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    The adventures of Asmondena Essay

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    Sonia lay on the filthy floor of the prison in Tauorga Libya. Her head was hurting like Hell from the blow She had received from the soldier after She had been stopped at the check point .

    She remembered that She had been dressed as a Libyan woman wearing a veil being half Libyan Herself. She though that She could get away with it. However She did not realise She was wearing Her shiny black leather gloves and was exposing part of Her leather jacket for all to see.

    She was ordered to take off Her veil but pretending to be a Libyan woman She pretended to be shocked at this request. She tried to fight back using Her incredible fighting skills but just as She was about to resist one of the soldiers came form behind and hit Her hard in the back of Her head with his truncheon.

    It was pitch dark in the cell. She could smell the stench of the floor. It was clear it was covered in urine as prisoners had urinated on the floor as there was no toilet for the prisoners to use. She could hear a rat scurrying along the floor .This was in many ways worse than the prison in Midnight Express !see

    She was just wearing her Black Scorpion outfit that was almost identical to the Justice League uniform of a tight black leather jacket, tight hot pants ,leather gloves and calf length boots with high heels .She searched all over around Her waist. Everything had been removed including Her purse with all Her money and credit cards, Her knives and Her whip. She searched around for Her mobile phone. She managed to locate it under Her breasts .It was a miniature phone that they obviously could not find when they searched Her .

    She decided to call VSC Very Senior Commander Abby urgently on the Princess Xena to send help for Her.

    She called and eventually Abby answered.

    “Abby it’s Sonia here .I’ve been captured by the Libyan army. I”m in a filthy prison in Tauorga on the coast.”

    She told Her the whole story of how She had been stopped at a roadblock and hit over the head with a truncheon as soon as She resisted.

    “Don’t worry Sonia. Asmondena is on the plane and should be here in 2 hours” time.She will be joined by Justice Sarka Bloodyhaard and they are coming to rescue You and will be landing on the Libyan coast this evening.”

    ‘I’ve had a word with that bastard General al Bariki .He has threatened that unless I withdraw the Carrier from Libyan waters then You will be publicly beheaded at midnight! Needless to say I will not give into any threats. In fact I am going to instruct Asmondena to kill him in the most excoriating way only She knows how! Sonia just stay there- help is on its way!”

    ‘I just can’t wait all that time This cell is a real shithole Abby !I’ve got to get out!”

    Just as She was talking the door opened .It was General al -Bariki accompanied by a soldier and the prison warden. a fat greasy looking specimen whose name turned out to be Ahmed.

    The General stood over Her as She lay on the ground.

    “Well you n——r Norsiloving bitch ,it looks like the end of the road for you! So you are working for these Norsis who want to invade us! We know from your passport that we have seized that you are half Libyan and your real name is Sonia al- Fernandi not Sonia Fernandes your American name you f—–g traitor! ‘

    “I’ve told that Norse Bitch Abby Clarafocker or whatever is her f—–g unpronounceable Norsi name that if She doesn’t withdraw that Carrier and stop Her imperialist nonsense by midnight you will new publicly beheaded!”

    “You wont get away with it Al-Barkani or whatever your f—–g unpronounceable Libyan name is !Asmondena the world”s most famous and invincible Crime Fighter is on Her way and She will put you through the most terrible death and then Her and Her Colleague Justice Sarka will blow this prison to smithereens !’

    “A tin pot dictatorship like Libya can”t take on the most powerful Nation the world has ever known .They are the world”s Superpower and the Police Woman of the world They can blow this whole f—-g country to oblivion!”

    He knew She was right and the very mention of the name Asmondena made him sweat with fear, such was Her reputation throughout the world.

    “Shut up you n—–r Norsi loving Bitch!” he screamed as he kicked Her in the stomach. Being a really tough BS it made little difference and only made Her want to fight back even harder.

    Outside She could hear al Barkini and Ahmed talking as the door was locked.She could speak and understand Arabic fluently.

    “That n—–r Bitch has an answer to everything!” said al Barkini sweating with fear at the prospect of Asmondena being after him but trying to hide it from Ahmed.

    “I”d be careful about Asmondena being after you Boss. You don’t want to mess with Her! I hear She’s lethal! I’ve read about Her in China and how She managed to defeat a whole army and they’re more powerful than us!”

    “Don’t worry She can’t dodge bullets!” he replied still sweating.

    How many other stupid people had said the same thing to their cost !He realised Asmondena was invincible .He was seriously thinking of defecting and going to Tunisia as were so many of Gaddafi’s supporters now that they faced the full wrath of Asmondena and Norseland!

    Sonia was getting more and more restless in that squalid cell determined to escape as soon as possible .She was also starving hungry and was not prepared to eat any prison muck.

    She would tell Ahmed that She had a mobile phone on Her and that She could call on assistance any time She wanted from Commander Abby.

    She called out to Ahmed through the cell door.

    “Hello Ahmed darling! I thought I would tell you that I have a mobile phone on Me! I thought I should give it you. It”s probably a good idea as I might phone VSC Clairesdottir now and tell Her that unless you release Me at once before Asmondena comes that I will ask Her to send a helicopter gunship to blow the whole town of Tauorga to smithereens! You house might be one of those reduced to ashes!”

    Ahmed became frightened. His house was next to the prison and he knew that one Norselandic helicopter gunship would reduce it to heap of rubble easily.

    “OK you hand me phone and no funny business! “he said sweating with trepidation knowing too the terrible reputation of these Black Scorpions!

    He decided to go into Her cell with a steel truncheon similar to the one that had knocked Her out.

    He opened the cell door nervously truncheon in hand .It was pitch dark inside and Her dark skin and the black leather made Her even more invisible.

    She hid behind the door.

    “I’ve got the phone here -why don’t you collect it Ahmed?”

    He moved towards Her voice truncheon in hand.

    “Where are you I no see you!” He was now really nervous having no idea where She was.

    Suddenly She moved forwards out of the darkness. With terrible force She moved in coming it seemed from nowhere with a right punch and then a quick left hard into his fat soft belly!



    He fell on the cell door yelling with pain. She slammed the door shut as his screams could be heard right across the prison.

    She pulled him off the ground by the hair as he continued to groan in complete agony.

    She struck with a right hook that caused his jaw to cave in.


    She could detect his face in the darkness that looked as if it had been hit by a freight train at full speed !Blood and mucus was now pouring down from his jaw that sprayed all over Her black leather .Seeing the blood and mucus gushing our of his mouth made Her want to hit him even harder than ever.

    She swung with incredible speed to the left as Her left cross hammered into his jaw causing more teeth blood and mucus to shoot out all over Her lovely black leather. She was feeling a triple orgasm as he went flying across the room hitting his head on the wall with a loud thud. He lay there in a bloody unconscious heap as She took the keys from his belt.

    She kicked him once more hard into the stomach with the steel toe of Her boot feeling all his ribs crack that made him slump forwards in a heap.

    She ran out of the cell free at last. Her next objective was to retrieve Her possessions .She saw a soldier reading at a desk .He looked up in terror at this tall Glamazon was running straight towards him. He looked up in more terror as she was right on top of Him and Her boot heel went right into his crotch.


    ‘Right you bastard -where are My belongings My passport My money,My credit cards, My whip and My knives?”

    “I KNOW NOTHING! he bellowed in pain as She thrust the heel in hard.

    “Tell Me where the f—k they are or you won”t have any testicles left!”


    ‘TELL ME NOW!!!!!!’

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