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The environmental entrepreneurship Essay


General Background

Eco-preneurship refers to the environmental entrepreneurship who are poised towards coming up with sustainable concern thoughts ( Libecap, 2009, p.34 ) . EcoPreneurs so identify environmental challenges and hence develop environmental merchandises and services which will help in work outing both the concern and environmental challenges by supplying a sustainable solution. The chief competitory advantage for Eco-preneurship concerns is the fact that they are able to use sustainable options in energy, waste direction and other spectra of the ecosystem.

Designation of the job

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It is so emerging that most of the concern ventures today are merely interested in net incomes and growing without due concern on positive environmental impacts. It is this job that gives rise to a set of sustainable concern solutions provided by the EcoPreneurs. This paper shall seek to enlist the benefits of an eco-preneurship concern venture.

Statement of Purpose

Eco-preneurship makes companies more environmentally responsible for their actions. In the recent yesteryear, there has been an call over the C emanation threat. Several conferences have yielded the Kyoto Protocol which aims at doing industries more environment medium in their production and general operation.

There are assorted rules that hold eco-preneurship concern ventures towards their sustainable concern solutions. These rules are aimed at cut downing energy waste every bit good as C emanation. Businesss must acknowledge the fact that they owe a duty to the environment in which they operate in and must therefore develop sustainable solutions towards undertaking jobs related to blow direction, energy demands, C emanation, risky chemical use every bit good as air pollution.

What is imperative to see is the fact that most of the eco-preneurship concern ventures derive many benefits as a consequence of their eco-friendly concern operations. This paper compactly looks into the benefits that eco-preneurship has both to itself and the larger environment in which it operates.

Main Body

As earlier mentioned, eco-preneurship refers to environmental entrepreneurship. Eco-preneurship normally has a competitory advantage that they draw from being environmentally sensitive. Indeed, there are many benefits that the eco-preneurship concern ventures enjoy.

Isaak ( 1999, p.11 ) reveals that eco-preneurship enjoys a good repute due to their enterprises towards keeping a sustainable environment. This advantage gives eco-preneurships a competitory advantage against rivals hence these companies are able to accumulate a big figure of clients, both bing and new clients. With the big figure of clients among the eco-preneurship ventures, there will be increased gross revenues volumes which translate into profitable concern ventures.

Eco-preneurship ensures that carbon emanations are reduced to negligible degrees. Carbon emanation is the chief concern of every major company in the universe today. Following the Kyoto Protocol, companies are required to be more argus-eyed in cut downing their C emanation. Since eco-preneurship is poised towards supplying sustainable environmental solutions, cut downing C emanation has been at their foresight. Eco-preneurships therefore cut down C emanation through reduced transit. These companies are able to present environmentally sound solutions towards cut downing transit by using the locally available stuff for their production lines therefore cut downing the demand to buy such points from a distant location.

Harmonizing to Schaltegger and Wagner ( 2006, p.47 ) , the environment is full of eco-opportunities which would supply a merely in clip solution to the jobs that the environment brushs on a daily footing. For case, sing McDonalds, a big beefburger eating house found in most parts of the universe ; such a company could use locally supplied poulet and other nutrient materials that it requires in its production procedure. Furthermore, this will take to the growing of little and average endeavors in the states of operation. Therefore, the eco-preneurship will be able to back up sustainable environmentally sound solutions and efficaciously cut downing the C emanation threat. Alternatively, utilizing solar or weave energy besides helps cut down the C emanation. Most eco-preneurships brand usage of these energy beginnings for the benefit of their environment.

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On the other manus, eco-preneurship is able to cut down the sum of risky chemical use. Many eco-preneurships normally make usage of chemicals that are non harmful to the environment. Chemical usage within companies normally finds its manner into the environment, either through ooze or deliberately ( Folmer & A ; Tietenberg, 2005, p.114 ) . These chemicals cause immense environmental harm to harvests and populating beings. Eco-preneurships hence cut down the sum of risky chemical use. Chemicals that are used within the eco-preneurship concern ventures should be tested and decently handled so as to cut down the opportunities of let go ofing them into the environment.

Energy and resource efficiency is another benefit that the eco-preneurships have. Eco-preneurships normally seek sustainable energy usage in order to guarantee that there is limited energy loss during the production of goods and services. The preserved energy is therefore channeled towards run intoing other energy demands within the venture.

A good illustration of efficient energy usage by the eco-preneurships, is the usage of solar and wind powers. These are sustainable and renewable energy resources which are likely to take to cut down C emanation. These beginnings of energy are normally considered to be clean. The advantage of this is that, the eco-preneurship will incur fewer costs in their energy usage since they will hold depended on sustainable and renewable energy beginnings. Saving is a major advantage and benefit that eco-preneurships derive from their sustainable environmental solutions and should therefore uphold these values ( Isaak, 1998, p.16 ) .

In add-on, eco-preneurship ensures that there is an effectual waste direction system in topographic point so that any wastes that emanate from the concern venture is so managed decently, therefore cut downing the sum of environmental pollution. Industrial waste is a concern to most of the concerns. Eco-preneurship therefore provides a sustainable solution towards this quandary. As such, eco-preneurships are mostly competitory due to the fact that they introduce sustainable waste direction systems which efficaciously trade with the environmental challenges refering to blow direction ( Schaper, 2005, p.63 ) .

An illustration of a waste direction system that the eco-preneurship puts in topographic point is found in the sugar cane mills. The bargase which is the waste obtained from oppressing the sugar cane is used to bring forth energy. The bargase is burned in Chamberss that produce energy that is subsequently channeled towards turning turbines. The turbines produce electricity cheaply for usage within the company. Some of the sugar cane waste is besides decomposed and used as manure by the husbandmans. Hence, there is limited waste in eco-preneurship.

Both solid and liquid wastes are efficaciously managed in the eco-preneurships. There is a good managed system that ensures that solid wastes are treated first before being released into the environment. Hence, eco-preneurships are environmentally sensitive therefore earning support for such companies among universe leaders.

Eco-preneurship makes efficient usage of H2O resources. Water is progressively going scarce in the dynamic conditions clime that we continue to see. Therefore, this calls for efficient usage of H2O. Eco-preneurships are good since they put in topographic point systems that guarantee that there is efficient usage of H2O resources. For illustration, in the sugar cane mill, H2O that is used to clean the mill is channeled towards watering the harvests therefore guaranting limited H2O wastage.

In add-on, eco-preneurships guarantee that there is less air pollution. This is because of the sustainable and renewable energy that the companies use. For case, solar and wind power are clean energy beginnings therefore less air pollution to the environment. This is good to the eco-preneurships since they are likely to derive international acknowledgment that will hike their image internationally hence the company will witness an addition in client volumes ( Libecap, 2009, p.28 ) . The big pool of clients will reciprocate to high gross revenues volume and hence more profitableness for the eco-preneurships.

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Eco-preneurships are socially responsible since they promote sustainable environmental solutions and as such are revered as being socially sensitive. The eco-preneurships through their environmental consciousness creative activity are likely to increase chances that are available for the employment of assorted forces. These forces will be deployed in the environment section so as to back up the nucleus values of the eco-preneurships.

Folmer and Tietenberg ( 2005, p.34 ) argue that the alternate usage of energy solutions is likely to salvage the company fiscal resources that will be used in using more staff to guarantee a sustainable concern environment. Many times, the Eco-preneurships will be concerned with happening better ways of pull offing the environment and therefore the demand for more invention which can merely be realized through shooting new human resources into their systems.


Eco-preneurships are hence dead set towards guaranting a clean environment for the benefit of the community within. The environmental enterprisers besides help to cut down C emanation through the usage of renewable energy beginnings that emanate from solar and wind power. These energy beginnings hence help to cut down the costs of production as good, therefore taking to more profitableness for the eco-preneurships.

It is a known fact that eco-preneurships normally have the best waste direction systems in topographic point. As such, this helps to cut down pollution within the operating environment. Carbon emanation remains the biggest challenge for most companies ( Isaak, 1999, p.64 ) . However, Eco-preneurships have been able to efficaciously cut down C emanation through the usage of locally available natural stuffs in their production procedure and therefore less transit.

Therefore, eco-preneurships will hold a good repute and a competitory border against the other concern ventures ; therefore, this will take to more clients and therefore higher gross revenues volumes. Profitableness in this instance will be inevitable. Companies should hence be driven towards a sustainable environment so as to guarantee that they are able to salvage costs every bit good as pull off their wastes efficaciously.


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The environmental entrepreneurship Essay
IntroductionGeneral BackgroundEco-preneurship refers to the environmental entrepreneurship who are poised towards coming up with sustainable concern thoughts ( Libecap, 2009, p.34 ) . EcoPreneurs so identify environmental challenges and hence develop environmental merchandises and services which will help in work outing both the concern and environmental challenges by supplying a sustainable solution. The chief competitory advantage for Eco-preneurship concerns is the f
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The environmental entrepreneurship Essay
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