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    The future lies in our hands Essay

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    With a past history filled with misconception and incertitude, wecannot help but wonder about our future. Many questions come to our mindsas to whether colored people will remain inferior to other races althoughit is widely known that they have the same capacities, determination andwill that the whites have, or whether some communities still considerwomen’s role confined to housework and childbearing. Despite great changes occurring in the field of technology, human valuesand principles are far yet to be attained. First of all, most countries still face the problem of skin-colordiscrimination.

    Although the majority of anthropologists and biologistsreject race as a biological concept, the idea that people belong todifferent races remains embedded in many societies. As a result, in thesesocieties, many people are treated unfairly. However, if given a chance,they are capable of voicing their opinion and even of risking their livesfor the sake of humanity. For Example, Martin Luther King Jr. wasassassinated because of his willpower to declare blacks and whites equal.

    In his “I have a dream speech” he said, “. . . I have a dream that my fourlittle children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judgedby the color of their skin but by the content of their character. .

    . ” Butnow, 40 years later, the suffering remains, the lives are still taken awayin vain, and speeches continue to be just another meaningless set ofwords. . . Another point, although women in much of the world have gainedsignificant legal rights, many people believe that women still do not havecomplete political, economic, and social equality as men.

    Nevertheless,there is no point in claiming men superior to women since both sexes areequal in their moral abilities. Women are perfectly capable of beingpolitically, economically and socially active. Somewhere in the 19thcentury, Mary Ashton Livermore expressed the mistaking of women’s roles inthis quotation: “Above the titles of wife and mother, which, although dear,are transitory and accidental, there is the title human being, whichprecedes and out-ranks every other. ” Moreover, in the beginning of the 20thcentury, Nancy Astor has said, “Superiority we’ve always had; all we ask isequality. ” And now, we’re so proud to have witnessed the turn of a century,but is it enough to have been there when the fireworks announced that 1999is over without actually fulfilling the dream that thousands of womenfought, died and were imprisoned for?he dream that thousands of women fought, died and were imprisoned for?nggenerations. at women still do not have complete politTo conclude, weshould consider ourselves equal to all human beings, and we should moveforward to create a better future for ourselves and for the followinggenerations.

    We should continue the fights and the struggles that thepeople before us have started. The better future lies now in our hands. Weshould act now before humanity is doomed.

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