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    Star Wars: May the Force Be With You Essay

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    After meeting up with Jed master Obi-Wan Kenton, Luke sets out on an adventure that involves everything from run-ins at a rough bar to shoot-outs aboard the Death Star and a climactic space battle at the end of the movie. One of the more memorable scenes in the movie is when Obi-Wan is showing Luke how to use a light saber while on their way to Alderman, Obi-Wan starts to teach Luke the ways of the Force, which he tells Luke is the source of a Seed’s power, “It’s an energy field created by all living things, It surrounds us and penetrates us.

    It binds the galaxy together. I believe this is the scene where people really got dragged into the story, and it only got better from there. The dog-fights in space and light saber battles were so thrilling that I was literally on the edge of my seat the first time I watched it, and it’s a tribute to the movie’s brilliance that those same scenes are still thrilling to me now, 15 years later. In addition to the great storyline, the characters in Star Wars are some Of the most unforgettable and likable that I have ever seen in a movie.

    Luke Skylarked was played to perfection by Mark Hamlin and is considered one the most memorable movie heroes of the era. Besides having one of the most memorable heroes, Star Wars also features what is arguably the single best movie villain in all of movie history, Dearth Evader. Evaders character was voiced by one the most recognizable voices of our time, the iconic James Earl Jones. Evader, with his “fanged face mask. Black cape, and hollow breathing,” struck fear into the hearts of people everywhere and is one of the most mimicked characters ever (Bert. Star Wars (1977)).

    But, one of the best characters in my opinion is that of Princess Leila, played by Carrie Fisher. Most “princess” types before her were whining, whimpering, little snots who were incapable of anything beyond tripping and twisting their ankle in times to peril, while Fisher portrayed her character as a bold, brazen, yet sophisticated and educated woman who was aware of her surroundings and capable of defending herself and her realm with the utmost authority” (Dramaturgy In his first major role, the now legendary Harrison Ford played the part of Han Solo.

    Han and his co-pilot Chewable, a 7 foot tall Woke, who Princess Leila refers to as a “walking carpet,” are smugglers who join Luke and Obi-Wan in their journey. Solo, with his cocky manner and sarcastic witticisms, has most Of the funnier lines in the movie, and the banter between him and Princess Leila is hilarious and keeps the conversations fresh. I found myself chuckling every time they got near each Other. Director and writer, George Lucas did an absolutely fabulous job casting the parts and I wouldn’t dream of making one single change.

    Because Star Wars is such a popular movie, it has found its way into countless aspects of society and has changed the face of pop culture as we know it. According to Roger Bert, “George Lucas’ space epic has colonized our imaginations, and it is hard to stand back and see it simply as a motion picture, because it has so completely become part of our memories. ” The idea of the Force added a whole new element to the already sic-if story, creating a new religion and belief system that have become a staple of modern pop culture.

    In tact, over 500,000 people stated their religion as “Jed” around the world in the 2001 census. While this was nothing more than a massive practical joke, it shows just how much Star Wars has been assimilated into people’s lives and culture over the years and how big of a fan base the movie really has. So big in fact, that every year thousands of fans show up at Star Wars conventions, most of them dressed as their favorite characters. Last year, “Celebration Ill” was held in Indianapolis, and was the largest convention ever held, with over 30,000 fans showing up at the 4 day event.

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