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    The Hobbit – The Motivation of Lust Essay

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    Anyone who had something of great value stolen from him would try to get it back. Even if that person had to go to high risks to reclaim what was theirs. In the book The Hobbit, a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, a wizard named Gandalf, and thirteen dwarves have to get back their lost treasure that a character named Smaug stole.

    To reclaim their treasure they have to travel a long distance to the Lonely Mountain where Smaug is hiding . Throughout their journey they encounter many life-hindering experiences. Dangers and obstacles pop up everywhere. The reason why this group goes to such great lengths to get their treasure is because of one reason, which is their motivation of lust. Lust created the conflict in this story.

    The conflict is the most important literary element because it directly affects everyone in the story. There are many conflicts, but the main one is between the dwarves and their lust for their lost treasure that Smaug has stolen. This conflict creates the basis for the story. Plus, there were conflicts added on because of this main conflict.

    Their journey to the Lonley Mountain consisted of one conflict after another. Even though the conflicts on their journey are not as important as the main conflict, they are what make this book interesting. Tolkien’s choice of the main conflict is not the most creative. It is based upon the traditional story of “going out and taking back what is yours. ” If I had to choose something I didn’t like about the book, it would be this simple plot.

    It is a good thing he added such adventurous conflicts to this story, otherwise it would not be a good piece of literature. Through the conflicts in this story, the author has a lesson for the reader. The lesson is if one wants something bad enough, he must be ready to suffer the consequences. To claim the treasure the group has to go through a lot. Some examples of this are being abducted by an army of goblins, being captured by giant spiders, and being captured by woodland elves. If a person has a goal for himself, he too will have to go through hard times.

    The only way the group succeeded is by having lust and pride drive them on. A person with a goal must also have something to drive him towards his goal. Lust is what carrys them to their goal. Yes, they do have troubles from this, but this is what made them win in the end.

    In society people are consumed with greed. Money is usually what they are after. Gold and silver is what the group is after. It is their motivation to go on. Even though lust is not always good to have, in this book it helps them out.

    This story proves that one can overcome the impossible if he has strong motivation, understanding that lust does not have to be the motivation. People in society need to learn that to succeed they need motivationMotivation is the one thing the group needs to make it through the book’s setting. The setting is an element that is important to the conflict, and in itself an important conflict. The terrain was rough, the distance was long, and the surroundings were dangerous. The group has to travel through the treacherous Misty Mountains, being hassled by goblins. It almost dies while going through the Mirkwood forest by having gruesome spiders chase them.

    It has a big problem when Bilbo gets seperated from the group. He gets lost in a system of caves where he encounters Gollum, a mean creature that wants to eat him. This aweful setting shows what a great conflict the group has, and how the motivation of lust keeps them from giving up. Not only is the setting an important element to the conflict, it is one of the things I liked most about the book. I enjoyed many attributes of this book, specifically the setting and the characters.

    The author’s elaborate descriptions of all the places are excellent. Most of the scenes are dark and mysterious. Many of the things the group goes through are so perilous that the setting has to be like this to make up for the danger. Each character in this story is described in a way that makes each individual unique.

    Bilbo, the main character, is very lovable and sentimental. He is short, fat, and hairy, and gets joy from blowing smoke rings and cooking. Gandalf is an extremely powerful wizard who accompanies Bilbo through their quest. He is very random and unpredictable, which makes him human-like. Thorin is the leader of the dwarves.

    He is very respectable and stubborn in his ways. The setting and characters help make this book a fine piece of literature. Because this book is a fine piece of literature, the author has more strengths than weaknesses. The only noticeable weakness is the uncreative conflict, which is just the basic ” go and get what is yours.

    ” The strengths definitely out number the weaknesses. Having intriguing characters, elaborate descriptions, and excellent adventures are just some of the author’s strengths. Because of the strengths, there are certain people that will find this novel more enjoyable. (people who will like this book better are described in the next paragraph)This book should be recommended to people that like to daydream and have an active imagination. Those who would appreciate The Hobit the most would be people that like adventure and fantasy books.

    Readers who like action should read this novel. Also people who like explicit detail would like reading this. Some people, on the other hand, would not care for this book that much. A realist or a person with an inactive imagination would not find this book to be enjoyable because it is filled with things of fantasy, such as finding a ring with powers of turning someone invisible.

    Realism will take all the fun and enjoyment from this fairy tale. Having all the fantasy and adventure in this book is one of the things I liked most about it. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I liked the characters the most, having Gollum as my favorite. I especially liked it when he calls himself “my precious. ” This book was very appealing to me because of the suprising adventures.

    I liked how it kept my attention the whole way through, and also that it is a fairly short novel. The dialogue is also something I liked. It was not just chit-chat, but interesting. An example of interesting dialogue is Bilbo’s riddle contest with Gollum.

    That is my favorite part in the whole book. One last thing I liked about this book was the lesson Christians can learn. ( Lesson is in next paragraph)There is a lesson that Christians can use to help them in their spiritual walk with God. The friends all have the same motivation to get their treasure back, which is lust. A Christian should not lust over things, but he should have a motivation. Christians as a whole should all have the same motivation.

    That motivation should be to serve God, and tell others about Him. If we have that motivation, we will be able to get through anything, just like the group. It goes through a lot of dangers, but it makes it. Christians will go through a lot of dangers too, but if they keep their motivation strong, it will help carry them through. I would now like to carry on to the conclusion.

    To conclude, I would like to say that this book is very excellent. The cause of conflict, which is lust, is the perfect lesson for us all. The motivation of lust is what kept the group going. Themes such as this are hard to come by in adventure books. The group of friends overcome numerous difficult and deadly obstacles in their quest for their heart’s desire. This shows how one can overcome anything if his motivation is strong.

    An important question to ask oneself is, “What are my goals, and what is my motivation to reach these goals?” Usually there is one major motivation that will lead one on, just like the The Motivation of Lust

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