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    The butterfly effect Essay (1086 words)

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    This is alike of the genre as horror really likes to make obvious who are the victims and who are the villains of the text but as I said no clear narrative theory is used apart from Strauss where the clear different endings show different oppositions. The end shot is panned across in the dolly very slowly to really see the shot and the tension of the sequence and the horror of what they have done depending how far they are in the sequence each one just as tragic.

    This is challenging as they are really seen as children rather than teens and depicted as innocent but they are seen as dangerous but somehow still holds a sympathetic approach to especially the character of Evan and not to the character of Tommy. Tommy is very aggressive to realise this no mumbles even need to be heard the actors reactions show their opposition to him that he is the tough guy as even the older teens are beaten by him connoting Evan with no hope.

    The dreamy sequences are seen highly with saturated colours, to show how Evan really doesn’t believe it as it is a diffusion with softened skin to really make the actors look perfect using softer camera lens Kaylee stands up to father as Evan scared him after suicide story and the language of “fuck bag” gives an impression that he is not a child but is the older guy talking in a childlike form.

    Amy is therefore creating a stronger character here and is superficial they are all part of an in crowd opposed to before this is more than Evan wanted connoting a non realistic scene. Horror is usually shown with dark settings and isolated settings this is the opposite of this the only scene which really shows this is the scene in the basement where the only lights shown are candles lit, and the flash on the digital camera, it really enhances being isolated by being set on a lower level and to show him as perverted man with nowhere for innocent children to run from him.

    Kaylee becomes a prostitute and in another sequence working in a diner clearly due to her tormented past connoted as lonely and depressed used with medium shots and occasional close ups as she is not as pretty in these shots we as an audience may feel threatened an audience. A horror may do this but it did not fit in to the circumstances laid before us.

    Tommy however from a young age is seen as evil by the way he twists the doll in the basement following his father’s tactics. The real horror of the film is not the picture as such it is more the psychological concepts and realisations behind the film to realise how dangerous and haunting it can be when you change something which you will regret.

    None of the settings were that extreme there were few settings used and those which were are typical settings such as houses, university, school and the street the only tricky setting was the prison which was cast in a real set to show the toughness of real prisoners this scene really creates the fear and sensitivities of Evan and the horror of ending up in a place like this which after all the damage is done it is where he belongs but the high angles allows us to sympathises with him instead.

    The audience we expect would be those who are keen on the horror genre and they like to be scared so the film does what it can to be unpredictable not meeting the expectations of the audience but ending with the correct meaning which does meet this. It may also interest those interested in Psychology interested how ones memory works, the majority of the audience will be a of teens so a clear storyline needs to be built up to not be too complex and as it is a global text it needs to create ideological concepts that apply to all regions.

    So this is how they had the main theme of the relationship between Kaylee and Evan as everyone can relate to having a crush that never went the way they wanted it to go and hung up on the depression of this concept it is unpredictable in the way it is not a happy ending but fits in with the genre which is one of meaning.

    None of the tragedies outlined are serious in itself at the tender age of 7 in comparison to what they turn into as he grows older. A child seen drawing pictures and playing with knifes are seen as nothing serious and is a sense of exploring unless they are repeated it is feared and shocking of him as he is beyond this stage close ups of him allow us to really focus and become apart of his life and decide why he does the things he does.

    As more disasters happen at the age of 13 it starts to become worrying and the tension really connotes the shock of how this teen has developed his blackouts and not got rid of them the music really helps this with long sustained notes on the strings and emotional piano playing to highlight the moment and dramatise it creating tension. Non-surprisingly at the age of 20 it becomes beyond the limits with real crimes such as murders and being put into mental institutions.

    The aspects of horror are highlighting the real moments in a supernatural aspect of playing god they are not typical conventions of many horrors it is in a typical setting it does not scare the characters it plays on their vulnerabilities and the setting throughout the film does not change when re invented. The representations are also very typical. In his university years he is rather down to earth simple clothes and room opposed to the gothic character who he shares his flat with shown as completely contrasted not attractive and extreme in his clothing.

    Typical getting drunk and having sex environment an advance on the teens smoking and blowing up dynamites rebelliously who are shown as unattractive at this age could be connoting that they are investigating serious encounters and nothing will change if they don’t improve this in keeping with the horror going where you shouldn’t. The fading of the person before the location is moved in to a new scene really creates the horror like Evan doesn’t exist and has risen from the dead.

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