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    How to Write a Synthesis Essay (1676 words)

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    Almost everyone accepts the fact that argumentative essays are the best when you come up with facts, opinions, great contents and structure to make people interested in what you have to offer. Basically, what prompts an argument are disagreeing ideas. This may not be true after all because there is something called Synthesis. Synthesis essays have a unique characteristic of looking intimidating at first; however, with some solid facts, sources comparison and dive into the topic being discussed, a good essay will be made eventually.

    What is a Synthesis Essay?

    Synthesis essays are almost similar to argumentative essays in all respect, what brings the difference is how the writer is able to provide points and references. All a writer needs while making a synthesis essay is to hold a strong position while comparing the two variables and providing facts that will support the position being held. In fact, with synthesis essay, the passive side could end up with the strongest point. What really makes an essay called synthesis are the sources. For any topic, sources must be adequately made available. Every source of information must be accurate and relatable. For instance, when writing about responsibilities between kids and adults, with a strong, substantial point, kids having the highest responsibilities than adults could win the “argument” in the thesis.

    Structure of a Synthesis Essay

    Whatsoever topic has been given, with regard to Synthesis essays, ensure there is a source and a particular pattern followed. This synthesis pattern is very important so not to compromise the quality of the thesis and to achieve your purpose in writing. A writer or an instructor must write a thesis in the best way possible, so effective communication can be achieved. Unlike, essays that are argumentative where different points can be made at different times, Synthesis requires certain chemistry which should be taken slowly but in a more structured way. For an essay that is termed synthesis, it must follow this outline: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion.

    Firstly, the essay should begin with a solid beginning that summarizes all that will be said in the whole content. A writer can ask questions while still relating to the position being held in the argument.

    Secondly, what the essay needs after an introduction is a well-constructed body with brilliant sources. This body is very important because this is where sources are mentioned, and vital points are raised. A topic should have a good source of information in order to achieve your purpose in writing. This is the strongest part of the thesis where there are opinions, sources similarities, differences, the theme of the topic and statistics. However, it is important that the opening paragraph for this part of the thesis should be about the topic. After this, points and sources can be made as well as differences. This type of essay allows more than one source, and whatever similarities and differences may result, it should be in a more informative way. One thing to note on such kind of thesis is that: a bias argument could jeopardize the quality of the topic and thesis generally.

    Lastly, after all, points have been made, and a position is strongly established, a conclusion is the best thing to finish up with. The conclusive section contains a summary of what has been said and a place where suggestions can be made. Once, there is a chemistry between the beginning, body, and end, the next thing is to do is get it on a paper format and proofread the thesis to mark out errors and changes.

    Examples of a Synthesis Essay

    After understanding what a Synthesis essay means from this article and the standard structure of writing one, it is best to give ideas on how to write one. These ideas will show points, differences and focus on the theme of the topic. It will be written with regard to the format or structure given above, i.e., introduction, body, and conclusion.

    In this regard, the two templates that will be given are;

    1. How do Parents help their children solve life-problems without the internet?
    2. Do men get sexually abused more than women?

    Synthesis Essay Example 1

    How do parents help their children solve life-problems without the Internet?

    The evolution of the internet in this 21st century has made a lot of changes in our mode of approach to certain situations, including academics. Many young adults don’t feel the need to work extra hard to get real-life information on a topic or situation, but would rather go to the internet to seek answers. However, how helpful has this been?

    Recently, statistics show that there is a 95 % increase in the use of the internet by the young generations than adults for several purposes. Today, regardless of what age limit is accessible to the use of the internet, many young people now know as many sites as possible to get information on topics either mentioned in class or within their friends. The main argument in favor of the internet is that it has been quite helpful in solving challenging issues; however, what happens when that becomes just a part of what it is being used for.

    The internet can be used for a lot of things, especially as a source of information but what happens when a child starts checking through restricted sites with adult contents all in the guise of doing research or doing an assignment. Over the years, parents have neglected their important roles in a child’s life and how crucial it is to guide them through life situations. If a child has a complex situation to deal with either from school work as assignments or recent discoveries as a human, several sources show that he or she suddenly feels the best place to go to is the internet to find answers, ignoring the parents’ role in child development.

    However, with regard to these sources on recent abuse of the internet for other use asides study, it is high-time parents changed their approach to helping their children. Parents may not beat the internet in knowledge, but they surely have an upper-hand in life experiences. Only a few parents understand the impact of their involvement in their child’s life. Parents are the first set of people a child should be able to walk up to, to discuss problems and find solutions. They are a great source of inspiration for any young adult.

    There are cases where Parents may not have answers to some of these problems, but giving such a child assurance that all will be well or a situation will get resolved soon goes a long way. The only way the constant use of the internet to solve life problems can be curbed is by fostering a cordial parent-to-child relationship.  This way, the child can express his or her thoughts or problems, reasonable advice can be given with parents acting as good sources of information.

    Therefore, parents can help their children understand life situations and fix problems by getting closer to them, without the child’s dependency on the internet. This is the only way to ensure we build a generation where the close relationship will exist between parents and children in the future.

    Synthesis Essay Example 2

    Do men get abused sexually more than women?

    Sexual abuse is a virus that has infected our society and everyone feels nowhere is safe because, on a daily basis, over 10,000 people are sexually abused all over the world. Before now, the attention was on women, but recently, it was discovered that a large percentage of men or boys get sexually abused too on a daily basis.

    While the attention is being placed on adults, particularly, the women, men’s sexual abuse over the years has also been intimidating. Within a community, a good source showed that about a percentage of men that are abused but would not probably open up due to what the society believes. We live in a society that favors women more than men and to seek justice seems bias. Men get raped too!

    A random survey was done, and it showed from different sources that many successful men in the world today had something to say about their sexual life while growing up. Some of them had their fates in the hands of nannies that were to take care of them or a Reverend Father who was to lead them in the spiritual course or in a school where being molested was a norm. While women get sexually abused by men, men get molested by either sex. Men can be abused by women with a selfish interest or by older men who derived joy sexually abusing another man (there are thousands of places in the world today where young boys are being molested daily by older men). So, yes, men get sexually abused more than women.

    However, the only way this situation can be addressed is to set up proper committees that would see to the welfare of men. Most men who are sexually abused become traumatized and this could affect them their entire lives. Setting up a rehabilitation center for men who have been sexually abused seems like the appropriate thing to do, and society should accept the fact that men get sexually abused even more than women.

    Through this acceptance and approval by the society, help can be rendered to whoever needs them. So many people are afraid to come out and share their experiences because of what the society has to say on sexual abuse. An opportunity for innovative ideas to solve the problem should be welcomed.


    The above two synthesis examples give ideas on how to write with different sources to prove a point. These sources are active ingredients for each template. Each thesis followed the standard laid-out structure; it started with an introduction, then to a body that had points, containing a source or sources, and ended with a conclusion on the topics. After all this, a writer, you have fulfilled your purpose in writing a thesis which is not argumentative.

    This essay was written by a fellow student. You may use it as a guide or sample for writing your own paper, but remember to cite it correctly. Don’t submit it as your own as it will be considered plagiarism.

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