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    TennesseeWilliams of his work Essay

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    Anger oh yes! And envy, yes! But not hate. I think hate is a thing, a feeling that can only exist where there is no understanding said Tennessee Williams of his work. Do you find any hate in the street car named desire? The street car named desire is a play based upon anger rather then hatred. The anger starts off with Stanly when he see’s the unexpected arrival of his sister-in-law Blanche. From that point on his mind is filled with curiosity & he begins to get extremely suspicious of the sudden arrival.

    Stanly is a loud mouthed, opinionated, sexist, aggressive and animalistic- all overriding characteristics of Stanly Kowalski the man who in no small part is responsible for the dramatic collapse of Blanche. Due to anger of her behavior and fake mask that she is wearing he does not agree in the dream world that she lives in constantly. On first impression there is very little reason for the audience to feel sympathetic towards Stanley, but in my opinion it is unfair to hate Stanley for actions and characteristics that he has little or no control over.

    Stanley’s actions are largely motivated by his wish to protect his wife and unborn baby, surely a natural reaction for which he should not be judged so harshly. Stanley sees Blanche as a threat, an invasion of territory, something that needs to be dealt with. In my opinion Stanly has nothing personal against Blanche, however he knows her unpleasant past knowing the harsh truth he does not want any influence of her behavior

    Stanley is continuously described as bestial by Blanche a fact that he never protests, why then is we shocked even horrified by the rape of Blanche when Stanley is only in-keeping with a pattern of behavior over which it is obvious he has little or no control. His mission is to be in control & live a life like he wants too, he can not stand the fact that a woman has entered his life with lies he is also afraid of loosing Stella because of Blanche. He is childish, he only cares about what he wants and is very rude.

    He is so concerned with getting his own way and hurting Blanche that he has no compunction about hurting Mitch, his friend, by telling him the truth about Blanche. He is a very dominating: he overpowers his timid wife, Stella, constantly, to keep her from leaving him. He does the same to his friends when he wants to. Stanley is also incredibly protective of Stella: he doubts everything about Blanche from the beginning, and tries to make sure that he and Stella are not being tricked by a con artist. He is very proud, and is enraged when Blanche calls him “common,” or a “Polack.

    ” He seems incapable of subtlety, and does everything whole-heartedly: he loves Stella thoroughly and hates Blanche vehemently. Stanley is honest to the point of brutality, and he does not care about offending others, — he even brags to Mitch about raping Blanche. He despises Blanche because she is the opposite of his honesty; she thrives on illusion and pretense. His anger and hatred of Blanche is so great that he rapes her, causing her final mental breakdown. Blanche and Stanley both attempt to influence her, and they succeed, to a degree. Stella said “Mr.

    Kowalski is too busy making a pig of himself to think of anything else! ” This statement shows a direct influence from Blanche on Stella, as Stella never would have said that if she was alone. However, Stanley pulls his weight as well. He reminds her of all the wonderful times and nights they had together before Blanche came. He also succeeds in convincing her that his side of the rape story is the true one, which is the true goal of the power of influence within the book. Stella is the only place where a connection between Blanche and Stanley could occur.

    She is a mix of the two worlds. She still has many of the qualities instilled in her at Belle Reeve, yet she does not let that get in the way of her having some fun. As she is so entangled between two completely opposite worlds, she is stuck and eventually, is forced to side with one of the two. She is not strong, and therefore the “winner” of the battle is the one who gets her to side with them, Stanley. Stella does not hate any one but at times does feels angry with Stanly because of her sister.

    We see in the play her anger towards Blanche is very little. Mitch on the other hand is far away from hatred even he finds out Blanches harsh truth he feels great anger and betrayal but still has hidden feeling for her. He falls in love with Blanche, and wants to marry her. He is very sensitive. There are two reasons for this, The death of the girl he loved in his youth, and the terminal illness of his mother, who has no more than a few months to live. This sensitivity makes him feel very awkward sometimes.

    Mitch is, in Blanche’s words, “capable of great devotion:” he wants to stay home to make sure his mother is alright, and is so concerned about her that it hampers his enjoyment of the card game with his friends. He has a very close relationship with his mother, exemplified by the fact that he tells her about Blanche and his great concern for her. This makes his mother’s impending death even harder for him to take. Mitch is not very intelligent, and so he cannot see through Blanche’s feigned innocence or her lies. Mitch is a gentleman, especially compared to his friends, Stanley in particular.

    He is also is very trusting. He refuses to believe Stanley when he first says that Blanche has been lying to him, and he is deeply hurt when he finds out that Stanley has been right. This pain is compounded because he had never suspected her dishonesty before. The fact that his mother wants to see him married before she dies makes breaking up with Blanche even harder for him. In the final scene, he breaks down after seeing Blanche, and realizes that he has lost her because he did not appreciate her great sensitivity. So above we see the relationship between the characters.

    We can honestly really see Stanley’s anger towards Blanche Although Blanche tries to convince Stella to leave Stanly her anger towards Stanly is not as strong as his anger towards her. However stressing the anger between both I must say that the anger does turn in to hatred for Stanly that’s what leads him to the rape or is it just male power? And to send her away to the mental hospital. In a way Stanly succeeds in his plan. The essence of this play is Stanly behavior which leads the play to end in tragedy. Stella and Mitch are far away from the world of hatred and poor Blanche is just the victim of her own deeds.

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