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A Critique of Gone to Soldiers by Marge Piercy Essay



Words: 480 (2 pages)

The novel “Gone to Soldiers” by Marge Piercy intricately weaves the lives of many different people into a connected series of individual plots that give the reader an exciting view of life during World War II. Piercy connects the lives of women and men, Jews and gentiles by using family ties and love affairs. The…

Buffalo Soldiers Essay (375 words)


Words: 375 (2 pages)

Daily Life on the Western Frontier Daily life for the troops of the 9th and 10th Cavalries was harsh, but, for the most part, it was similar to that of their White counterparts. During the 1860s and 70s, the frontier forts resembled little more than rundown villages, and the enlisted men’s barracks were often poorly…

A soldiers Tale Essay (636 words)


Words: 636 (3 pages)

You are on a small boat, cramped with scruffy men outfitted in full combat gear. Nervous and pensive they shift about, while you stand and wonder, “What the hell is going to happen to me?” Suddenly, an older man yells, “Get ready! We’re going in!” The boat slows down, and a ringing bell goes off….

Oppressed Slaves To Champion Soldiers Essay


Words: 3962 (16 pages)

Oppressed Slaves to Champion SoldiersThis is just a small example of the doubt and hatred that was bestowed on the African American soldiers. However, during the war, they proved themselves to be brave and courageous men on and off the battlefield on many occasions. Despite deep prejudices and harsh criticisms from the white society, these…

Toy Soldiers Essay (797 words)


Words: 797 (4 pages)

Ever since the beginning of time people have been dressing in ways that describetheir cultural background, social status, and sometimes even their religion. Ido not see why this deep tradition should be changed, throwing children ofdifferent backgrounds all into the same unifying clothing. I did not go to aschool where I had to wear a…

Vietnam War – Vietnam Soldiers – They Carried Ghos Essay


Vietnam War

Words: 1805 (8 pages)

tsVietnam War – Vietnam Soldiers – “They Carried Ghosts”The relationship between the soldiers of the Vietnam War was different from the relationships with people from home. The soldiers felt as if they could not tell the whole truth about the war through their eyes to their loved ones at home. The soldiers that they were…

Steel My Soldiers’ Hearts Essay

About Me


Words: 1658 (7 pages)

“Steel My Soldiers” Hearts” is the story of how in January 1969, David Hackworth is brought to Viet Nam from the United States to “fix” (p. 1) the 4th Battalion, 39th Infantry of the 9th Division. It is the story of how the 4/39th went from a demoralized and dispirited infantry battalion to one of…

Soldiers and civilians alike Essay



Words: 408 (2 pages)

The second piece to be considered is an extract from ‘Charlotte Gray’ called ‘The Last Night,’ by Sebastian Faulks. In this extract, Faulks describes 2 Jewish orphaned brothers waiting to be taken to a concentration camp. He describes the night before they depart, the surroundings, the people and the emotion. Faulks describes how small gestures…

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What are Army basic soldier skills?
As part of your final requirements to pass basic combat training, you must:
  • Complete the U.S. Army combat fitness test (ACFT) with an overall minimum total score of 60
  • Safely handle and maintain your primary assigned weapon
  • Pass chemical training confidence exercises, demonstrating proper use of protective gear
  • Demonstrate proficiency in all Warrior Tasks and Battle Drills
  • Demonstrate proficiency in first aid
  • Negotiate an obstacle course
  • Complete hand-to-hand combat
What are Army soldiers called?
There are traditionally six branches of service in the army:
  • Infantry, foot soldiers who fight with rifles and other light weapons
  • Cavalry, mounted soldiers. ...
  • Artillery, soldiers who operate cannons, howitzers and mortars. ...
  • Military engineers, soldiers who build things and demolish (blow up) things and handle explosives.
  • Signal corps, soldiers who operate communications, radios, radars, signaling and computers.
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