the criminal…

War on Drugs: Historical and Policy Analysis


War on Drugs

Words: 3917 (16 pages)

Abstract The War on Drugs, or prohibition of illicit substance abuse, has been a long and grueling legislative approach that has changed the rhetoric and the foundation of our American ideals regarding substance abuse. As currently defined, illicit substance use encompasses the “cultivation, distribution, and possession of many intoxicating substances that are intended solely for…

War on Drugs Or War on Us? (1227 words)

Social Issues

War on Drugs

Words: 1227 (5 pages)

October 14th, 1082. On On this day in 1982, President Ronald Reagan declared illicit drugs to be a threat to U.S. national security. The now popularized term “war on drugs” was first introduced by President Nixon in 1971 but can be traced all the way to 1914. A battle not as the citizens had been…

Issues of War on Drugs in America


War on Drugs

Words: 1396 (6 pages)

​This paper will discuss the topic of The War on Drugs in America and the harsh realities of what was occurring during the Nixon and Reagan era. It will take a look at past history and the origins of when this drug epidemic became such a hazard in America’s roots. It was first declared in…

War on Drugs Should not be Abolished


War on Drugs

Words: 785 (4 pages)

The intent on the War on Drugs was to reduce illegal drug users in teens and availability to all. which can affect everyone in their families. Legal drugs have become an even bigger problem than illegal drugs are. “Since 1999, deaths from legal drugs have increased by as much as 400% among women and 265%…

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