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    Freud and Star Wars Essay (1517 words)

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    Prior to her imprisonment she hid the plans and a note in the memory circuit of RE-DO. Luke Jaywalker locates the druid and finds Obi Wan Kenton. 80th Obi Wan Kenton and Luke recruit Han Solo. Their collective mission is to furnish the plans of the Death Star to the rebel force so they can expose a weakness before the Death Star destroys the planet, Alderman, the princess’s hometown. The finale involves a grand celebration in which Luke and Han are being presented with a medal of honor for their heroic efforts in destroying the Empire’s weapon of mass destruction, the Death Star.

    Archetypes stem from the mind of Carl Jung, Archetypal or the collective unconscious is a pool of universal memories that everyone shares, a network of files. Universal characters with common attributes constitute an archetypical character, such as in Star Wars the heroic character is Luke Jaywalker, who is on a quest to search his own history and to save the princess. Luke Jaywalker has the common heroic attribute of a special power as Luke finds himself well within the force and the fact that in his hometown planet of Tattooing he excels as a terrific landscapers pilot at his age. Luke also has received kudos for his marksmanship skills.

    Princess Leila represents the victim and a martyr as she risks her life by providing the construction plans of the Death Star to rebel forces. Han Solo is quite a character he represents a rotten apple turned do-Goode, throughout the movie his character transgresses from a money-hungry smuggler to a well-hearted hero that helps achieve the goals Of the rebels. Chewable is a woke. A furry creature that is Han Solo’s first mate on the Millennium Falcon , who represents the hero’s best friend (mans’ best friend) such as a typical dog, IL s weird how we can understand a dog even though he does not speak.

    Han Solo despite Casaba’s speech impediment understands him. Regarding Han Solo’s space ship, Millennium Falcon it also represents something spectacular that can achieve improbable (regarding its speed) measures, such technology and transportation usually accompanies heroes in movies. Obi Wan Kenton fit perfectly as the old wise man. Obi Wan Kenton is of a dying breed, he represent the good side of the force as he is a powerful Jed Knight who mentors Luke Jaywalker and attempts to give him a crash course lesson on the religion.

    Obi Wan Kenton is the wise man, who throughout the movie provides us with many quick-witted anecdotes and philosophical statements such as, “who is the fool, the person who is to be the fool or the fool that follows him. ” The outcast is also portrayed in the film as the Jaws and Tusked Raiders. These are two different species of sand people. The Java’s are short people that go around combing the desert for anything that can be sold. They are not violent people. The Tusked Raiders are Violent cliff dwellers that wait to ambush anyone passing to steal and kidnap them and their possessions.

    They are outcast because they have committed several crimes against humans in the city on planet Tattooing, and because of the Tusked Raiders actions the Jaws too must pay and live off in the desert The last archetype is the figure Of the devil and evil, Which Dearth Evader and Emperor Palatine both represent. Dearth Evader is a member of the kiths, which are Jed Knight that have fallen into the dark side of the force and exploit the powers of the force to perform irrational and egregious acts. Emperor Palatine is the head of this pact and mandates many acts of violence for which Lord Dearth Evader must accomplish.

    Images such as colors, numbers, and location are forms of archetypes that represent a universal symbol that every human has within his collective unconsciousness. Colors are abundant in movies, (unless they are in black and white) Star Wars excels in the selection of colors that best fits the psychological profile of the character. For example, both Luke Smaller and Princess Leila are wearing white tunics that represent purity and honesty in their character, Luke Jaywalker is a daring hero who is honest and his only concern is for the safe retrieval of the Princess without concern for monetary compensation, as Han

    Solo does. Princess Leila only concern is for the people of Alderman and the support of the rebellion movement without concern for her own life Han Solo and the Imperial Storm Troopers are wearing a mainly white with black stripes, indicating a mixed conscious feeling. Han Solo is debating whether it is his benefit to proceed ahead and only does so when he finds out that Leila is royalty, yielding him 3 great fortune that is Han Solo. Han Solo’s shadow revealed through that money hungry side he has built in his unconscious is later repressed as he comes to his senses realizing his wrongdoings.

    CO-POP is a unmanned that is in charge of human-druid relations, so it is only fair if he were to be personified with human attributes such as his color, golden. The golden color seems to indicate to things that CO-POP is rich in his vast array of languages and abilities and the color serves to give the impression of human skin. Dearth Evader is wearing a black protective suit with a black cape; this is suggestive of an evil or devil-like character, which is usually represented by this color. Emperor Palatine is wearing a dark black cloak that conceals his face from public view as Dearth Evader does with his mask.

    The whole idea of Dearth Evader and Emperor palatine burying their face is indicative of a persona. The persona that Dearth Evader shows to the world is that he is an evil and wicked sits lord that is out to reek havoc on the rebel forces, hut lest we forget he once was a good and honest Jed Knight, taught and trained by Obi Van Kenton, so perhaps Dearth Evader is still battling with his conscious in his violent actions he does, The persona and anima are contrasting each other in Dearth Evader conscious mind, the anima of Dearth Evader is regulated by his ego, which is obviously not functioning well.

    The anima f Dearth Evader is made of both masculine and feminine designation in which the masculine tuff and rough character is evoked in Dearth Evader, but as mentioned perhaps Dearth Evader is hiding his true feeling inside and only allowing his shadow to come out, although the good side of Dearth Evader does come out even he kills Emperor Palatine, saving the skin of Luke Jaywalker, Evader’s son.

    The color Of the light saber that Dearth Evader uses is colored red indicating passion and violence, which Dearth Evader is known for, while Obi Van Kenton and Luke Jaywalker have light sabers With the color blue, indicative Of holiness, sanctity ND tranquility, which goes along with their characters as mentioned before. Numbers are also important archetypal occurrences the number NON is present in Star Wars. There exists a picturesque scene in which Luke Jaywalker is starring at a sky as he informs himself of the death of his uncle and aunt (guardian) and two are two moons side-by-side.

    Two insinuates an ongoing battle between good versus evil, rebel alliance and the Empire, respectively. Also, it shows an imbalance in the four elements of the universe, a disturbance in the force. The location of the vivo suns is in outer space, where relentless battles happen teens the rebels and the empire, Also, the two moons represent Lake’s inner unconscious battle between his good side and his shadow. Locations also resemble many things that are common in all cultures, in the planet Tattooing that location is the desert.

    The desert represents, infertility, desolation, death, and pain, this happens as the village where Luke Jaywalker lives is destroyed by the Imperial forces. The desert also is seen as death in that the Tusked Raider and other violent sand people will stop at nothing even commit murder in the act of larceny. The appearance of both phallic and yond symbols is present in Star Wars in any great scenes. The idea of the light-saber is male-phallic symbol, in which each Jed Knight Or Dearth Evader hold the saber close to his pelvic region. Both outer space and the desert of Tattooing represent anionic symbol.

    Space is region a void (filled With black holes) that represent a woman womb, all the action and movement of space crafts is suggestive of the sequential events of birth as the baby travels through the womb. The desert is also a representation Of the womb, but a dried, desolate, and infertile terrain (womb) on the planet of Tattooing, which is Lake’s hometown this could be interpreted that Luke Jaywalker is at ads with his mother (especially since he is not being raised by his mother but by his uncle/aunt) Likes only solution is to look up into outer space (represent fertile womb) where he believes he best fits in.

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