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    The Feelings of Margi in Persepolis, a Book by Marjane Satrapi

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    In the book Persepolis, on page 71, the author’s purpose was to show that Margi felt lost, scared, terrified, unprotected, endangered, and “lost in the universe.” Margi was very upset that her uncle was executed for a crime that he never committed. Anoosh was Marji’s hero and star. To her, he was more than “just her uncle”. She loved him the very minute he walked in. He told her amazing stories. She wanted to have a hero in the family, and now she did. Then, he was taken away.

    Police officers had made the assumption that he was a Russian spy, and first put him in prison for nine years. They thought he was a Russian spy because his wife was Russian, and he crossed the border in an unconvincing disguise, with a false passport. He crossed the border because he was divorced, lonely, and wanted to head home. Then, a couple of years later, he was put in prison again and executed there. This was such a sad way to end her biggest relationship in the world. She knew him very well. The one-page panel had so much graphic weight because it was probably the saddest and worst time of her life. She even swore at the figure of God, who visited her every night, and forced him to leave.

    In the book, The 9/11 Report, on pages 16 through 17, the author’s purpose was to show how terrifying of a day 9/11 was. Planes were hijacked, and the planes ran into the Pentagon, and the New York trade center. One of the panels in the sequence had a really good bleed of fire coming out of an airplane. I picked this page because everything is blown up. There is lots of graphic weight because there are so many explosions on one page.

    The hijackers looked like people who didn’t know what they were doing, such as immature people that are mentally III. They were big, mean,fat vandals that were frustrated. They got very intense. Lots of brilliant people were going up in steam and smoke, punished for no reason. But, the passengers of United Airlines Flight 93 were heroes because they prevented the airplane from destroying the White House or Capitol Building by storming into the cockpit, and disrupting the hijackers’ plans.

    Some similarities between these pages of the graphic novels are that innocent people were killed, and created sadness to everyone associated with those people. These were intense moments for lots of people, as they lost their loved ones and saw citizens die. Even though one person died in Persepolis, that death was still significant, like the 3,000 deaths and crashes into the government buildings of 9/11.

    Some differences were that this section of the Persepolis story talked more about Marji’s response to her uncle’s death, whereas this section of the 9/11 report had more actions of how the deaths of the 3000 people occurred. Way more people were killed in the 9/11 Report than Persepolis. Plus, way more people were affected bythe events of 9/11 than what happened to Marji’s uncle in Persepolis. If I heard that terrorists and hijackers took thousands of lives away, I probably would have been sad that there was such a disturbance in the peace of America. These stories both had disastrous events that happened to innocent people that affected lives.

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    The Feelings of Margi in Persepolis, a Book by Marjane Satrapi. (2022, Dec 13). Retrieved from

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