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    A big bonus for bigamists is it provide minutes data for last 10 days. This is really useful for antiradar technical analysis. Stockyards. Com provides excellent charting, in addition, it host one of best free chart education courses, It provides more extensive indicator analysis, and more customizable chart compare to bigamists. Com, Stockyards also have an active forum to discuss technical breakout. The sites gear toward technical analysis. Bigamists. Com – charting with fundamental analysis and market data From navigation we can see market news and data is big part officiators. M. For example, the home page will display news such as “Japan’s Topic up 0. 8%”, “U. S. Stocks jumps. One nice aspect of bigamists is When you click on highlighted stocks mentioned in the news, it take you directly to the chart for the stock. Example: click on CAT will bring chart for CAT: Chart: Historical data, Industry Analysis, Fundamental Analysis Bigamists provide industries data, market news, top loser and gainers. This is very similar to Yahoo finance. Charting software Save Layout In advanced chart, you can save the chart settings. This setting Will be applied to

    Basic chart as well. Basic charting – basic charting news attached at lower section Of chart Basic chart draw chart base on one parameter: time frame. You can choose one of predefined days, month or years. It will draw the chart you saved or default one. A basic 10 day chart for Verizon (setting: candlestick) Headlines for Verizon are below the chart. Advanced Chart – Technical Analysis with limited parameter tuning Advanced chart provide about 31 technical indicators, all basics are covered: Moving Average, Envelop, MAC, Momentum, parabolic CARS, ROCK, DIM,

    Stochastic, Volume etc, Beside moving average period, no other parameter are customizable. For example, you cannot define MAC fast and slow period. One interesting feature of Bigamists is overlay of earning and Corcoran event data on top of chart. Chart also provides different display styles: Candlestick, LOCH chart, Bar Charts, Close etc, Be sure to select “Big’ as chart size, otherwise the chart might be too small to view on computer screen.

    Weekly Verizon data using Candle stick chart with 5 days and 10 days. Notice the 5/10 day crossing pickup major uptrend between Eve-May. The volume confirms uptrend momentum during this period. Support and resistant lines are manually added. Interactive Chart – chart with customizable parameter Interactive allow you to mouse over and see price data under the mouse, in additional many of parameters for indicator can be set, this can be one of most useful chart tool on the site.

    The chart capability is pretty advanced, it allow you to customize many parameter variables, with availability of antiradar data for last day days, it could be one of most valuable freely available tools for charting, Stockyards. Com ? charts site for technical analysis Stockyards. Com is geared toward technical analysis. It provide wealth of information on how to use the charts, and have active community share their experience with technical This can be seen from home screen and navigation menu.

    The home page show popular securities current users are charting. Free charts is free charting tool, chartrooms provide one of best available online tutorial for charting techniques. Blobs contain important chart pattern observed by members. Chart School While stockyards don’t provide market news or fundamental data, it make up for its excellent library Of charting education in its chartrooms. The chart school has all basic charting terms cleared explained, it has education video explain how to use the chart.

    This is an invaluable source of information for people learning how to use charts. Market info by Charts, trading ideas Stockyards use charts to convey market trend and trading ideas, The ticker cloud show what people are charting, we can use this to help spot what is trending. Market carpets shows market summary using heat maps, Stockyards come with plenty of pre-configured charts to help user get started with charting. Public chartist provide many trading ideas, has a lot of charts to get user start thing about trading using chart.

    The charts are created by plethora of users, and it is a good source for charting technique. The chart often has commentaries to help user understand buy certain patterns are important: comment on JILL daily: bullish reversal Charting with stockyards Stockyards has several style of chart: characters – main chart tool for stockyards mint & figure chart – old school chart with X and O preacher’s – compare performance of several stocks gallery chart – show charts for different time period in one screen Characters is the charting tool for stockyards. Mom. Compare to Bigamists. Com, it provide more technical indicators, and lack company specific event data such as earning date overlay. It provides pure technical 43 indicator, and 17 overlays. Most of these setting can customized. This cover more area than bigamists. Com. You can specify many attribute when create chart: An example daily chart for 1 year period for. RSI, MAC indicator are turned Conclusion Both stockyard and bigamists provide excellent charting platform. However, their focus is somewhat different.

    The bigamists has minute for late 10 days for free, and you can do analysis of chart with company news such as earning date. In addition, it provide market news feed for stock under charting, the interactive chart Will provide enough tool for most charting needs. Because it is news oriented, and provide many fundamental information, it can be very useful for any trading strategy related to news, such as earning trading. Stockyards provides good charting platform, it has more technical indicator than bigamists.

    Stockyards provide excellent platform to learn charting techniques, it library of educational series can help user get up to speed, and it forum can help user see how to apply charting to real trading strategies. The site is heavily geared toward technical traders. Bigamists and chitchats complements each other very well. Both sites does very good job on provide charting tools. If we need more information on the company, we can use bigamists, if we are more interested only technical aspect, we can use stockyards.

    Beside backchat and stockyards, other site such as yahoo and Google also provide basic charting service with news, however, their tool are not as comprehensive as two mentioned. In addition, there are other tools such as Ninja Trader, which is free for Nan-live trading. In addition to charting, the software allows you to write program to test your strategy against historical data, which is a major plus, Each tool has it own advantages, would recommend both Stockyards and bigamists to my friends as find them really useful,

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