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    Swept by passion Essay (540 words)

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    Nikhil, a man of subtle views and very little opinion, did not have the desire to lead. At the time, this was very feminine. Bimala was forced by the passion to follow a leader, someone filled with masculinity. Bimala and Nikhil make up in a way that does not represent a husband and wife relationship. Nikhil becomes so unsatisfied with the actions of Bimala. Nikhil does not want Bimala to praise him and be his servant but wants her to be a supportive wife that is there for him. Bimala does not understand this because even when filled with passion she was always following someone.

    Being swept away by passion, Bimala begins to try to rebuild her life first by making up with the one she loves. Bimala goes to Nikhil not as a wife, but as a desperate woman. She pleads for Nikhil to forgive her and tells him how she will praise him and be of service more. Nikhil in no fashion desires this kind of treatment but truly wants a normal wife. Nikhil dies leaving Bimala with no one. She states, “I feel I want to die”(185). Trying to stop a riot that Bimala’s passion had probably caused, Nikhil is killed. Bimala becomes someone that is truly alone with no life to live.

    Her passion destroyed her life and turned it into a tragedy. A woman full of so much potential becomes oblivious to her life because of the passion she had. Bimala was swept away by the passion that so quickly attacked her. Her passion ended her life and destroyed the life of many others. Bimala believed in something that she did not even know, but was swept away by the passion. An example of Bimala’s same passion that soon becomes a tragedy is Hamlet. Hamlet is swept away by the passion to kill Claudius. “Haste me to know’t, that I, with wings as swift as meditation or the thoughts of love, may sweep to my revenge. “(1.5. 35).

    Hamlet forgets his own life in order to pursue what his desires are. His passion for revenge consumes him as he leaving his life behind. By accident Hamlet kills the wrong person, Polonius, due to his passionate desires. Hamlet states, “Nay, I know not: is it the king? “(3. 4. 33). Not even checking behind the curtain, Hamlet is driven by his own passion and forgets everything else but to kill. Thinking that it was the king Hamlet creates the beginning of his own tragedy. The passion swept them away, leaving them with nothing, not even their lives. Bimala started off as a woman that was sheltered from the world.

    She became obsessed with Sandip and the cause, forgetting everything else that she had. As the passion became the key factor in her life she did things that she never thought she could do. Bimala’s life was engulfed by passion, leaving her life behind. As the passion left her, her life miserably ended. After Nikhil died Bimala had nobody and no life to spare. Bimala became a human without anyone, not even passion. Bimala’s tragedy was caused by the passion that overcame her. Bimala brought this tragedy on herself. Because Bimala is swept away by passion she creates her own tragedy.

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