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    The Importance of Early Music Education Essay

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    While sports and staying active can be beneficial to a healthy lifestyle, an early music education is Just as important, cause it promotes a good, active thinking process, attentive learning skills, and a creative outlet for children to express themselves through sound and cooperation. In their article, “Integrated learning with physical education and music”, Charlotte A.

    Humphreys, Sara Binder and Cheryl Edwards (2011) note that “physical education and music are squeezed into fewer and fewer hours, and in some schools are omitted entirely. (p. 174). This comes from the Integrated Learning programs trying to reach certain benchmarks with kids and usually only using standardized tests as a means of testing knowledge.

    Physical education, when mixed with other material, does provide foundations for a healthy lifestyle and teach kids some valuable learning skills in coordination and cooperation. Music does this even more so and can be integrated with physical education to provide a sort of learning style ‘glue’ for all kids who learn differently.

    Music, however, provides some key skills that Just using The Importance of Early Music Education By Justice-Mullen generally share the experiences of releasing pent-up feelings and energy in a positive manner, Joining together as a unified body in a cooperative group spirit, interacting with each other to achieve a common goal, and expressing their emotions. Basal music series offer excellent guidance in sequencing learning activities in music and suggestions for connecting music to the overall curriculum.

    (Humphreys, Binder, Edwards, p. 176) Music in school is beneficial in many ways including self-discipline, dedication, teamwork, knowledge, continuous improvement, self-confidence, humility, hard work, goal setting and practice. (Petrels, 2005) Students who participate in music early in school have historically had a lower rate of drug and alcohol use, along with better reads in classes, and yet, it educators still argue whether or not music is a key element that should be included in early education. Music [should] not be high on anyone’s list for excising when schools are faced with financial woes” says Ken Petrels (2005) in his article “The importance of music education.

    ” (p. 112) Although a few of these skills can be achieved in other classes, like teamwork or knowledge, kids who have the chance to work with others to perform a piece of music or learn together how to fit notes and phrases within the others will be able to develop better immunization and creativity. Music is key part in education and should be treated as such.

    Cutting music, and the skills it presents kids, can have lasting effects on the development of these children.

    It leaves them without certain needed skills like specific cooperation and people skills, along with creativity and communication. Early music education should be a must in all schools, at least to some small capacity, because of what it also represents in our culture. Music is a means of expression as well as teamwork and should be left in regular school curriculum.

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