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    The Grantt Charts Provides Both A Plann Essay

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    The Grant charts provides both a planning function and control function. Reference Bogart, C. C. And Handled, R. B. (2012). Introduction to operations and supply chain management (3rd De. ). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 9780132747325 Discussion I Ivory Robertson From the end of Chapter 14, complete Discussion Question 3: What are the main advantages of using a network. Based approach to project management rather than a Giant chart? Under what circumstances might a Giant chart e preferable to a network-based approach?

    Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings, Reading from the text, the main advantage(s) of using a network based-approach to project management rather than a Giant chart is that “Network diagrams improve on Giant charts by visually showing the linkages between various activities” (Bogart, C. C. And Handled, R. B. Pig. 443 (2012) think a circumstance that might be preferable to a Giant chart would he a construction build tort an office building parking garage, or playground.

    This graphical tool is great for showing expected start and end times for project activities, and being able to track actual progress against these time targets. Nicholas Rosette Emma Unlike grant based approaches, Network based let you actually see the connection between different tasks. This is important when you have tasks that need to be done but you don’t really know how long it Pupil take In a Giant chart, it shows a time-frame on when tasks need to be completed. Tit this being aid, if you do not know how long certain tasks in a project will take and there are various different tasks that must be completed while needing to know how they correlate to Other tasks, you should use a network based approach. If you have a time frame for each task a Giant based approach will be sufficient. (Bogart, Handled 2012) As stated, a Giant based approach has a time frame for each task. Think this approach will be great in an assembly line process. My uncle builds crank-baits for bass fishing in his spare time.

    When help him there are tepees you take in order to assemble and paint each bait. First the bait is cut. After sanding it down, it is painted. It takes a few days for the paint to set before you can seal the paint. Finally, after the bait is cut, sanded, painted and sealed, the hooks, eyes, and line connector is attached.

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